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Article: Essential Healing Meditation for Your Third Eye Chakra

Essential Healing Meditation for Your Third Eye Chakra

Essential Healing Meditation for Your Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye chakra is in charge of all sorts of cool things that help make our life easier.

The mystical Third Eye is not just about awakening your intuitive capabilities, having it active will also help you think more clearly and have a better memory. If you feel general confusion, ordering your day to day tasks, or making clear and concise goals are making life hard for you, this Third Eye chakra healing meditation will help.

When it comes to making a decision, the Third Eye helps us with that too. This Third Eye chakra meditation is open to all experience levels and can help you with where you are right now in your life.

By focusing at this energy center, it will help to remove any Third Eye chakra blockage to open you to a greater experience of reality which can help you quite literally know what people are thinking as well as what is to come (or likely to happen).

The symbol of the Third Eye chakra or Sahaswara.

About the Third Eye Chakra/Sahaswara

If you’re new to the concept of chakras, do not despair, you can still get great benefits from this easy meditation.

The chakras have been working your whole life whether you knew they were there or not so anytime you work on one, it’s only going to benefit you. And you don’t have to be an expert on meditation or energy in order to reap some real benefits intuitively from working on this chakra.

Your intuition is the main function of the Third Eye chakra but it also links to physical symptoms and parts of the body. Any malfunction in these areas may indicate a block in this chakra. Parts of the brain, the eyes, ears, and nose all function with this energy center that is centered at the brow point.

That means nasal infections, earaches, headaches, vision problems, or brain fog could all indicate an energetic blockage that is keeping you from having more clear thinking.

Healing Meditation Preparation

The more emphasis you put on this meditation mentally and emotionally, the more effective it will be. Think of the major moments in your life that you prepared for such as your sixteenth birthday or your high school graduation. You spent time choosing what to wear and probably decorated to make it extra special. It is as if we are agreeing with ourselves that this will be a life-changing moment.

Meditation has that same potential to change our lives in a positive way when we place it in very high regard in our minds. The mind is what filters our experience of life and learning to tend it can help amplify our energy and allow all areas of our life to blossom. Here are some tips to help make your meditation special and to help you meditate deeper which will make it more effective.


If you have a candle or incense with the frankincense scent, that is known to help the Third Eye chakra. Copal incense is another great scent to help stimulate the Third eye. Patchouli oil, lavender, and rosemary are also great essential oils to use topically or in a diffusor. Even just lighting a few candles and burning any incense will actually help create a great energy for meditation.

The smoke of the incense helps to clear the buildup of positive ions in the air and in your energy field from electronics so that your nerves can relax.

Want Help Channeling Different Intentions? Read Your Complete Guide to Aromatherapy for Meditation to discover the best scents.

Prepare Your Space

Find a space that feels inviting and make it comfortable for meditation. You may want to place a blanket on the floor and sit on a cushion to elevate your hips and relieve pressure on the lower back. Bringing in any special objects that help you feel connected to your soul into your meditation space can help activate your Third Eye chakra. This could be objects from nature or pictures of spiritual figures.

The Third Eye resonates with the color purple so anything that is purple will also help activate this chakra. You may find some purple clothes you can wear for the meditation or find a creative way to incorporate the color into a small spiritual altar. Pinks, whites, golds, and indigos will help bring the energy up to the upper chakras as well.


You can enhance your meditation with Third Eye Chakra crystals as well. Purple crystals as well as white, pink, and clear crystals can all help the Third Eye. Crystals such as amethyst, charoite, clear quartz, and phenacite all help activate the Third Eye in meditation.

Essentially all crystals help raise your vibration so there is truly no ‘wrong’ crystal to meditate with. Smaller crystals carry high frequencies and can help, place them around you or hold them in your hand if you’d like during the meditation.

Body Position

It is important that your spine can be straight in meditation so perhaps sitting against a wall with a pillow will let you be comfortable or maybe you need to sit on a chair. Make sure that if you’re on a chair, your feet can be on the floor.

You’ll want to wear something loose and a natural fiber which is most conducive for your energy. If your body is freshly cleaned, the energy will also be more clear to help you meditate.

A person meditating on the beach. She is in the water and sitting facing out towards the ocean.

Guided Third Eye Chakra Meditation for Intuition and Foresight

This Third Eye chakra healing meditation is also going to help you get a sense of the direction you’re pointing your life and what might be down the road for you. This is an exciting and mystical journey that you can continue to work within the weeks to come as you enhance your intuitive abilities.

Listen to the below meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizarry:


Begin & Breathe

Begin by taking slow and deep breaths in and out of your nose. This will help you stop thinking about other things as you just focus on your breathing. Find it relaxes you more and more.

Imagine that your body is just melting like butter and you are completely and totally at ease right now. You will now begin to focus your energy on the brow point. Envision purple energy swirling around this area strengthening the energy here.

Activating The Third Eye

As if there is a movie screen here, watch as an eye appears. If the eye is not open, ask it to open now. Peer into the eye and see the magical space within it.

You are essentially looking into another dimension. Do you notice anything peculiar here? Perhaps there are different laws of physics or a different feel to this space that sticks out.

This is a space you can visit each day where you can gain insights into things your other senses are not as aware of. This realm is beyond time and space allowing for great insights into the very fabric of reality and the multiple dimensions.

Healing The Third Eye Chakra

Now you will use the power of your intention to remove energetic blocks from your Third Eye chakra. Allow yourself to ask the Universe to help you heal this energy center by removing all thoughts that you do not have intuition right now. Feel those thoughts being energetically lifted from this area.

Now you will allow yourself to further heal your Third Eye chakra by removing any fear you have about intuition. Ask the Universe to help you remove any fear of foresight and knowing beyond the five senses.

Allow Your Intuition to Flow

Finally, allow the Universe to help you decide to use your intuition as a part of your daily life. Invite this energy center to really activate as a part of your waking consciousness and help you in your day to day life.

Feel that you are awakening a part of yourself that will not only be helpful, inspiring, and life-changing but that will also allow you to align your life to one that is full of purpose and guidance from a spiritual level of consciousness that looks out for the good of all and not just of the self.

Feel the energy shifting as you allow the Universe to help enact these intentions.

Getting Wisdom From The Third Eye

Now is the time to allow a piece of information to come to you. Set your intention for something helpful to be revealed to you from the Universe. Don’t expect any specific type of information to show up or you may block yourself from being able to perceive what comes through.

It may take some time to get used to not trying to force any thoughts to come up. This is a place where you just observe and surrender so you can become aware of something you don’t already know. Sometimes the information will just be an image of something, a word, a sense, or a glimpse of something.

Breathe & Conclude

Whatever and however it shows up, try to accept it and just make a note of it in your journal. It may not make sense now and likely the true meaning of it will not be revealed until things play out. Sometimes you’ll get a very clear message but often, the symbols or images we receive are just a part of what is to come. Once we work on our intuition, we can get more vivid and clear messages.

To bring yourself back to waking consciousness, take three deep breaths, and then become aware of yourself sitting in the space you are in. Well done today and congratulations on healing and activating your intuition.

Time to Reflect

Before moving on to the next part of your day, take a moment to integrate the experience of the meditation by jotting down any impressions or significant experiences you had in your journal. You may have found it hard to visualize during the meditation and you may have found your mind bouncing around, wondering if it would work, or if you should be doing something else.

Over time, the mind is able to concentrate easier in meditation. Once you start to experience the intuition you naturally have, you’ll find you stop questioning the validity of the meditation process and you’ll look forward to it. The mind is the critical/analyzing part of our consciousness and the intuition exists beyond the mind where our creativity and unlimited consciousness connects to all of life. If you haven’t yet experienced intuition, be patient, you will.

You can continue to hold your intention to work with your Third Eye chakra and let it help you by using Third Eye chakra affirmations throughout the day.

Mentally telling yourself something such as, ‘I am using my intuition and following it,’ or ‘I trust my gut,’ will help you stay in tune with your intuitive side during your daily activities. Holding a vision in your Third Eye of what you want to manifest will also help you stay focused on your goals while helping you keep this chakra active.


As you work on healing each chakra, you will find your energy and intuition both heighten. The healing process is ongoing in that we will always be needing to adjust our energy to our life as we go through changes. Be sure to check out our other free chakra healing meditations and use them as much as you’d like. If you’d like to learn more about the chakras, check out our essential guides to each chakra.

If you are really excited about healing your Third Eye chakra, doing this meditation consistently will help you further activate it. Try doing it every day for a week and journal about the meditation each time.

After a week, see if you’ve been thinking more clearly and if you’ve been picking up on more subtle levels of truth when you’re out and about. You will probably start to notice that you have a sense of things before they happen or know what someone is going to say before they say it. You’ll be able to read people so you can tell if they need a friend to talk to or perhaps just a little space.

There are infinite ways having a healed and active Third Eye chakra will help you whether that’s choosing the right job, partner, or just figuring out what to cook for dinner. It will help you increase your happiness by guiding you to the best possible decisions.

Welcome to your intuitive life!

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