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Article: What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

What Does it Mean to Have a Black Aura?

If you’re new to the world of auras – fields of energy that surround the body, typically invisible to the naked eye – then you may find it surprising to discover that our auras can come in myriad different colors and shades.

In fact, nearly every color of the rainbow has been found in at least a few auras on the planet. And the coolest part is that each of our auras is individual and unique, just like we are. However, one of the colors that is found to be most rare is the black aura, which we are here to talk about today.

What comes to mind when you think of this dark shade? Mystery? Depth? The mystical night sky?

At first blush, the thought of a black aura may even seem a bit scary, but don’t fear because we’re also going to tell you how to revive your aura and infuse it with more color than ever.

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The Wintery Black Aura

One thing we should make clear right up front is that, while the aura can become murky and darkened, this is not the same thing as a black aura. In fact, the idea of a black aura may be a misconception entirely.

Mystic Michaela, the host of the Know Your Aura podcast, believes that a black aura is actually an indication that energy within the body is very low, perhaps unable to emit the color of their aura as brightly as usual. In other words, we might do well to think of the black aura as simply dark or lacking energy.

However, Michaela does admit that she’s witnessed one truly black aura in her lifetime, noting that it is “…like kind of a void – like their soul is not present.”

Therefore, if your energy is low and your aura appears darker than it typically does, don’t panic – it may not be a black aura after all.

Remember! Aura Colors Can Shift

Another important note when it comes to auras is that they can change over time, depending on your internal energetic field and external circumstances. For instance, when you’re feeling confident and proud of yourself, your aura may glow bright like the lemony sun.

Yet, on days when you feel tired or frustrated, it may appear like a melancholy shade of blue.

It is unlikely that someone would be able to maintain one color or shade of aura throughout their entire lifetime, as the stories you tell and the experiences you partake in can affect your aura’s hue.

What Does a Black Aura Mean?

Someone with a truly black aura signals exhaustion or fatigue, low energy, mental instability, and personality disorders. If someone is truly emitting a black aura, they are probably going through a negative experience, whether mental, physical, or emotional.

A black aura can also indicate a nutritional deficiency, meaning that a change in diet or exercise can help bring the color back to your field of energy.

Emotionally, a black aura may demonstrate negative, draining, or overwhelming feelings that one may be experiencing. These feelings, particularly when prolonged, can drain the energy from your aura and your body, leaving your natural color hidden in the darkness.

Again, the appearance of a dark or blackened aura is nothing to fear, nor is it permanent. But it should signal to yourself that something needs to shift in your life energetically in order for you to regain your true colors.

Take advantage of services and professionals that can assist you, like counseling or consulting a nutritionist or holistic healer. If you notice your aura losing its color, it’s time to take action and take care of yourself.

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How Your Black Auras Can Affect Relationships

When the aura is black, a focus on the self and self-care should be the highest priority, meaning that it’s just not a great time for dating or romance. This doesn’t mean that you have to end a current relationship or that you don’t deserve to be loved – it simply means that it’s time to learn to love and care for yourself even more fiercely than before.

Try to woo yourself right now. Take yourself on a picnic with your favorite snack and a fascinating book. Take time for meditation, exercise, clean eating, plenty of reading, and lots of rest.

A black aura may not be permanent or be something to fear, but it clearly indicates that a part of yourself needs extra attention right now.

How to Cleanse Your Black Aura

Plenty of techniques and practices can help your aura come back to life to shine with more brilliance and saturated color than ever before.

1. Use Energy Cleansing Tools

Reiki healing is an excellent practice to look into to correct energetic imbalances within the body. This practice involves locating a certified Reiki practitioner who is trained in the art of this healing technique. Reiki eases tension, stress and helps the body release negativity.

Smoke smudging is a fantastic method for clearing negativity from the body. Palo Santo is an especially fragrant, effective bark that eliminates negativity from the surrounding area when smudged, leaving positive energy intact.

2. Balance Your Chakras

Balancing the chakras is another excellent practice that can be done in the privacy of your own home! There are also a variety of options and activities that help the chakras get back on the right track, including crystal healing, music, and even drinking herbal teas.

You can also bring a little light into your life with healthy foods that help promote chakra balance. Look for bright foods, such as pineapple, squash, corn, or different spices to help balance the dark aura you might be experiencing.

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3. Practice Self-Care

Self-care is a must when you’re trying to heal a black aura, and the self-care practices that you choose to focus on are entirely up to you. What are a few things that bring your spirit peace and joy that you haven’t been able to find the time for recently?

Whether you like to draw, paint, dance, sing, color, jog, bake, or knit – it’s time to get back to the activities that bring out your inner child and fill your soul with a sense of wonder.

You can also surround yourself with bright, beautiful colors to help your aura spring back to its original, brilliant shade. There’s nothing wrong with splashing a bit more vibrancy into your life!

Wear fun shades, eat colorful fruits and veggies, paint pictures of rainbow skies, or try infusing your home with more color.

Get Your Aura Health Back on Track

While a black aura is certainly an indication that your body or spirit may be experiencing some kind of negativity, it’s nothing to fret over. Just acknowledging the fact that your energy is feeling drained and you need a pick-me-up is the first step on the road to healing and aura health.

Take time for yourself right now, the activities that spark your passion, and the practices that fill your body with positive energy and joie de vivre!

How will you celebrate your new, more colorful spirit?

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