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Article: Violet Vibrations: The Ultimate Guide to the Color Purple

Violet Vibrations: The Ultimate Guide to the Color Purple

Violet Vibrations: The Ultimate Guide to the Color Purple

Imagine that you step outside during dusk, right when the sun is setting, to view a dusky lilac sky. Envision a field of lavender, waving in the wind with its light, purple hues. How do these images make you feel? Ambitious? Luxurious?

The colors of the rainbow can change your mood; the idea behind this statement is called color psychology, and it suggests that every color we encounter has an effect on our overall state of mind. This may explain why some of us seem to be inexplicably drawn to certain colors - perhaps they encourage a mood that we might otherwise be lacking.

Have you ever wondered why you feel peaceful seated on the warm sand next to a cerulean ocean? Or why you feel a sense of peace when surrounded by the rich emerald and forest greens of nature? It’s because colors have their own individual vibrations that move along with the vibes of our own being.

The Meaning Behind the Colour Purple

The color we’re going to explore today is purple, which is mysterious and occurs rarely in nature. How, then, did we discover this majestic hue? This color is, in fact, so rare, that it has often been associated with royalty, as only those with a bounty of resources were able to procure fabrics and silks infused with the rich shades of eggplant and plum.

Maybe purple is your favorite color, or perhaps you’re simply intrigued by the idea that purple might make you feel a certain way. It doesn’t matter what your relationship to this color is currently, learning more about the psychology of the color purple will help you understand why it makes you feel the way it does.

Purple: The Basics

Purple is a combination of blue and red, meaning that it combines the energy of both of these colors to create a unique vibration all its own. Blue is known to provide stability and peace, while red increases motivation, energy, and romance. When these colors combine, they create a mysterious elixir of unique intensity that isn’t found in any other shade.

Luxury & History

Purple is often associated with power, strength, wealth, and royalty. Because this color is rare in nature, it would often take significantly more resources to procure, especially during times in history when dyes were derived from nature. Because purple dyes were harder to create, they were more expensive and therefore associated with the people who could afford such pricey garments.

The color purple has even more historic significance. In Ancient Phoenicia, the city of Tyre used to crush the shells of minuscule sea snails during the 15th century to obtain their purple hues. The resulting color, known as Tyrian purple, became so ubiquitous that it was mentioned in the Iliad, by Homer, and The Aeneid, by Virgil.

With such a rich history, its no wonder that purple tends to make us feel more luxurious and extravagant. In fact, purple is used in marketing—and for good reason—to encourage a customer to feel more worthy or deserving of a certain product.

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Purple has a calming effect on the body. When you’re in the presence of this color, you will likely feel more relaxed and uplifted. This is due to the unique combination of energetic red and relaxing blue. When these colors come together, they result in a vibration that both lifts you up and helps you calm down.

Spirituality & Compassion

Violet is known to inspire compassion and unconditional love in individuals who work with it. While this color is associated with royalty, it is not associated with ego. When you surround yourself with shades of purple and violet, you will feel more connected to those around you and more willing to extend yourself to those in need.

This is a color that increases our sensitivity to the world around us. It allows you to see beyond the superficial and explore your truest nature - that part of yourself that wants to connect with the Universe and your fellow human.


Purple is known to encourage creative pursuits, helping you connect to your intuition—the part of yourself that gives you a gentle nudge towards self-expression. If you feel a creative block, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with violet. Its rarity in nature contributes to the individuality it infuses in those who are near it.

When you surround yourself by shades of violet, lavender, lilac, and eggplant, you dig deep down into your reserve of eccentricity and originality, unafraid to be different. This color encourages you to be yourself at all times.


One of the most beneficial feelings that purple bestows upon us is the inspiration it shares. Violet shades bring out our uniqueness, which leads to an inspired sense that we can and should go after our dreams. You feel more independent when surrounded by purple, and this feeling allows you to share your talents and gifts with the world, without fear.

If you ever feel like you need a boost of inspirational energy, turn to magenta, wine, mulberry, periwinkle, orchid, and grape shades to light a spark of individuality and creativity in your heart.

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