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Article: Breathwork to Get Spiritually Connected

Breathwork to Get Spiritually Connected

Breathwork to Get Spiritually Connected

We have had quite the doozie of a year so far and we are all hoping things get better soon.

While we cannot control what is happening in the world, we can control the type of energy we bring to each day. Have you been wishing you could do more to help others at this time?

When we are peaceful, we bring more peace to the world.

One of the quickest ways to access a zen-like state is with the tried-and-true practice of breathwork. Breathwork training is no joke, it’s used by global leaders and martial artists alike. It’s becoming mainstream for the multitude of scientifically-backed breathwork benefits.

But what is breathwork good for in terms of our spiritual life? One of the main things breathwork therapy does is raise your vibration.

Getting Spiritually Connected

Being spiritually connected means you’re tuned in to a certain vibration where you feel at peace and connected to something uplifting, beyond words.

You may have felt spiritually connected listening to a song, seeing a piece of art, or being in nature. You are essentially connecting to the world through the energy you are experiencing at any given moment. You will experience a great day if you’re feeling great, but if your vibration is low, you will perceive the world through that negativity.

Breathwork healing could quite literally be called spiritual breathing.

It clears the negative vibes from your energy field and boosts your feelings of optimism so you can perceive peace and love. This simple breathing technique can enhance your ability to foster a spiritual connection throughout your day with others, nature, your internal thoughts, and your spirit.

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Why This Is Important?

We are all experiencing tremendous challenges emotionally at this time. Some of us are also experiencing a spiritual crisis or physical symptoms related to sickness or stress.

Breathwork will help you maintain and find balance in mind, body, and soul so that the times we are living in don’t make you lose your ability to feel at peace and uplifted.

  • Your mind will get a break from worrying and a moment to find clarity.
  • Your body will relax, reset, and feel at ease.
  • Within daily breathwork, your soul will start to take the driver’s seat.

Your soul will show you what really matters and how to maintain that state of peace of love regardless of circumstance.

How This Breathwork Will Connect You Spiritually

This will get you spiritually connected with those high vibes we talked about.

  • First, the breathwork will start to work on the physical body by getting the nerves to relax.
  • Next, as you continue to do the simple technique, your mind will stop focusing on negativity, allowing you to feel more peaceful.
  • Finally, the breathwork will charge you with energy to combat stress and clear stuck energy in your chakras and auras.

Are you ready to upgrade your vibration and get spiritually connected?

A woman breathes with her eyes closed. She is surrounded by flowers.

Simple Breathing Exercise

Sit either in a cross-legged position on a cushion or in a chair with your feet flat on the ground.

If you have back pain, you can also do this laying down. You want your spine to be straight, whichever position you choose.

Begin Your Breath

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. This will help you stay focused, breathe deeply, and close your eyes.

Breathe Deeply

Breathe in through your nose counting to four. Make sure you breathe deeply.

Breathe out slowly through your nose mentally counting to four.

Connect to Your Intentions

Visualize a ball of light in front of you as you breathe, focus on making sure that light burns brightly, send your desire for connection into the light. Once you have visualized filling this ball up, continue your slow four count breath and imagine it floating towards you and joining your body so that you glow brightly.

Continue breathing deeply and slowly for three minutes until you feel energized.

Reflect & Continue

Consider this food for your soul and consider how many times you eat each day and you’ll see how important this is. Incorporate this breathing exercise into your day as much as you’d like to get centered and positive. Try this breathing exercise each day as many times per day as you would like, being careful that you do not overdo it.

Pay attention to what your mind, body, and soul need during this time and add elements to strengthen your connection. Do you need the lights dimmed? Does this work better for you in the morning or in the evening? How do you like to position yourself? Do you want certain scents or items in the room? The best way to do this is to write down your feelings once you finish your breathwork.

You will feel great after you do it just the first time! Notice after a day or two how you have been feeling more inspired and spiritually connected! Keep going and make it a longer practice of ten minutes when you’re ready.

More Ways To Strengthen Your Spiritual Connection

Doing some guided meditations after your breathwork can help you direct your mind to a spiritually connected state.

The Crown chakra is the energy center that connects us to spiritual vibrations so anything to help your Crown chakra activate will help your spiritual connection. Clear, pink, and white crystals are great energy amplifiers for the Crown chakra. You can play meditative music throughout the day to keep yourself relaxed and positive.

You may enjoy using incense or essential oils to help you open your spiritual connection through your sense. Finally, getting some daily movement with at-home yoga flows can also help your energy harmonize to stay connected.

We hope you find your center and connect. Namaste.

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