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Article: Which Colors Should You Have in Your Home, Based on Your Aura?

Which Colors Should You Have in Your Home, Based on Your Aura?

Which Colors Should You Have in Your Home, Based on Your Aura?

Did you know that the color of your décor and home interior can actually affect your mood? So, following that logic, it would make sense that the color palette you choose for your home can also interact with and affect your aura.

An aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds your body at all times. And while it’s possible for the color of an aura to shift in certain circumstances, most people maintain one aura color for most of their lives – meaning that you can work with that color and incorporate it into your life to boost your own auric energy.

In this article, we’re going to talk about how to decorate your home, coordinating the colors you choose with that of your own unique aura. So, if you want to boost your energy and bring higher vibrations to your auric field, keep reading to find out how.

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Color Coordinating With Your Aura

While it’s certainly not necessary, color coordinating with your aura can help you feel more peaceful in your sacred space, as that color perfectly vibrates with the energy of your own spirit. It’s said to be a powerful way to connect to your own aura, and there are many ways to go about decorating based on your auric color.

You can start with an accent piece – like a candle or a throw pillow – here or there, you can dedicate a small corner of your home to your aura colors, or you can go big and paint an entire room to raise the vibrations to your own level.

And you don’t have to stick to one color – play with different shades, complimenting hues, and myriad textures for an eclectic mix. And depending on what your aura color is, it may connect to a corresponding chakra, meaning that incorporating that color into your décor will trigger and balance that chakra.

Let’s take a look at the different aura colors and how you can decorate your own private sanctuary based on yours – and a few added touches to really bring your aura to life.


Red is a grounding color that connects to the Root chakra – the chakra associated with stability and grounding. If you have a red aura, these are important themes in your life, and surrounding yourself with shades of red will activate this chakra and brighten your crimson aura.

If you aren’t a fan of bright reds, you can try more muted variations and include complimentary shades, like burnt orange, sienna, cinnamon, and earthy mahoganies.

You could also burn cinnamon candles or diffuse cinnamon essential oil to really balance the Root chakra and help your aura grow brighter than ever.


An orange aura connects to the Sacral chakra, and as such, your personality is full of creativity and life force – especially when your energy is balanced and aligned. Shades of orange help to brighten up your space and bring that life force straight into your immediate surroundings, helping you connect to that fiery part of your spirit.

Muted colors like mustard and gold work to compliment orange tones, but brighter shades of tangerine and lemon introduce positive, luminous energy to your space. Finally, be sure to include a piece of sunstone in your new color scheme, as this crystal connects to the Sacral chakra and heightens creative energy.


Associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, a yellow aura denotes an individual who is energetic, friendly, and confident – if the energy within the body is cleansed. Surrounding yourself with shades of yellow heals that Sacral Chakra, ensuring that your bright energy is shining like the sun.

Shades of gold, pale yellows, and bright sunny hues will bring optimistic, dazzling energy into your home, strengthening your Solar Plexus and helping your aura shimmer.

The Solar Plexus and the color yellow are both associated with and activated by the musical note, E. Make a playlist of songs in the key of E to amplify your positive energy and the positive energy of your home.


The green aura is associated with the Heart chakra, the chakra of unconditional love – and those with a green aura are known to have an open heart, as well as a deep love of nature.

Decorating your home with a green glow balances the Heart chakra, helps your aura grow brighter, and fosters a connection to Mother Nature.

One trick is to bring your inner green thumb to life, as your emerald aura likely indicates a strong connection with foliage and living plants. For example, Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is a plant that can be grown indoors or out in the garden, and it actually connects directly to the Heart chakra, and therefore the green aura – making it the perfect plant to spruce up your home.

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Connecting to the Throat chakra, the blue aura indicates an individual with strong communication skills, a knack for self-expression, and a desire for peace and understanding. Bringing blues into your home clears that Throat chakra and brings a balancing, harmonious energy to your sapphire aura.

There are many shades of blue to work with, giving you plenty of variety – from navy to sky and everything in between.

Bergamot, juniper, and peppermint are plants that connect to and heal the Throat chakra – try incorporating essential oils, candles, or even hot teas in your home that feature these essences.


A purple aura can connect to both the Third Eye and Crown chakras, and it signifies a strong intuition, a sense of spiritual connection, and even psychic abilities. Incorporating this royal color into your home brings balance to both of these chakras and helps you feel more connected to and aligned with the energy of the universe.

From pale lilacs and lavenders to deep magentas and mulberries, this is a beautiful color to bring into your home. For an added touch, place chunks of amethyst around your sacred space to clear negative energy and bring spiritual healing.


The pink aura is a color associated with femininity and a secondary color connected to the Heart chakra – think of rose quartz and its connection to love and romance. Those with a pink aura are compassionate, kind, and ethereal.

You see the best in others, and your inviting personality makes everyone feel at home.

This is a beautiful color to incorporate into your décor, especially when complemented with shades of green to bring even more healing energy to the Heart chakra. Roses are strongly associated with love and can be incorporated in many ways, including rose essential oil, rose candles, or even a bouquet of pink roses.

Rainbow Aura

Some people have a rare but dazzling rainbow aura, their energy radiating with all of the colors of the rainbow. If you have a rainbow aura yourself, this indicates that energetic flow within your body is healthy and determined!

You have a wide variety of colors to play with when it comes to decorating. A colorful home will only infuse your colorful spirit with more brilliance and positive energy.

Try adhering rainbow privacy film to your windows to let the sunlight bring rainbows in your home all day long!

Bring Your Aura To Life

While you certainly don’t have to decorate according to your aura color, including a complementary color scheme in your décor can help you connect to not only the chakra associated with your own unique aura but also the energy of the aura itself.

You can’t help but vibrate peacefully with the energy of that color because its energy is already connected with your spirit. Bringing more of your auric shade into view helps that vibration penetrate and heal your spirit, and it’s always fun to play around with new color schemes.

How will you bring your aura to life?

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