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Article: "Am I a Medium?" Here's How You Can Tell

"Am I a Medium?" Here's How You Can Tell

"Am I a Medium?" Here's How You Can Tell

When we think of mediums, we probably think of supernatural humans with extraordinary abilities that most of us can’t even begin to comprehend. Think Whoopi Goldberg inGhost,” Jennifer Love Hewitt in “Ghost Whisperer,” or the Golden Dawn members in “The Irregulars.”

It’s as if this kind of thing can only exist in the fictitious world, the place that all of us fall into from time to time, but which cannot possibly be real.

Yet the extraordinary gift of mediumship is real and, what’s more, it is a lot more common than people think.

Like all psychic abilities, this ability can lie dormant for a long time, possibly forever, if it is not explored or activated. For some, they’re totally fine with that. There are aspects of mediumship that can be frightening.

But for others, the intrigue of mediumship draws them to want to know more.

What is Mediumship?

Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits.

This is putting it in its most simple terms. Still, perhaps a more accurate description is that mediums tune into the spirit energy surrounding a person, place, or situation and use their intuitive and psychic abilities to listen/pick up/feel/see what the spirits are saying.

These messages and thoughts can come from the deceased, spirit guides, angels, dark entities and demons, and random spirits floating by.

While not every psychic is a medium, every medium is a psychic.

Mediumship has been explored and harnessed in the fiction, literary, and TV world. Therefore, when a person realizes they have mediumship abilities, they can’t quite believe it!

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So, Am I A Medium?

Have you been wondering if you are a medium? Have odd things been happening that you can’t quite explain? Read on to see some of the most common signs that you are a medium.

You sense and feel things that don’t seem to make sense.

Do you get the sense that there’s a maternal presence around, even if there isn’t? This could be a sign that your friend’s mother who passed on is near you.

Do you feel cold all of a sudden, even if the temperature is high? Cold spots that linger are often a sign that a spirit is around you. The same can apply to suddenly feeling that you are in a “hot spot” when the temperature is low.

Do you feel that eyes are watching you, even if you are all alone and there’s no way anyone could see you? This could be a sign that a spirit has arrived.

You have thoughts or hear voices in your head that are not your own.

A medium will often have thoughts or hear voices in their mind that do not belong to them. Sometimes, these voices will have a “tone” to them, or they will simply be words and thoughts coming in. 

There is a “distant” sort of feeling with the messages as if it is coming from a far-off place.

You may hear sounds of laughter that are loud and clear, the voice of someone who has passed on, or someone else that is urgently trying to tell you something. Sometimes, you may get the same voice coming through often, and this is a sign that this spirit is with you all the time.

Flashes and images are part of the thoughts that spirits us to convey messages to you. They may be random flashes that you have no connection to, and it is the spirit’s way of trying to convey a message to someone else through you.

You can look to your childhood for clues.

An adult who is a gifted medium will often show signs of it during childhood.

Were you afraid of the dark?

Children with mediumship abilities are often frightened of the dark because they are unconsciously aware of the supernatural.

Did you have vivid nightmares?

As children, we are at our most innocent and vulnerable, and it is easiest for the spirit world to make contact with us. Nightmares that are very vivid and feature “bogeymen” could be a sign of negative entities that latched onto you while you were sleeping. The same can apply to adults to still have such nightmares.

Did you have an imaginary friend?

What adults call “an imaginary friend” can be a real spirit that communicated with you when you were little.

Were you very interested in religious or supernatural stories?

Growing up, if you had a particular interest in reading religious books or children’s books that centered around the supernatural, this could be an indication that you had mediumship gifts.

You can see things within your mind.

You may see things in your mind’s eye (so not in the physical realm), such as auras or colors around a person.

You may also see things out of the corner of your eye that nobody else can see, and when you look at it directly, it’s gone.

Don’t worry. You’re not imagining things! The Third Eye works in an interesting way. Often, the things you “see” you don’t see in the normal sense, but you see it within your mind instead.

How to Nurture Your Medium Abilities

If you feel you are a medium and you have the classic signs, there are a few things you can do to nurture your abilities.

1. Meditate

Regular meditation helps to relax you and align your mind, body, and soul so that you are balanced internally and able to receive messages with greater ease. Aim to meditate for at least ten minutes a day.

2. Use Crystals to Strengthen Your Connection to the Spirit World

There are certain crystals that are fantastic for helping to connect you to the spirit world. These include labradorite and amethyst, which are more commonly known and fantastic for beginners.

For more powerful abilities, the crystals Preseli bluestone, tremolite, and Angelite are especially potent.

3. Keep a Journal

It helps to keep a journal of all your experiences. Some like to keep notes on their phone so that they can quickly jot down the experiences wherever they are.

Whether it’s a flash, a thought, a feeling, or a voice, noting down each experience is a good idea so you can read back on it and analyze it fully.

4. Eat Foods to Strengthen Your Third Eye

The body is a conduit for psychic gifts, and when the body is at its purest and healthiest, it enables messages to come through clearer and for you to receive them in a way that is beneficial for you too.

Mediumship can be scary for some, and a balanced and nourished body can process messages in a balanced way. Avoiding processed, fast foods, and alcohol is a good idea while eating only whole and raw foods, avoiding GMO and consuming organic where possible, and drinking plenty of filtered/bottled water helps purify the body.*

There are added foods you can add to your diet, which can also strongly affect your Third Eye, such as sea buckthorn or shilajit.

*Always consult with your health professional if you are on medication and wish to make changes to your diet.

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Trust Your Gut & Unleash Your Powers

Mediumship is one of the psychic gifts, but it also requires work, skill, and a degree of strength. Dealing with the spirit world in this way requires a certain amount of grit.

However, your own soul will know if the path of mediumship is for you. It is important to listen to your intuition and trust yourself.

It is possible for a person with such gifts to shut themselves off, sometimes through the use of substance abuse or escapism. This can be tragic, especially when such abilities can do so much good for the individual and the wider world when understood, nurtured, and harnessed correctly.

Hence, it is important to understand your gifts and reach out to like-minded individuals who share the same powers. Your gift was granted to you for a reason. Nothing happens without a cause.

Trust in yourself and your abilities, and you will undoubtedly find in time exactly why these gifts were granted to you.

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