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Article: Breathwork to Handle Major Life Changes

Breathwork to Handle Major Life Changes

Breathwork to Handle Major Life Changes

There's a lot going on right now. 

Many of us are at a point where we need to make some big life decisions - whether regarding our jobs,  our living situations, relationship issues or just our general mental health. 

When the big things in life happen - unexpected or not - breathwork can help you to feel more capable of facing major life changes and to navigate the transition phase with more ease.

When you’re going through major life changes, you may be dealing with anxious feelings that can result in confusion, tiredness, or feelings of hopelessness throughout your core.

To face these obstacles and bring you the clarity to move forward on with assurance, these breathwork therapy techniques below will help you reach the stillness you need to push through and reach abundance.

Why Choose Breathwork for Changes?

The term breathwork simply refers to bringing more awareness to the rate and depth of your breath for certain periods of time. When we feel the world changing around us and we need to focus on the present moment, the awareness that comes with breathing exercises is crucial.

If you’re looking for something to boost your mood and calm your senses, practicing breathwork doesn’t come with any big risks. It works quickly, centers you in the moment, and can improve your health on many levels. Research shows that practicing breathwork regularly reduces stress, which ties directly to lower blood pressure and the reduced risk of having a stroke.

If you’re looking for some mental clarity, optimism, and stress relief, breathwork is the perfect life changes companion.

The benefits are endless: Learn more about clearing your energy with breathwork.

Breathwork for Major Life Changes

Here are 3 simple breathing techniques you can use as you go through major life changes. While you do them, take note of how they have different effects, as some may resonate with you more than others.

Simple Daily Breathing Exercise To Lower Stress

Doing this simple exercise once a day will help cultivate a relaxed state. Breathe deeply and with purpose, and each day you’ll find you feel better because you’ll be able to bring in more life-enhancing oxygen as your muscles grow stronger. 5 minutes will help you handle stress without feeling overwhelmed.

Begin Breath

Begin by laying on your back and placing your hands on your stomach. Breathe through your nose, feeling your stomach rise.

Focus on inhaling for 6 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds. Allow your muscles to relax and your mind to quiet as you take a moment for yourself.

Exhale out of your mouth with pursed lips and focus on the feeling of your stomach moving up and down. Continue to focus on your breath and let yourself sit in this calm state for as long as you need to.

A Use-As-Needed Breathing Exercise To Regain Calm

When we are surrounded by change, anxious feelings can arise when you least expect it. If you’re at work or somewhere public, just doing the breathing will still help. You can even do this in the midst of a tense discussion to calm down. Bring this breathing exercise with you in your pocket and take it out whenever you need to reconnect and find your calm.

When you feel grounded once again, make sure to drink a full glass of water which will also help to balance your hormones and rehydrate after a stressful situation.

Breathe & Begin

Sit with your legs straight out in front of you if you can. Lean forward, just going to the point where it feels like you’re getting a gentle stretch without pushing.

Close your eyes and take very slow deep breaths just through your nose. Pick one thing that brings you joy and refocus yourself from the feeling of overstimulation with this element (music, a memory, etc). Keep your breaths stable and even for around 1 - 2 minutes, revisiting if anxious feelings return.

Breathing Exercise To Boost Optimism & Creativity

This simple 3-minute exercise is going to charge up your energy field and help you blast away negativity. You will feel alert, capable, and creative in just 3 minutes. If you really go for it and breathe powerfully, you’ll get more of a ‘boost.’

If you begin to feel dizzy during the fast breathing of this exercise, slow your breath down and continue the exercise at your own speed. We all find our joy at our own paces.

Begin & Shine

Sit in a cross-legged position and place the tips of the fingers together with space between the palms, as this helps balance the energy in your body.

Begin your breath by only breathing through your mouth with pursed lips, start slow as you warm up. While breathing, keep your eyes closed and focus your energy at the brow point on your face.

To reinvigorate energy into our bodies, slowly increase your breathing to a rapid 1:1 or 2:2 breath ratio, a modified breath of fire, eventually snapping your belly in on each exhale and allowing your inhale to happen naturally in a steady rhythm for 3 minutes.

To end take a deep inhale and reach your arms up, holding your breath for 10 seconds. Exhale and inhale again, wiggle your body and arms to disperse the energy and bring joy into your mind, body, and soul. Do this movement for 10 seconds, then exhale and relax.

Love this energy? Learn more about how to do the breath of fire breathing technique.


You will find that breathwork is one of the most effective long term and short term remedies for stress and handling major life changes. With the global pandemic and protests for justice, people have certainly been feeling the pressure of major personal and collective changes. 

We are all going through a time of unprecedented change and the tools of the ancient yogis are here to help us thrive during this time.

Instead of thinking about breathwork as a one time fix like a haircut, think of it like a daily routine that will perk you up just like a cup of coffee. It is free and accessible at any time when you need it. Make it a habit and you’ll find your life starts to feel like it’s moving in a more positive direction which is a priceless gift you can give yourself starting right now.

There are many variations of breathing exercises, but no matter which you choose, you will still find some benefits you’ll get regardless of the name of the breathing exercise. We send love to you during this all of this change - you got this!

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