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June 06, 2023 Today's Mantra: "I respect other perspectives and frequently take inventory of viewpoints I hold that do not serve me. I am a student of life; everyone and everything is my teacher."
June 07, 2023

Did you know you can have more creativity by stimulating your navel chakra? That's right, everyone can be more creative! This chakra holds our fire power and we can stimulate it with spicey foods like ginger, jalapenos and cayenne.

Strengthening your lower abdomen muscles and twisting your torso can help stimulate this chakra as well. Water and orange foods like mangos, cantaloupes, pumpkins and oranges can help increase your inspiration and help you find creative solutions to problems in our lives.

Similarly orange crystals such as citrine, orange calcite and amber will help stimulate your creativity too!

June 08, 2023 Today's Mantra: "It is easy to move through fear. I am healing from my past experiences right now. I am ready to open my heart and patiently get to know new people because I do not need anyone to be happy."
June 09, 2023

Did you know these health issues could be caused by a blocked root chakra? Some health conditions linked to the root chakra include chronic fatigue, sciatica, constipation, luekemia, obesity, bladder infections, colds and anemia.

Our emotions are linked to our health through our chakra system and healing our emotions can help our health just as improving our health can affect our emotions. It's a two way street.

You can help heal your root chakra by focussing on stability, security, survival, grounding and getting the support you need.

June 10, 2023 Today's Mantra: "The entire universe is within me. The feelings I experience are a reflection of the universal mind. I tune into my intuition by listening to my body. I care for the world by treating my body like a temple."
June 11, 2023 Today's Mantra: "I use positive words and know my words become things. I guard my words and use them to heal and uplift. Words create new opportunities and I use my voice powerfully to help others."

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Caring for Your Body’s Energy Ecosystem

Energy Work for Beginners

What is Energy?

In ancient Chinese philosophy, qi (pronounced chi) is the term for the energy that gives life. In Hindu philosophy, the term is prana. We here in the west most often call it lifeforce in the non-religious sense, and some call it God. Energy by any other name (and trust us, there are many other names) remains the invisible, unifying force that runs through and connects all beings in the Universe.

As we move through the world, our body’s energetic ecosystem responds and reacts to the energy around us. There are many ways that our energy can be affected. The vibration of energy is heavily impacted by our own thoughts and emotions, by the people and environments we’re surrounded by, and even by the movements of the planets in our solar system.

If we don’t work to ensure the health of the body’s energy, we feel the effects emotionally as well as physically.

How Energy Healing Works

Energy healing techniques have been around for centuries, so there are many modalities for energy healing. Energy healing work is a deeply personal and intuitive art that requires much time and practice. The ability to manipulate and cleanse energy in your own body requires a very strong connection with the Soul, a connection most people aren’t taught how to develop.

There is no one right way to do energy healing because energy is complex. The best way to find the energy healing technique that is right for you is simply to tune into what you’re drawn to and what resonates with you. Be open to experimentation. What works for you one day may not be as effective the next. Your intuition knows what it needs to find balance. A vital part of energy work involves strengthening your connection with your intuition.

The body and mind will respond to negative or blocked energy in very tangible ways, like prolonged sadness or anger, obsession, addiction, pain, or confusion. Actively choosing to build and maintain a healthy lifestyle, whether you realize it or not, is one of the most effective energy healing techniques. Here at Daily Life, we have all the tools you need to start doing your own energy work - daily!

What is Energy Healing Good For?

Stress can trigger mental and physical issues that can worsen over time if left untreated. Energy healing work is meant to tackle the sources of stress at their energetic, emotional roots in order to dissolve the cause of the stress. With time and practice, energy work also equips you to confront and handle future challenges with greater ease and peace of mind.

Energy healing work can help you un-learn harmful beliefs and ideologies that no longer serve you. Energy work allows you to release trauma from your past, heal from breakups, overcome addictions, and reclaim your spiritual identity. By shining light on the imbalances in our energy ecosystems, energy healing contributes to our overall well-being.

Energy and Your Body Articles

How does Energy Healing Work on the Body?

Energy healing helps to harmonize the energy flow in the body. If one chakra is blocked, the other chakras may not be getting the energy they need to function their best. When healthy, high-vibration energy meets low-vibration energy, the affected area can heal and be restored to optimal function.

Does Energy Work Help with Weight Loss?

The body and our emotions are intricately linked. We often gain weight in response to stress and hormone fluctuations. Energy work can absolutely help with weight loss because it aims to dissolve the root cause of the mental/emotional distress causing the weight gain.

If you lack the motivation or self-esteem to work out, you can use energy healing work to clear your Solar Plexus chakra. An energy block in the Throat chakra could be affecting the thyroid and metabolism significantly. Even digestion is linked to the energy system!

Energy work can help you release the habits and behaviours associated with weight gain and find the self-love you need in order to accept yourself and begin making positive changes.

Clear Negative Energy From Your Body With Yoga! Check Out Today’s Daily Yoga Pose!

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Can Energy Work Make You Tired or Sick?

Energy work is used to resolve tiredness or sickness over time, but the introduction of new energy and the release of old, low-vibration energy can often make you feel tired at first. A little nausea or some soreness in the throat is also completely normal with energy work, as long as it isn’t extreme and does not persist. Allow yourself to rest if you feel tired after you perform energy healing work. You may be releasing lifetimes of trauma or ancestral karma, and that release is bound to stir up physical reactions in the body as you adjust. Additionally, some people report that, with regular energy work practice, their bodies became more sensitive to processed foods, sugars, and other unhealthy foods and substances.

Energy healing work should never cause you more problems, and it never works as a replacement for medical doctors and medical care.

Energy and Your Mind Articles

How does Energy Healing Work on the Mind?

In energy healing, the mind is considered a separate entity to the soul and the true self. Many people are plagued by conditions of mind and mental illnesses that obstruct the connection between mind and soul. Energy work helps to collapse the distance and dissonance between the mind and the soul in order to bring you into alignment with your higher consciousness.

Energy Healing for Mental Illness

Energy healing is effective as therapy for many mental illnesses. Build-up of negative emotions and harmful thought patterns result in build-ups of unhealthy, low-vibration energy that contributes to anxiety, depression, and even addiction.

Using energy healing, we can locate the emotional roots of mental illnesses. Then, we can confront those issues and work to resolve them. Further, the unhealthy, low-vibration energy associated with mental illness tends to attract more negative energy, worsening the problem beneath the surface before we know it’s happening. Energy healing techniques can help to protect you from “energetic attacks” from outside sources.

It’s rare that energy healing alone will cure mental illness, but it can be an integral part of your treatment plan. We always encourage you to speak with a trusted medical professional if you are struggling with a mental illness.

Energy Healing for Trauma

One of the best things energy healing can help with is trauma recovery. Trauma during the formative stages of childhood, adolescence and early adulthood often affects our lives more than we can sense. The entire experience of adulthood is filtered through and affected by energy from unresolved trauma. Energy from traumatic memories left unresolved is stored in the body’s chakra system until we locate and release it.

Chakra Articles

Energy Work & the Chakra System

The body’s chakra system is composed of 7 main, unseen energy centres or “wheels” that run from the tailbone to the crown of the head. Each wheel contains a concentrated source of energy that is responsible for different types of energy.

Each chakra affects the organ closest to it, and each chakra is related to particular experiences and emotions associated with that area of the body. The chakras receive energy from our emotions, thoughts, and environment, and that energy affects the physical body. It’s essential to have an understanding of your chakra system so you don’t unknowingly collect and keep any energetic sludge from the people around you.

The 7 Chakras

  • Root Chakra - The Root chakra sits at the base of the spine and resonates at the frequency of the color red. It’s linked to our survival instincts and basic needs.
  • Sacral Chakra - The Sacral chakra is located just below the navel and resonates at the frequency of the colour orange. It is linked to our intimate relationships and houses much of our creative energy. This chakra allows us to experience and express desires and live through our senses.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - The Solar Plexus chakra is located just below where the ribs meet at the diaphragm and resonates at the frequency of the colour yellow. This is the energy centre that houses your beliefs, opinions, and self-esteem.
  • Heart Chakra - The Heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and resonates at the frequency of the colour green. It is linked to the lungs, arms, hands, and of course, the heart. This chakra allows us to feel empathy, compassion, and unconditional love (for others as well as ourselves).
  • Throat Chakra - The Throat chakra is located in the hollow of the neck and resonates at the frequency of the colour blue. It is linked to our mouth, gums, ears, and (you guessed it) the throat. This chakra controls your ability to communicate.
  • Third Eye Chakra - The Third Eye, or Brow chakra is located in the centre of the eyebrows and resonates at the frequency of the colour purple. This chakra is often called “the seat of the soul” and is the gateway to your intuition and psychic vision.
  • Crown Chakra - The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and resonates at the frequency of the colours white or violet. It is our connection point to the spiritual self, to the Soul, to divinity.

Reiki Articles

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing therapy. Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei, meaning universal, and ki, meaning life energy. A reiki master or practitioner is trained to attune to the energy fields around the body and manipulate the flow by placing their hands close to or directly on the body to transfer healing, healing energy where it is needed.

When receiving a reiki treatment, you might experience physical sensations like muscle twitching, heat, slight pressure, and “tingling” even when the reiki practitioner’s hands are not touching you. Reiki might also trigger strong emotional responses as energy is introduced, circulated, or released. It’s common to feel tired during the weeks following a reiki treatment; reiki is a detoxifying process, so you may need extra rest and extra hydration while new energy settles into your body.

Reiki treatments are used often in hospitals to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance the recovery process. People who suffer from chronic pain often find relief with regular reiki therapy. Whatever you use reiki for, regular practicers report more mental clarity and a lighter, more energized body.

Energy Healing Techniques

Some of the more common forms of energy healing techniques include meditation, reiki, yoga, crystal healing, tarot reading, and herbal remedies. Experiment with them all and find which ones work for you!

Energy Work and Meditation Articles

Energy Work & Meditation

One of the most effective and empowering forms of energy healing work is meditation. Meditation is the practice of clearing and quieting the mind and body for a sustained period of time in order to strengthen the intuition and hear the soul speak. As a solitary and deeply personal practice, meditation allows you to clear your energy on your own. Combined with breathwork, meditation as energy healing provides you with the space and permission to sit back and observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. In meditation, you can then focus on releasing those thoughts and feelings that are breeding bad energy.

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Energy Work with Crystals Articles

Energy Work with Crystals

Crystal healing is a very popular method of energy work. Crystals resonate at unique, high frequencies and can therefore influence the body’s energy fields in particular ways. Just as each musical note vibrates at a measurable frequency that often elicits emotional or physical responses, different crystals vibrate at different frequencies that trigger particular emotional or physical responses. Healing crystals are especially useful in their protective abilities as their energy can act as an unseen barrier between you and low-vibration energy.

Some people like to choose crystals that target specific chakras, usually based on colour. That said, you can choose healing crystals based on their shape, texture, size, or simply based on an intuitive connection. You might choose to wear healing crystals as jewelry, keep them in your pocket, wallet, or purse, or arrange them in your home or workplace.

Here are just a few types of crystals commonly used for energy healing:

  • Amethyst - Amethyst is great for transforming negative energy into positive energy and can help you meditate deeper. Place amethyst crystals around your home or office because it calms the nerves.
  • Rose Quartz - This healing crystal attracts love, including self-love. Rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra and helps to gently raise your vibration by releasing feelings like grief and sadness.
  • Black Obsidian - This is a grounding healing stone that can help reduce scattered thinking ndecision. Black obsidian is especially useful for highly empathic or sensitive people.
  • Citrine - This healing stone inspires confidence and attracts abundance. Citrine helps energize you and increases creativity as it resonates with your Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.
  • Moonstone - This crystal resonates with the crown chakra and assists in opening your connection to your soul and the spiritual realm. Keep moonstone nearby when sleeping to keep away nightmares. You can also use moonstone to sink deeper into meditation.

Energy Work with Essential Oils

Countless cultures have used plants and herbs for energy healing work throughout history. Essential oils are concentrated extracts that carry the clean, high-vibration energy of the plants from which they’re made. Not all essential oils are meant to be ingested and are better applied topically or infused into the air.

Here are some of the essential oils commonly used in energy work:

  • Lavender Oil - This fragrant, calming herb is great for stress and anxiety and can help you unwind at the end of the day to meditate. The scent of lavender also promotes better sleep. Sprinkle a few drops on your pillow before bed or diffuse it in your home to create a calming and high-energy atmosphere.
  • Patchouli Oil - This herb induces a spiritual state and opens the intuition. It’s especially good for those on a spiritual path seeking a new life or perspective. Patchouli oil can help you connect to your sense of compassion.
  • Orange Oil - Energizing and uplifting, orange oil can be added to water or tea to give you a boost and even help you find a more optimistic perspective. All citrus oils are known to help with creativity and confidence, tackling any blockages in the Sacral chakra head-on.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - A great remedy for headaches and skin irritation, eucalyptus oil can help clear your sinuses and can be rubbed on the chest to ease congestion. Its scent is uplifting and calming and can be used to relax your mind, body, and soul.