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Article: All About Rainbow Auras

All About Rainbow Auras

All About Rainbow Auras

Energy is in everything we do. It goes unseen by the naked eye but can still be felt by individuals with heightened intuition and perception. If you immediately thought of auras, we’re probably on the same page!

We’ve previously discussed many different aura colors, and today we’re here to explore perhaps the most mysterious and exciting aura of them all – the rainbow aura.

Each person on the planet has their own field of energy surrounding their body, and while it may not be easy to perceive, you can learn to see the energetic fields of those you love with just a little bit of practice.

The rainbow aura is quite rare and unique, which is why we’re dedicating this guide to discovering the magic of this aura shade. If you’ve ever seen a dazzling, holographic light surrounding yourself or someone else, you may have already witnessed the magic of the rainbow aura.

If you haven’t yet glimpsed this earthly yet celestial delight, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve trained yourself to see the energetic field surrounding others, you can still appreciate the luminous rainbow aura.

What Does the Rainbow Aura Mean?

The rainbow aura is one of the rarest aura colors of them all, which is why it can be hard to determine their meaning. While it’s rather typical to see two auras surrounding one person, seeing or perceiving a rainbow aura is a rare sight.

A Healthy Flow of Energies

One thing that the rainbow aura indicates is a healthy flow of energies moving in many directions – as if you’re living spherically, following multiple paths to enlightenment and happiness.

Further, someone who knows how to manage energy in multiple forms doesn’t shy away from challenging experiences. This individual can balance both positive and negative, finding a path to the silver lining in any situation.


No one can truly possess a rainbow aura without an abundance of healthy confidence – a level of confidence that honors and appreciates yourself without isolating others. The rainbow itself is all about balance, and a rainbow aura indicates that you possess a balance between self-assurance and humility that’s bound to attract just about anyone.

A woman stands in front of a rainbow wall with a rainbow shirt on so that she blends in.


Since the rainbow aura is so unique and rare, it possesses an air of mystery – we don’t see this combination of colors within the energetic fields of humans too often, making it inherently misunderstood.

But that mystery may come down to their dynamic personalities – individuals with rainbow auras are multifaceted and complex, just like the glimmering field of energy surrounding their bodies.


One thing you can guarantee is that a person with a rainbow aura is passionate about their life, their interests, relationships, and their path. This is not a person who glides through life unconcerned with outcomes, but someone who wants to experience all there is in this reality.

Passion is a fundamental trait that accompanies the rainbow aura.

If you have a rainbow aura yourself, you must follow your passions, or you may become irritable, burnt out, or even depressed. Make sure that you’re taking time to stoke the fires of passion that burn within you to maintain that shimmering, rainbow glow surrounding you.

A clay rainbow is sitting on a white table.

Rainbow Aura Personality Strengths

While every individual with a rainbow aura will have their own unique personality, there are a few traits that describe these dazzling individuals perfectly:

  • Passionate
  • Dynamic
  • Independent
  • Open
  • Receptive
  • Thoughtful
  • Understanding
  • Innovative
  • Imaginative

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How Your Rainbow Aura Connects to Your Love Life

Those who possess a rainbow aura tend to be friendly and easygoing, allowing them to make friends with just about anyone. Yet, in romance, these folks need a special kind of love.

If you have a rainbow aura yourself, you can just about guarantee that your romantic connections will be filled with passionate energy and flirtation. You treasure each moment with a partner, seeing all of their potentials in each moment.

However, those with a rainbow aura are particularly strong-willed – and this can be an issue if you happen to fall for another independent, strong-willed individual. While you always strive for connection, peace, and harmony, conflicts may crop up in tense situations, especially if your partner doesn’t understand your needs.

It’s important that you match with someone with whom you can communicate openly, honestly, and without fear.

A neon heart that has 10 different strips, each with a different color of the rainbow on it. The surroundings are dark allowing the rainbow light to shine.

Rainbow Auras in the Professional World

People with rainbow auras know how to work hard and play hard.

They are responsible and creative, combining the best of both worlds. Because they prefer to work without drama, individuals with a rainbow aura make excellent entrepreneurs. Starting their own business ensures that they won’t have to hide any of their brilliant ideas.

Yet, a flow of optimistic energy means that if you have a rainbow aura yourself, you can fit into nearly any work environment – provided you practice self-love and grounding exercises to maintain balance.

Do You Have a Rainbow Aura?

If you’re one of the chosen few with the sparkling rainbow aura, consider yourself lucky! You’re a well-rounded individual whose personality doesn’t easily fit into rigid categories. You’re dynamic, you’re charismatic, and you aren’t going to let anyone stand in the way of your destiny.

You also possess the ability to lift the spirits of others, shining your rainbow light on their lives.

How will you share your own rainbow vibrations?

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