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Article: The Color Psychology of Gold: Empowering & Luxurious

The Color Psychology of Gold: Empowering & Luxurious

The Color Psychology of Gold: Empowering & Luxurious

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a room full of gold – glittering gold jewelry, honey-hued lighting, and sparkling golden flakes covering each inch of every surface. How do you feel in this luminous room? Luxurious? Abundant? Wealthy? Successful?

There’s a reason that the color gold is associated with fortune and success, and today we’re going to look into the psychology of the color gold and why it makes us feel so fancy.

Color psychology is the school of thought that each color vibrates on a different wavelength and therefore affects our physical and emotional energy differently. This may explain why we seem to be inexplicably drawn towards certain colors during different periods of our lives – they are providing the vibrations we need to correct imbalances in the body and its chakras.

Gold is a color so synonymous with affluence and prosperity that some of the more elegant fine dining establishments have begun to sprinkle certain dishes with edible gold flakes - an expensive status symbol that has no taste or texture, meaning it adds nothing to the meal other than a sense of luxury.

So, let’s explore the psychology of the color gold and how you can use this color to manifest more of the things you want in life.

The Meaning of the Color Gold

Gold, which is a near cousin of both yellow and brown, is nearly synonymous with the concepts of wealth and abundance. It is associated with the beaming rays of the Sun, and its energy is said to be masculine.

As gold is so close to yellow, it is also an uplifting, positive color. Gold’s energy is expansive and successful, lifting vibrations and helping those surrounded by this color feel more optimistic and grateful.

This is a color of potential, of manifestation and treasure. Imagine finding a treasure chest buried on a deserted island: What is the first thing you’d expect to see when you open it? Golden coins, of course!

Gold textured foil covers the whole image.

Gold is not only a color but a precious metal that has historically been used as a form of currency. It’s rare nature and inherent worth are the reason this color is so deeply connected to riches and extravagance. Gold is naturally expensive because there is a finite amount of this material on the planet.

Due to its connection to these concepts, gold is an excellent color and material to work with when manifesting. Try making a list of everything you want with a shimmering golden paint marker, sprinkling gold glitter on top, and imagining all of your wishes coming true.


Beyond material wealth, gold is associated with the idea of success. Think about the phrase “gold standard,” which represents something that is the best version of a thing, the ideal by which other versions should be compared. Or, consider the fact that when we’ve done a good job as children, we’re often given a gold star to represent our success in that endeavor.

Other terms of success that are often associated with gold are abundance, wealth, and winning. These themes are sewn throughout our society as gold metals and gold bars are considered to be extremely positive elements of our society. On the other side of this, be wary that gold can also be associated with self-centeredness and lack of trust to certain people.

If you’re working on a project that you want to feel proud of, try surrounding yourself with golden hues, crystals like pyrite and citrine, or even wearing gold jewelry to help your spirit soak in the uplifting, inspiring energy of this color.


Like it’s close relative, yellow, gold possesses an air of positivity, infusing those near gold – whether as a precious metal or a color – with optimism and energy. This is an excellent color to focus on when you need a boost of energy or raised vibrations.

If you’re feeling down, try closing your eyes and imagining your body surrounded by golden, glowing, protective light. Think of an egg-shaped orb of glittering gold luminescence, sparkling like 24 karat flakes, infusing your body with warm, bright energy. When you open your eyes, take note of how you feel. Do you sense that bolt of confidence and passion flowing through you?

A man stands on a black background, gold sparkles float all around him.

Wisdom & Spirituality

Gold is an ancient color, associated with wisdom and knowledge. It is also connected to spirituality and ancient religions.

At its highest vibration, gold’s wisdom can lead to enlightenment. It inspires you to soak in any knowledge you can, to gain a deeper understanding of who you are at your core. However, gold can also have negative effects, like an increase in ego or cockiness.

Try working with this color the next time you need to study, research, or learn something new to help you absorb the information successfully.

Compassion & Generosity

Wearing or surrounding yourself with gold can also increase feelings of compassion and generosity, encouraging you to support and take care of others. Not only does gold help you attract wealth and abundance, but it also urges you to share that abundance with those around you.

When we feel insecure, it can be harder for us to share our resources. However, the abundant vibrations of this color remind you that wealth is fluid, always flowing, and the more you give, the more you’ll attract.

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Some gold jewelry sit on a gold table. Pictured: Two gold rings in a golden box and a golden leaf covered tiara.


Finally, gold is a color that encourages loyalty in relationships, creating deeper, stronger bonds with friends and family. It is a faithful color that helps you feel more connected to your loved ones. Try working with this color when you need to create deeper intimacy and loyalty in your relationships.


In a modern sense of loyalty, gold is also associated with customer loyalty or VIP memberships. This adds an extra level of extravagance to the color that a yellow card/member status would not. Its association with money and exclusivity makes it a popular choice for displaying material wealth.

This is amplified by its association with the precious metal that is probably one of the most valuable commodities available on the global market. You will often see gold thrown into interior decorating, accessories, and art as a way to make it feel more expensive and luxurious.

There is also a negative connotation to the extra-ness of this color, especially for those who do not find value in personal wealth. I mean, imagine the personality of an individual whose home is completely covered in gold décor and furnishings. It’s important to find a balance when working with not only the color gold but gold as a precious metal.

Get those Golden Vibes

This year has brought many challenges our way, and you may be feeling downtrodden about the future. Lift your spirit by working with gold to promote optimism, wisdom, prosperity, and compassion.

Try painting a picture of a golden sunflower. Splurge on a 14-karat gold ring that reminds you that you’re abundant and blessed. Or, work with fool’s gold (also known as pyrite) if you’re on a budget. If you’re wanting to bring more abundance in your life, adding some gold foil to your vision board or artwork in your house will help with manifesting your dreams.

Embracing the glimmer of gold will fill you with confidence and positivity while helping you attract all the things you want in life! Isn’t it time for you to go for gold?

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