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Article: Self-Care Sunday: 5 Ways to Start Your Self-Care Practice Today

Self-Care Sunday: 5 Ways to Start Your Self-Care Practice Today

Self-Care Sunday: 5 Ways to Start Your Self-Care Practice Today

It’s that time. Sunday, possibly one of the most dreaded days of the week, has arrived… again.

Maybe you told yourself this Sunday would be different. You promised yourself that you wouldn’t spend the day anxiously envisioning the hectic work week ahead. You were firm and decided not to venture out of the house in a frantic hurry to finish up a number of tasks before the week ahead. You were about to say no to that dinner at your friend’s house, but you ended up going out anyways, and now you’re utterly exhausted.

If this sounds like you, I want you to stop.

Take a breath.

Come back to centre.

Because I have an important task for you.

I want you to shift your perspective, and instead of dreading the last day of the weekend and jam-packing it with things to do, I want you to embrace it. I want you to use it as a way to rejuvenate and empower yourself before the beginning of a new week. I want you to wake up on Monday morning, ready to tackle the day and the week ahead of you with a simple on your face. I want you to focus on yourself, and only yourself.

I want you to Carpe Diem the heck out of your Self-Care Sunday.

What is “Self-Care Sunday”?

You might have heard this phrase tossed around here and there, but I want you to get a real handle on what it means.

Self-Care Sunday is a way for you to indulge. Basically, engaging in Self-Care Sunday should make you feel refreshed and energized for the week ahead. Once you commit to this practice, Sundays will no longer feel dreadful or unmanageable, and they definitely won’t leave you feeling too tired for Monday.

Self-Care Sunday is all about you.

That’s right. Not your significant other. Not your job. Not your friends. You.

If you’re reading this and already rejecting the idea, it’s time to realize that self-care is not selfish, self-care is 100% necessary.

If you allow no time during your busy week to put everything aside for a moment and focus on yourself, work on yourself and grow yourself, how can you expect to efficiently perform in other areas of your life? The truth is, you won’t be able to. Maybe you are doing it right now, but I can bet you’re doing it feeling tired or burnt out.

Let’s change that right now.

Self-Care Looks Different For Everyone

First off, it’s important to note that “self-care” does not look the same for everyone.

Maybe you’re an introvert who gains energy and clarity from being alone for hours on end. Conversely, you could be an outgoing extrovert who feels empowered after a long conversation with a few good friends over dinner.

Whatever it is that makes you feel happy, at peace and full of life classifies as self-care in my books. It’s really that easy - the hard part is actually committing to the task itself, while putting everything else on hold. For a creative, this might mean that a Sunday morning filled with drawing or painting is what’s going to make you feel good. For someone who enjoys writing, it could mean spending that morning journaling.

If you’re totally unsure as to where to start with your first Self-Care Sunday, take a look at the following five smalls tasks you can embrace to get a feel for what is evidently going to be beneficial for you.

Small Tasks to Embrace on your First Self-Care Sunday

1) Start a Gratitude Journal

What to do: There are a multitude of personal benefits that come attached to simply expressing gratitude such as increased positivity, increased happiness, and reduction of stress. Find a blank journal (we know you have at least one in the house) and spend 5-10 minutes every Sunday writing down 5-10 things you are grateful for.

Maybe it’s that meal you just ate. Maybe it’s that you have supportive friends. Whatever it is, start to make a habit out of writing these things down on Sunday to help reflect on your week, and empower you to begin the week ahead. This is a practice I’ve actually started doing every single day.

2) Take a Bath & Try a Face Mask

What to do: Fill up your tub to the brim with warm water and add in some type of bath salt. I recommend using bath salts that fit your “goals” when you take on a Self-Care Sunday: are you looking to alleviate stress as you take this bath? Are you trying to reduce muscle pain you are having? Many local stores will carry a multitude of bath salts you can test out.

Step the bath up an extra level and throw on a face mask for 20-30 minutes while you’re in there. Again, the type of face mask you choose is totally up to you, so make sure you have an idea of what you are hoping to achieve through using one (Pro Tip: I’ve never tried a face mask I didn’t like).

What to use: Dr. Teal’s bath salts are a good place to start for a Sunday bath. Many of these products work to calm both your mind and body. In terms of face masks, The Face Shop would be my choice. All of their masks are easy to use, address various skin concerns, and are all natural! A deliciously soothing cucumber or avocado mask is sure to please.

3) Light a Candle & Read a Book

What to do: Pick your favourite room in the house, and spend an hour or two reading a new book with a candle or some sage wafting in the background. Try out a book that you think might inspire you! Make sure your phone and other technological devices are out of sight - no peeking.

4) Try Some Simple Yoga Poses

What to do: Whether you have tried yoga before or not, many of the poses used in the practice truly do calm, enlighten and rejuvenate those who try them. Commit to trying out some yoga poses for one hour on Sunday in an open space in your house with calming music.

What to use: Check out our daily recommended yoga poses to help get you started on the right track.

5) Breathe

What to do: Often times, the simplest thing you can do for yourself is breathing. Seriously! Sit cross-legged on a bed or a floor, close your eyes, and allow yourself to take deep belly breaths. A breathing technique that works to ground you and evoke a sense of calm is taking five breaths in, holding the air in for five beats, and then five breathes out. Repeat this at least ten times.

Join us every Sunday as we tackle different activities for self-care! And don’t forget to tag us on social media using the hashtag #SelfCareSunday to let us know how you’re practicing self-care!

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