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Do you know what your root chakra really is? Inside of our body are subtle pathways of energy that concentrate at nerve bundles in our body called chakras. We have seven main chakras that are each linked to certain emotions and body parts.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and is linked to our survival needs in the physical world such as money, our home and food.

The body parts linked to the root chakra are our bladder, spine, legs, feet and large intestine.

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Soul Articles

woman planting a tree

Planting Trees to Feed Your Soul

Billions of trees are cut down every year. As the world’s forests continue to disappear, tree planting has never been more important than now. Trees hold beauty and power. In ancient times, religions, such as the Celtic religion, worshipped... Read More

April Downloadable Tech Backgrounds

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Walking Outside in Nature Does More Than You Think

Ever wonder where all your energy is going? Let’s face it, a lot of us spend an inordinate amount of time in front of electronic screens. We also sit more than ever and sometimes prioritizing daily exercise falls by... Read More
heart on glass, heart written in steam on glass, sunset

How to Follow & Trust Your Heart

Remember that movie with Julia Roberts called Eat.Pray.Love? Following your heart doesn’t necessarily mean going to stay in an ashram in India, but it can mean exploring new systems of thought, examining your own beliefs and why... Read More
woman meditating, practicing mindfullness

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

Our emotions are part of being human and there will be times in your life where your emotions may get the best of you. You may feel particularly saddened by a situation. You may feel anger or resentment toward someone.... Read More
joyous woman, very happy woman

Override Negative Thoughts With a Ridiculously Positive Affirmation

There are moments in our lives where our emotions get the best of us. When you feel afraid, angry, frustrated, insecure, confused, sad or a similar way, try saying an affirmation to change your state. Your thoughts will guide you... Read More
woman looking in mirror

What Your Environment is Telling You About Your Soul: The Mirror Effect

This article will help you see beyond the matrix. Don’t believe the matrix is real? People’s behaviors are very predictable, based on the web of significance their environment has weaved for them. This is the study of anthropology,... Read More
woman doing yoga

Your Body Has Tons of Creativity: Here’s How to Unlock It

Ever feel like you’re doing the same thing every day and you’re just not that excited about life? Are you struggling to make things happen? You might be in need of a creative energy boost! Your sacral chakra... Read More
family enjoying dinner, easter dinner

Fill Your Soul With Family Time This Easter

We can look at each holiday as a time to fill our soul. When we approach an event with intention, we can have a completely different and more fulfilling experience than if we just simply show up with a meatloaf!... Read More
female touching her forehead with her hand, dark shadow

Visualizations To Open Your Third Eye & Access Your Soul

Why would you want to open your third eye? You will know your true self as a timeless spiritual self and be able to line your life up according to a much bigger picture. Instead of attaching to your status... Read More