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Article: How to Activate Positive Emotions With Aromatherapy

How to Activate Positive Emotions With Aromatherapy

How to Activate Positive Emotions With Aromatherapy

Plants have been used for physical, emotional and spiritual healing throughout the course of human history. Rare plants were tracked down by medicine men and women who were able to help heal ailments of the body and spirit. One of the very unique attributes of our sense of smell is how it interacts with the brain which makes this a sense that has been used in emotional and spiritual healing rituals globally. The scents we smell create memories associated with the experience we have when we first smell them but they also affect our emotions directly.

Our glandular system which is linked to our hormones and emotions, as well as our nervous system (which is linked to our chakra system), are both affected by what we smell. It’s been proven that calming scents soothe the nerves and certain scents even boost the libido. So what is needed in the goal of using aromatherapy to heal is merely a guide to which oil offers which type of feeling. You already know the feelings you’re having so the scents used in aromatherapy will help you transmute that energy by generating more ideal emotional states (think of converting sadness to joy).

So what do you say? Are you ready to use aromatherapy to alchemize your negative emotions into positive emotions? Imagine the impact this could have on your attitude at work, your overall confidence, energy levels, and relationships!

Scents that Create Positive Emotions


When you feel like you just can’t keep up because your energy is low, sometimes it’s best to ground your energy. We can be thinking about too many things at once and letting our energy be drained. Your Root chakra is the source of your vitality so scents that stimulate this chakra can help you regain your energy.

Woodsy scents such as cedarwood, sandalwood, balsam fir, pine, and juniper are all great for this shift.


The opposite of feeling down is feeling joyful and there are quite a few scents that can help with this transmutation of your energy. Joy can be found by stimulating the Sacral chakra which allows us to have pleasure and enjoy life.

Citrus scents are known to help uplift the spirit and stimulate this chakra, so sweet orange, lemon, and tangerine are great essential oils to diffuse or use topically.


Overcoming fear is a common theme when looking for emotional healing. When we focus on inducing optimism, we are able to activate this energy. We know that optimism is linked to our Solar Plexus chakra so scents that activate this chakra can help shift our energy to a more open-minded and courageous state.

Amber, clove, and geranium are all helpful for boosting this type of energy. They are stimulating and help you feel expansive.

Self Acceptance

We know self-love is linked to the Heart chakra which is also where we can overcome grief and reopen to changing ourselves and connecting to others with trust. Scents that stimulate the Heart chakra can help us shift our energy to unconditionally love ourselves.

Jasmine, rose, and chamomile are great scents for this chakra and can help you think about new ways of caring for yourself you didn’t see before.


We know setting healthy boundaries or bringing our truth forward is linked to the Throat chakra so any scents that will help this chakra can help you be less timid and more direct. This can help you feel your ideas are valid.

Scents like eucalyptus, wintergreen, and cinnamon will help shift your energy.


Sometimes in order to overcome anger or anxiety we need a higher perspective with which to see a situation from. To get a more loving perspective we need to induce a state of calmness. The Third-Eye helps us have wisdom and can help us find clarity and truth. This can help us overcome lower frequency negative emotions and see from a spiritual lens.

Scents that can help induce calmness and clarity are patchouli, vetiver, and sage, although there are more.


Sometimes our malaise comes from feeling disconnected to a spiritual purpose. We want to sense connection instead of feeling lonely and we want to feel like there is a reason for all of this. We can overcome these types of existential crisis by activating the Crown chakra with scents known to stimulate this chakra.

Frankincense, copal, and myrrh are great for this chakra.

Types of Aromatherapy

Essential oils are one of the most common types of aromatherapy. You can use an essential oil diffuser or use them on your body. Before using an oil, test a small area to see if it irritates your skin. You can rub oil between your palms and take a deep breath for instant relief or apply the oil to the backs of the ears, temples, chest and inner wrists throughout the day. You can mix the oil with a carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil and give yourself a massage or even use a few drops in a bath.

Incense is another great form of aromatherapy that many people rely on on a daily basis to help them clear the energy around them to feel positive. This can also help cancel out the emotionally draining effect of electronics and other people’s negative energy which does affect our own energy field. Flowers and plants provide an additional source of aromatherapy and are also great air purifiers.

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Closing Thoughts…

Aromatherapy is effective because it pulls from many ancient systems of healing, but always remember that alternative healing methods should never replace professional medical advice and/or attention.

We are lucky to be able to access so many plants without having to go out and find them and identify them. Emotional healing has been revolutionized by globalization and the sharing of healing secrets passed down through generations from real experiences. Ancient modalities are also available through books and on the internet easily accessible ways that previous generations didn’t have. This means we are awakening to this information at a faster rate and finding these methods that we didn’t consider before. Reiki and spiritual healing sessions can help you in your process of emotional healing as well.

Keep turning over stones and follow your intuition, especially with aromatherapy. There are many roads that can lead to healing, and sometimes we need to walk a few of them to arrive at our destination.

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