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On a scale of one to ten, how resilient would you say you are? Beating stress isn't about finding the miracle cure or avoiding your triggers at all other costs, it's really about learning how to react to it when it pops into your life. We are faced with stressful from all angles, but if we can change how we view what's overwhelming in the first place, we'll be mentally and physically healthier. 

Resilience is about dealing with stress in a positive way, so the trick to remember is that anything can be faced and conquered. Stress will never go away, but the way you react to it can be flipped on its head.

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Mind Articles

Your Anxiety Can Come From Your Environment: How to Release it

I wish I had known this growing up. When people around us are negative, fight, complain or don’t even say anything but are brooding with anger, we can pick up on their vibes and it can create anxiety in... Read More
woman in canoe, woman canoeing

Mental Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Many of us spend the majority of our days sitting inside in front of a computer. We then go home, have dinner with our families, try and squeeze in some downtime, maybe a quick workout, call it a day, and... Read More
joyous woman, very happy woman

Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

There are moments in our lives where our emotions get the best of us. When you feel afraid, angry, frustrated, insecure, confused, sad or a similar way, try saying an affirmation to change your state. Your thoughts will guide you... Read More

Meditation 101: Calming Your Mind & Soul

Stress is a part of life. In the short term, stress is surprisingly good for us. It keeps us clear of danger, boosts brain power, fuels motivation, and helps with immune function. However, long-term stress has harmful effects. It can... Read More
emotional couple, stressed couple

Tense Relationships? Try These Tips to Ease the Stress

The Easter holidays with family can be a stressful time. It might be that sibling you just never got along with or that uncle who always triggers a heated political debate. Sometimes these situations may just pass by, with the... Read More
family enjoying dinner, easter dinner

Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

We can look at each holiday as a time to fill our soul. When we approach an event with intention, we can have a completely different and more fulfilling experience than if we just simply show up with a meatloaf!... Read More
female touching her forehead with her hand, dark shadow

Visualizations To Open Your Third Eye & Access Your Soul

Why would you want to open your third eye? You will know your true self as a timeless spiritual self and be able to line your life up according to a much bigger picture. Instead of attaching to your status... Read More
woman stand up paddle boarding on calm waters

Practice Being Calm All Day by Slowing Down

A friend of mine recently said something that planted such a strong seed with me that it began to be a turning point in how I live my life. He said his goal was to master calmness and always be... Read More
mountain sunrise

Why You Should Consider Meditating Before Sunrise

There’s a common thread among spiritual traditions which is that they get up and meditate before the sun comes up. This early morning twilight zone, the ambrosial hours, has been found to have very powerful effects on the mind... Read More
woman meditating

Why You Need to Create A Space to Meditate in Your Home

Currently, the altar of a home is the boob tube. Yes that’s right, we have created a culture that values television more than spiritual experience and it’s run us into the ground with a high rate of heart... Read More