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Daily Inspiration for the soul

Do you often get surprised when you find out who someone really is? You can activate your third eye chakra to increase your intuition. Eating purple foods like purple grapes, plums, eggplants and chia seeds can help you open your third eye.

Wearing or meditating with certain crystals will also activate this chakra. Amethyst, labradorite and lemurian quartz can help you have access to your intuition as well.

Any exercise where your head is below your heart allows blood to flow to this energy center to help stimulate and activate it. If you didn't think you were born with intuition you actually just need to activate it.

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Soul Articles

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5 Signs You’re In A Codependant Relationship

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Soul to Soul: Mental Benefits of Strong Relationships

Do you ever feel like you have a lot of acquaintances but few close friends with whom you can be entirely raw and share your deepest personal feelings? Sometimes our minds create subconscious barriers that keep us from opening up... Read More