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Article: Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

Why You Should Use Self-Pleasure as Self-Care

We're asking: Should you masturbate for self-care? But wait - hold up - is masturbation even self-care? 

Let’s talk about it.

You might masturbate to release some pent-up sexual tension, but have you ever used it to get to know yourself a little bit better? Have you tried masturbating to connect with you and your body?

If not, now is the time (well, maybe not right now, let’s try to get through this article first!). Yet, masturbation doesn’t have to be all about that end goal (yes, we’re talking about an orgasm). It can actually help you get to know yourself on a whole other level, which can actually make sex with another person that much better.

We’re going to talk about mindful masturbation, the benefits, and how you can go about using masturbation for self-care. Let’s dive in!

What is Mindful Masturbation?

When you masturbate, you likely have one goal in mind (don’t worry, this is completely normal!). Yet, why not enjoy the journey getting there? Why not tune into yourself and understand yourself more in the process?

Sure, it might be scary. But the scariest things in life are worth facing up to. 

And yes, self-pleasure as self-care is 110% a thing. 

Right now, you might always masturbate the same way. We get it. You’ve figured out what works, and so you’re going with it. However, what about tapping into the roads less traveled? What about taking in your body for all it is as you ramp up how good self-pleasure can feel?

Basically, “mindful masturbation” involves slowing down this whole process and taking time to truly bask in self-pleasure and explore your body. 

What feels good? What doesn’t? And don’t just explore the sweet spot. Take your time and look around. The goal isn’t an orgasm. If that happens, bonus! But this time is all about connecting with your number one - YOU.

The Benefits of Using Masturbation for Self-Care

Maybe you’re not quite convinced. After all, we live in a very “instant gratification” type society. Mindful masturbation doesn’t exactly fit into that mold.

However, when you masturbate for self-care, you might just:

  • Experience increased sexual confidence
  • Watch your anxiety melt away
  • Deepen your pleasure experience even more
  • Find you’re less stressed and more accepting of yourself
  • Have more fun with your partner in the bedroom

Shift your focus from getting that quick orgasm to discovering what feels good! And don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you out.

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How You Can Use Masturbation for Self-Care

Inevitably, we are all different, and what works for one person might not work for the next. Thus, mindful masturbation will actually look slightly different for each person. But let’s get you prepared to really dive into that side of yourself in the best way possible. 

How can you do that?

1. Explore Your Whole Body 

Yes, we all know where that “it” spot for pleasure is (or at least, most of us do!). But let’s take the focus off that hot spot and really get to know other erogenous zones. Where else feels good to explore and touch? 

Go ahead and find out!

2. Emphasize Pleasure & Go Slow

Like we said earlier; usually, the goal is an orgasm. But let’s focus on pleasure here. Find other areas of the body that feel good. And go slow!! Take your time. Don’t rush this. Self-care isn’t meant to be rushed.

3. Stay in the Moment

In a way, you can use this time to really narrow in on your attention. Notice your mind wondering? Bring it back to this moment and how you feel. 

And it’s okay if your mind continues to wonder. As long as you keep bringing it all back to the here and now, are feelin’ yourself (literally), and don’t end up down a rabbit hole, it’s all good. Keep up that effort! 

Eventually, it won’t take much to achieve living (or masturbating) in the moment.

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4. Create a Comfortable & Positive Atmosphere or Environment

Start by creating a relaxing and comfortable space for yourself. If you don’t want interruptions, make sure that the door is locked and maybe put on some music or a TV in the background if you’re worried about making any noise. 

You may even want to clean your space beforehand. It’s like a weight lifting off your shoulders, which means you can truly relax into it. Try to put aside at least an hour to really get the most out of this mindful masturbation experience!

5. Use or Try Something New

Now is the time! Especially if you aren’t particularly comfortable trying new things with others (at least, not yet!). 

You could use a new toy or even watch yourself in the mirror while admiring everything you love about your body and everything it does for you. You might even want to mix things up by using your other hand or getting off somewhere other than your bed.

Prioritize Self-Pleasure

Here’s your permission to do so (not that you need it!). 

However, when you masturbate as self-care, you really reach a whole other depth of connection with yourself. Try it out. Feel it out. How good can you feel?

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