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Article: Breaking Down the Yellow Aura

Breaking Down the Yellow Aura

Breaking Down the Yellow Aura

A yellow aura.

You might be wondering what on earth that could be, and most importantly, why you should care about it.

An aura is an invisible energy field that is said to surround each person and living thing on earth. (More on that later.)

You might be wondering ... Why should I care about my aura?

Your aura affects every moment in your life. On the one hand, you get a better understanding of how the outside world perceives you. On the other hand, you will understand your personal patterns – everything from toxic to loving.

If you are curious about the impact of your energy and ready to reflect for personal growth, it’s time to learn more about your aura. This article will focus on the yellow aura, its different shades, and the impact on different areas of your life.

5 Key Points About Auras

We’ve talked about this in other articles before, but here’s a quick recap on the 5 key takeaways to remember about auras as we dive into the yellow aura:

  1. An aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds humans and all living things in the universe. It reflects your spiritual being to the outside world.
  2. The size, intensity, and color of the aura that surrounds your body can change. It depends on current emotions, healing processes, personal growth, and experiences you are going through.
  3. Similar to chakras, there are also 7 layers of auras which relate to different health aspects. Each aura is associated with one of the chakras as well.
  4. The yellow aura is associated with the mental layer. This energy sits just outside the emotional body at 4 - 8 inches from your body. It connects to the Solar Plexus chakra and depends highly on our belief systems, as well as consciousness.
  5. Knowing your aura will help you understand yourself better and also how others perceive you. This will lead you to personal growth and healthier relationships.

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The Yellow Aura – 3 Shades that Will Affect Your Being

Have you ever been told that you light up the room when you walk in? Are you known for your optimistic look on life, even in the darkest of times? Do your friends come to you for advice and deep talk about life?

Then you might just have a yellow aura.

What comes to your mind if you think of the color yellow? Probably words such as bright, happy, optimistic, sunshine. Those are pretty much the same attributes you will feel around a person with a yellow aura. They spread a positive vibe and manage to brighten the mood in any environment.

When it comes to the yellow aura, it is important to note the different shades, as they each have a different meaning:

Light Yellow Aura

This shade is not too bright, maybe even a little dimmed, like a sun hiding behind a few clouds – that’s how you can imagine the light yellow aura.

Often this aura is connected with new beginnings and new journeys of growth. As the person grows through new experiences, they further nurture the color. It is often compared to the first rays of sunshine, shining upon new possibilities with great optimism.

Bright Yellow Aura

While the light yellow energy is associated with optimism and brightness, the bright yellow can be interpreted in two different ways.

Firstly, it can be seen as pure happiness, joy, and confidence. A person will seem radiant and can easily lift the mood of others. Secondly, if it seems like a bright lemon, their aura might be feeling a bit sour. This can indicate struggles with their mental health and deep problems the person must resolve.

Golden Yellow Aura

Golden auras are said to be projected by great leaders and enlightened teachers. It is not only associated with leadership but also spirituality. People with this aura are known to inspire and motivate those around them.

The Yellow Aura & Personality Traits

Generally speaking, people with a yellow aura will be known for their optimism and joy.

Those with a yellow aura have the ability to see a purpose in anything the universe throws at them, no matter how hard it may seem to the outside. One of their greatest skills is not judging events but accepting them as an important part of their journeys for their growth.

Some other yellow aura attributes also include:

  • High intelligence and a joy for sharing knowledge. Also, a great sense of curiosity which leads them to continuous growth.
  • Easygoing and optimistic about life.
  • A great sense of creativity – often yellow auras find joy in writing, painting, drawing, and creating in general.

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Yellow Aura Challenges & Dark Qualities

Just as yin and yang, even this bright, glowing aura comes with a dark side.

Depending on certain circumstances, events, or emotional struggles, different yellow shades may occur in your aura. These can indicate hyperactivity, heavy feelings of resentment, or jealousy.

In order to brighten your energy again, there are several methods you can try yourself, such as meditation and deep breathing.

Since you are a free spirit, having a yellow aura may make you feel resentful as soon as something or someone stands in your way of freedom. Be aware of your emotions in these situations in order to move beyond this intolerance.

How Your Yellow Aura Influences Your Love Life

Whether you have a yellow aura or a relationship with a person who does, you may see certain patterns.

The most important traits a yellow aura will be looking for in their relationships are open communication, humor, and intelligence that leads to deep conversations and joy.

On the bright side, you can be certain that there will always be a great sense of optimism in the relationship. Even if times are hard, the positive sides will be highlighted, and a solution-oriented attitude can be expected.

However, if you have a yellow aura, you might have felt a bit drained in some relationships. There is a danger that the partner will rely on you for all the positivity, not putting enough effort into themselves. It is important to keep the energy you give and take in balance.

Yellow Auras in the Professional World

People with a yellow aura will strive to make a positive change. With their internal motivation and ambition, it is easy for them to motivate and inspire others to follow.

They are natural-born leaders and are gifted with the ability to help others grow. With their sense of freedom, they do not work well under micromanagement and usually seek a flexible, independent work environment.

It is often said that people with yellow auras would be great teachers, healers, or artists. However, it is important to see that these attributes could have a positive impact on any industry or career path.

If you have a yellow aura, it is important to reflect on what you need from your team in return. Since you will be likely to spread a lot of positive energy, it is important to create a balanced environment that will not leave you burned out.

How to Find the Color of Your Aura

If you want to be certain about the color of your own aura, there are a few different ways for you to find out:

Auras are an amazing way to learn more about your own unique personality and habits. If you are interested in self-improvement and wellness, learning more about auras is a fantastic thing to incorporate into your existing routines.

So, do you have a yellow aura?

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