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Article: Essential Healing Meditation For Your Crown Chakra

Essential Healing Meditation For Your Crown Chakra

Essential Healing Meditation For Your Crown Chakra

Have you been feeling like it's been harder for you to fit in? 

Are you asking yourself some deeper questions around life and what meaning looks like for you? Even if you are just feeling depressed on some level, you are the perfect candidate for Crown chakra healing. 

What are chakras? 

The chakras are energy centers that affect our emotions which dictate how we feel each day. Taking time to get these chakras flowing can greatly increase your happiness.

There are seven main chakras in your body and while the Third Eye chakra seems to get all the attention as the one that can enhance your intuition, the Crown chakra (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) is one that can help you feel content, peaceful, and guided.

This healing is done through a simple Crown chakra meditation which helps to remove the energy causing a chakra blockage. This may be habitual thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that come from years of experiences you’re not aware of that block your openness to your true spiritual identity. Basically, we are trained to focus on the ego and not taught there is a soul that can guide us to deep happiness and love for all of humanity.

The Crown chakra opens you to your soul and can help you perceive life from a spiritual perspective so the little things just don’t bother you anymore. It will help you align your thoughts to the greater good to find real meaning and fulfillment.

Read on to discover more about your Crown chakra! 

We have laid out some simple ways to enhance your meditation using crystals and meditation tools. After you’ve done the meditation, you can continue to keep the feeling of peace by using some of the affirmations we offer at the end.

The Crown chakra symbol.

About The Crown Chakra/Sahasrara

The Crown chakra is physically located at the top of your head and moves upwards from there. It resonates with the colors white, pink, and gold. When it’s activated, you’ll often feel a tingling sensation at the top of your head.

When this chakra is flowing and healthy, you’ll feel a sense of bliss and enlightenment. It will help you feel connected to something greater than your individual self and give you the enthusiasm to help the world. It makes you feel a true sense of peace no matter what the circumstances you may be in and helps you face the time your soul has in your body without fearing death.

When this chakra is blocked, you can experience a sense of alienation, depression, insomnia, or other mental health issues. When the energy isn’t flowing properly, it can also lead to skin problems like rashes, acne, and psoriasis as well as hair loss and headaches.

Healing Meditation Preparation

Before you begin this meditation, take some time to set up your meditation space. It will make the meditation more effective because it helps to have the proper energy around you. It also helps instruct your subconscious that what you’re about to do is important so that it will take this seriously.

When we generate excitement about an event, it will have a deeper impact on our memory. These tools also help cue your body’s nervous system to relax which will help you reach the brainwave state that you need in order to work on a subconscious level. So don’t rush this process and it will be much more valuable in the long run.


A white, pink, or gold candle would be great to light in your meditation space but any candles will do. Dimming the lights and using candles allows us to relax and not be so stimulated by the external world so we can go within and do the meditation easier.

You can burn incense or diffuse essential oils to help you feel calm as well. A great incense for the Crown chakra is frankincense but again, any incense will help. Essential oils such as amber or rosemary are great for the Crown chakra activation. You can also apply them topically.

Prepare Your Space

Having a special place to meditate will help you get into a meditative state. You can meditate on your bed but make sure it's made and you can sit up comfortably. Otherwise, you may fold a blanket and place a cushion on it on the floor.

You can also bring special items that you have a connection to and place them around you if they inspire you, we recommend surrounding yourself in or wearing the colors white, pink, and gold.

Some people meditate in front of an altar with these items. Examples of items you may want to place on your altar include things from nature, pictures of spiritual people, or crystals.

Crystals to Use

You may choose to hold or place crystals around you for the meditation.

All crystals will help raise your vibration however, white, clear, and pink crystals are particularly helpful for the Crown chakra. Danburite, white azeztulite, phenacite, and moonstone are great for the Crown chakra.

Body Position

Before you begin the meditation, sit in a cross-legged position with a straight spine. You may also sit in a chair or against a wall to support your back.

Be sure to use cushions to make yourself comfortable. If you’re sitting cross-legged, you may want to sit your hips on a cushion to relieve the lower back so it doesn’t bother you while you meditate.

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A woman meditating against a pink and purple sky.

Guided Crown Chakra Meditation For Healing

It is now time to heal and activate your Crown chakra with this guided meditation. Welcome to this wonderful meditation that will help you reach much deeper levels of happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Begin & Breathe

Start by taking a deep breath in through your nose. Slowly let the air out of your nose, relaxing as you do. Repeat this, breathing deeply in your nose and slowly letting the air out the same way, relaxing deeper this time. Continue breathing slowly in and out of your nose allowing all the muscles in your body to relax and let go more with each exhale.

Continue this slow deep breathing through your nose for the duration of your healing meditation.

Activating The Crown Chakra

Bring your awareness to the top of the head. Imagine a glowing white light filled with silver specks spiraling slowly and powerfully around the top of your head. It extends up as far as you can see like a funnel getting wider and wider. You hear angelic singing within this energy but it is faint and soothing.

Ask the Universe to help you strengthen this energy as you visualize it spiraling slowly at the top of your head. You feel the energy start to be more noticeable as the white becomes even whiter and the silver specks become pure white solar light that shimmers. You notice the angelic singing has become slightly louder, bringing more of this soothing feeling as well. Check-in with your breathing and make sure you’re taking full, deep breaths.

Healing The Crown Chakra

Ask the Universe to help you remove any thoughts that you are alone or not connected to spiritual energy at all times. Feel these thoughts and beliefs being gently lifted from your mind so that you start to sense your connection to spiritual energy even more now at the Crown chakra. It feels very present, familiar, and very supportive. 

Take a few deep breaths as you sense this energy.

Ask the Universe to help you trust that you can have a healthy and strong connection to your spiritual self. Feel this connection strengthen as you feel light coming down from above you in this energetic funnel. The light feels wise, positive, and loving. You are going through a transformation of consciousness to enlighten you to your true nature. 

Your fears are gently being replaced with wisdom, love, and spiritually conscious vibrations.

Breathe & Conclude

Thank the Universe for helping you charge and heal your Crown chakra, knowing that your life from this moment forward will be more blissful, peaceful, and connected. You are radiating loving energy as you sit in this newly awakened state.

To conclude this meditation, take three deep breaths and gently come back to the awareness of where you are in physical space but don’t rush and get up just yet.

Time To Reflect & Affirm

Sit with a journal and for a moment, just check in with how you’re feeling. Write down how the Crown chakra being activated helps you feel.

Notice if you feel a sense of optimism or renewed hope. You may already be sensing your purpose coming through so be sure to capture any inspirations for a few minutes now that you have worked to remove energy blocks in this helpful chakra. To continue to stay in this elevated state of mind, you can use Crown chakra affirmations that help you recall this state you’ve reached in meditation and enhance it.

As you go throughout your day, mentally state one of these affirmations that resonate with you the most,

  • “I’m connected to my soul and feeling inspired to help the world.”
  • “My Crown chakra is open and active.”
  • or simply “I am spiritually awakened.”


If you struggled with focus or finding a sense of ease with this meditation, that’s actually normal for people who may not meditate regularly and don’t worry, it gets easier with practice. Try listening to the audio recording once each day for a week and notice if you’re able to focus a little more and feel a little better each time.

For those of us who may have an energy block in another chakra which is keeping the Crown chakra from flowing, it may help to do our other guided meditations: 

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