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Article: Everything You Need to Know About Auras

Everything You Need to Know About Auras

Everything You Need to Know About Auras

If you’re dipping your toe into the wellness world, one of the terms you’ll come across is ‘aura’. Auras are the magnetic fields around each person and living thing that give and receive energy from the environment.

People in the wellness field like to talk about auras because they are so vital in the ultimate goal of feeling your best and living your best life.

When most people hear about auras, they first wonder, are they real? One of the biggest questions people usually have when they first hear about auras is, well if it’s real, then why can’t I see it? Some people who are very energetically sensitive do see auras with their eyes and it is actually something you can work on (more on that later).

The interpretation of aura varies depending on where you read about them as different philosophies and cultural practices have their own interpretation of this energy. For most of us, we have been sensing auras since we became aware of other people and don’t even realize it.

What Is An Aura?

An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body that is associated with our chakras, personalities, and the overall state of consciousness. Your aura is the impression other people get from us and it allows us to get a feel for others when our aura interacts with someone else.

Everyone has an aura but for some people, it is small and dim while for others it’s bright and extends far beyond their body. The size and strength of your aura can change with nurturing and personal growth, this is why there is such a focus on healing your aura in yoga, meditation, and other wellness practices.

The 7 Aura Layers

Similar to our chakras, there are seven layers of our aura that relate to different health aspects of your mind, body, and soul.

1. The Etheric Layer

This layer is the base layer that is often described as being a couple of inches off from your skin. This is an energy field that connects to the Root chakra and the physical body. When our body is taken care of, this aura layer will be bright and bold.

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer is associated with the Sacral chakra and extends two to four inches from your skin, this is often described as being just outside our etheric body. As it is titled, this layer is charged by our emotions and feelings, meaning when we have internal peace and happiness this energy layer will be bright but when we hold onto sorrow and hate this energy is barely present.

When this energy is low, you may keep physical pain and cramps as we are bombarded by the emotional pain that is residing in this layer.

3. The Mental Layer

Described by some as the “lower layer” this energy sits right outside the emotional body at four to eight inches from your body. This layer connects deeply to your Solar Plexus chakra and its energy is dependent on our belief systems and consciousness.

This is where our thoughts, judgments, and discipline live, glowing strongly if we are aligned with our true purpose and wellness path. Often mental strain is associated with the need to heal or focus on this layer.

4. The Higher Astral Layer

This layer acts as a 1-foot bridge between the lower vibrations on the physical plane and the higher vibrations we achieve when we connect to spiritual openness. It’s connection to self-compassion and extending our love comes from it’s a connection to the Heart chakra - often being represented as a full rainbow.

5. The Etheric Template Layer

This layer is closely associated with our Throat chakra and extends out two feet from our body. Often it is explained as being a copy of our physical body but on the spiritual plane that acts as a blueprint (or template) or our connections to the etheric.

6. The Celestial Layer

Connected to the Third-Eye chakra, this layer can extend up to two and a half feet. This is where we can connect to the spiritual mind and achieve consciousness within our dreams, memories, and intuition. Many people use meditation to heal and brighten this layer on their path to enlightenment.

7. The Ketheric/Spiritual Template Layer

The top layer of our aura, this can extend for up to three feet. As this connects to our Crown chakra, this energy focuses on knowledge, experiences, and opportunities. Often when connecting to this layer practitioners will reflect on their physical experiences and look towards their soul’s purpose.

This layer vibrates at the highest frequency and when engaged, shines brightest - almost as if it were lighting the path for our journey.

Learn more about these astral energies in our Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Chakras.

What The Different Colors in Your Aura Mean

Understanding your aura’s meaning, based on its colors, offers insight into what emotions you can heal and even helps reveal your personal strengths that can lead you to a successful career. The color of your aura that tends to dominate your aura reveals quite a bit about your personality.

Auras look like energy bubbles around a person when all are fully engaged, they will shine with all colors brightly represented, but often we have some colors that shine brighter than others.

Our represented colors can often only be identified by getting an aura reading from a clairvoyant as they can look deeper to see your mental, physical, and spiritual dynamics within a reading. There are also aura apps that allow you to take a picture of your aura and aura reading machines at certain metaphysical centers although they may not be as accurate.

These can be strengths as well as areas to work on to balance our energies. Here is a brief overview of what each color in your aura reveals about your personality.

  • Pink Auras

Pink is often tied to the Third-Eye chakra and the celestial layer. This is where intuition and knowledge lies, so if you have a pink glow to your aura, it means that you are drawn to spiritual topics and inspiring things. You’re a dreamer with big ideas who thrives when engaged in a metaphysical practice. You may struggle to feel grounded or make plans.

  • Purple Auras

A purple aura is associated with the Crown chakra and our kethetic/spiritual template layer, those who naturally connect to the soul will have this color shining brightest. You are highly sensitive to other people’s energy and often come up with ideas that will help others. You may find it hard to separate your energy from other people.

  • Blue Auras

This color aura is associated with the etheric template and the Throat chakra. If this is your brightest layer that means that you are talkative and a great speaker who can make things happen and say how you feel. You’re also extremely creative and an amazing storyteller, great public speakers will often have a strongly blue aura. You may find it hard to listen or let other people give input.

  • Green Auras

This color is associated with an engaged higher astral layer meaning that you are deeply in touch with your feelings and are incredibly empathetic. Many empaths will shine brightest on this layer, as they are constantly nurturing this element of their aura. You are kind and feel other people’s pain as if it were your own. You look to help others wherever you can and likely give so much that you become depleted at times.

  • Yellow Auras

This color is associated with our mental layer, meaning that you have a strong mental will, You’re often in leadership positions and have a witty personality. Your optimism and confidence may sometimes mean you take on too much or become vain if you’re not careful. To stay in balance, ensure that you connect to why you are doing what you are doing.

  • Red Auras

This color is associated with our etheric layer, or the layer closest to our skin, meaning that our physical health is our strongest attribute. You will often see this in athletes or those who prioritize their physical health. Additionally, you’re likely financially stable and energetic. You may feel disconnected from spiritual energy or be overly attached to materialistic goals for a sense of accomplishment.

  • Orange Auras

Often a combination of yellow and red aura layers: You are good at getting what you want and creative by nature. You may struggle with codependency in intimate relationships or with substances.

  • White Aura

This is also tied to the ketheric/spiritual template, when this color is visible above others it means that you are balanced in your mind, body, and soul and connected to your life path. When you see white light above the purple that is usually associated with this layer it shows true connection. This is often seen in devoted wellness practitioners and those who devote themselves to daily practices.

Color enriches our lives and can set the tone for our personal journeys: Discover how in The Psychology of Color.

Seeing & Healing Your Auras

Some people can see auras because they have a strong connection to energy in different spectrums. Others have to work on it and some may never see them with their eyes. You can still start to pick up on the feeling of the color and guess what you will see in the photo quite accurately.

You can start to practice seeing auras by keeping an unfocused gaze and holding your hand in front of a white wall. Also, notice how you feel when you meet people and what color comes to mind as you’re out in public around different people. As you deepen your understanding of chakras, you’ll be able to predict the colors in their aura readings much more accurately.

Working on your own healing can help you perceive other people’s auras. When we clear our aura, we essentially become clairvoyant so we can read the energy in other people’s auras more easily. Some of the ways that professional clairvoyants clear their aura include smudging with incense or sage, doing meditations to recognize and release difficult memories from childhood and adolescence, and doing breathing exercises to help raise vibrations by bringing more prana (energy) into the energy field.

Some people clear energy they pick up from other people or emotional energy from their own thoughts using salt baths, gong, and other sound healing tools, mantras, and healthy foods. Having a healthy lifestyle for mind, body, and spirit helps create long term positive thought patterns that will help keep the aura clear because you will feel good and those emotions will fill the aura.

A Guided Meditation To Clear Your Aura

Here is a quick meditation that includes some simple breathing and visualization that you will easily be able to use to clear your aura when you’re low on energy or feel ‘off.’

This simple meditation can be a great friend to you on a daily basis to help you feel good and have control over your experience of life as it unfolds. It will also help you connect to those aura layers that you feel need some extra attention in your life.

Begin & Breathe

Start by breathing slowly in your nose and powerfully out of your mouth. Breathe in deeply, expanding your lungs as fully as you can. Imagine on each breath you’re expanding your aura slightly as you bring in new life force energy.

Visualize & Expand

Envision your aura going from a couple of inches around you expanding further and further until it is about five feet all the way around you.

Now that your aura is expanded, as you breathe in, visualize beautiful golden energy filling your aura. This high vibration energy is loving, peaceful, and stronger than the lower vibrations. On each exhale, visualize the murky colors that feel like negative energy being released. Your aura is now expanded and filled with more positive vibrations. Notice how you feel after just shifting your focus to your breath and to bringing positive energy into your energy field.

Breathe & Center

Your breath and intention can shift your energy at any time. Now take three breaths to slowly bring yourself back to where you are in physical space. Great job and welcome to the age of enlightenment!


Anytime you’re wanting to quickly clear your aura, try taking three deep breaths and using the affirmation, ‘only positive energy is allowed around me.’ This can help you envision your aura as a shield of positive energy and quickly redirect your energy. If you didn’t feel a shift from the meditation today, try doing it with deeper breaths for a longer period of time. You may just have some heavy energy that needs a little more prana to feel the difference.

You can have a lot of fun getting to know how to work with and maintain your energy field. You can take aura photos with your friends and guess how they will come out based on what you’ve been focused on and how you’ve been feeling.

This deep insight into where your energy is can empower you to see what you can shift to enhance your creativity, positivity, and activate the law of attraction to open opportunities in your life.

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