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woman meditating

The 7- Day Soul Reset

Life isn't easy. If it was, how boring would that be? We would never learn. We would never grow. We would never evolve into a higher state of being. Sometimes we can get stuck in the bad. Everything is worse... Read More
person cutting vegetables

Healthy Replacements for Your Favorite Junk Foods

When it comes to living a happy life, we certainly need to create healthy habits that give us energy instead of draining us. Today, we have more options than ever before and those healthy alternatives are more accessible than ever. ... Read More
berry crumble bar

Feed Your Body Friday: Berry Crumble Bars

Happy Feed Your Body Friday, everyone! For summer dinners, there is no point in preparing a complicated dessert when you can prepare something delicious with seasonal fruits. These Berry Crumble Bars are easy to make. Perfect for any type of... Read More
tired woman in the morning

Wakey Wakey! Lifehacks to Become a Morning Person

Listen up, night owls: I was one of you, once. Exhausted all day, yet unable to drift off before 1 or 2 AM. The sound of the morning alarm was like nails on a chalkboard to me. I often overdid it on... Read More
happy people at work

Reframe Your Perspective To Reshape Your Career

Ever felt stuck in your career? You're not alone! Most people go through times where they don't see a way out of their current situation and they feel like a victim in their own life. If you've been feeling stuck... Read More
woman colouring in colouring book

Looking for a Hobby to Fill Your Soul? Check These Out!

Boredom is inevitable. The same old routine and the same activities day in and day out are repetitive, mundane, and leave little room for the imagination. And that's exactly why it's important to constantly strive for personal growth and learning.... Read More
woman frustrated at computer

Get Rid of Brain Fog With This Quick Breathing Technique

In the East, chi is the main focal point of healthcare. The meridians in the body are energy highways that connect to our organs and allow the chi to move throughout our body. In some cultures, chi is known as... Read More
various crystals, crystal healing

Why You Should Use Crystal Healing Grids for High Energy

The reason so many people love and use crystal grids is because they are state-amplifiers. When we have a clear vision, the grid amplifies it like a magnifying glass. It's easy and once you feel and experience the effects, you'll... Read More