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Article: How to Balance Your Chakras with Complementary Colors

How to Balance Your Chakras with Complementary Colors

How to Balance Your Chakras with Complementary Colors

Colour – like love and consciousness – is all around. It is in our homes, our wardrobes, our food, in nature and even in our speech. When was the last time that you were green with envy or tickled pink?

Also like love and consciousness, colours are energy. Different colours have different wavelengths and they vibrate at specific frequencies. We know this thanks to the work of the Greek philosopher Aristotle and the English scientist Isaac Newton.

Your body – like colour, love, and consciousness – vibrates too; it is a complete energy system. Nerve impulses travel through the nervous system and brain and chemical processes in the body create human energy. That is why we are sensitive to light and colour. The result of these vibrations is an electro-magnetic field around the body, also called the aura.

But, how can we use this magical spiritual language for guidance and natural healing?

Firstly, you must become colour-conscious.

We have taken this beautiful language for granted. In our modern day, we hardly notice the colours in our world as we rush from one place or task to the other. The time has come to notice the hues, shades and tints in your life again.

Secondly, there are messages in our colour likes and dislikes that tell us where we still need to grow and evolve, and about the general state of our body, heart, mind, and soul.

Thirdly, the 7 colours of the rainbow link to the 7 primary chakras or energy centres in the human body to help us easily understand what is happening on an energetic level.

And in the fourth place, we can learn to interpret and translate colours into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gifts and challenges.

Colour therapists use various methods to determine the root cause of illness or disease, and then recommend colour healing methods. I use a colour assessment (also called a chakra reading) to determine any imbalances in the body, heart, mind and soul. Once we know which of your chakras need tender love and colour, we use colour in various ways to ‘treat’ the discomfort.

3 States of Chakras:

Chakras have three states: balanced, excessive or deficient.

When balanced, a person displays the ‘positive’ characteristics of the chakra. For example, when your root chakra is balanced you are grounded, comfortable in your body and have a lot of physical energy to reach your goals. If the root chakra is excessive, you tend to fear change, are fixated on the material world and you are always tired. A deficient root chakra will show up as poor focus, disconnection from the body and restlessness.

When a chakra is deficient, the colour linked to the specific energy centre will be used to bring it back into balance. However, in colour therapy, when a chakra is excessive, we recommend that the complementary colour be used to correct the imbalance.

What are the Complementary Colours?

On the colour wheel, those are the colours that are opposite each other.

  • Red is opposite green.
  • Orange is opposite blue.
  • Yellow is opposite violet.

When to use Complementary Colours to Balance Chakras:

If the energy in the chakra is excessive, you use its complementary colour to bring it back into balance.

Use green for your Root chakra or red energy centre when you:

  • You are overweight and have trouble controlling your appetite.
  • Tend to hoard stuff, are fixated on material items, or become greedy.
  • Feel sluggish, lazy or tired.
  • Fear change and have rigid boundaries.

Green helps you to let go of the old and bring in new energy. Spend lots of time in nature to help you connect with the change of the seasons and cycles that everything in life goes through. It helps to accept unavoidable change and help us grow and evolve.

Use blue when you are accessing these challenges of the Sacral chakra:

  • Addiction to pleasure, sex, alcohol, drugs, thoughts, feelings and people.
  • Excessively strong emotions.
  • Oversensitive and emotionally dependent on others.

Blue helps to bring in peace and calm. It also helps us to express our emotions in a healthy way.

Use violet when you become aware of these excessive characteristics of the Solar Plexus chakra or yellow energy centre:

  • Overly controlling: You want to control everyone and everything. You do not allow life to surprise you.
  • Everything is planned in a rational, intellectual way.
  • You always need to be right and have the last word.
  • You are manipulative, hungry for power and deceitful.

Violet helps us to surrender to what is; to believe that the Universe has our back and know we must have faith in the bigger picture.

Use red to balance the Heart chakra or green energy centre when:

  • You feel insecure and have no direction.
  • You are overly dependent on others and always seek validation for your decisions.
  • You notice yourself becoming clingy in relationships and not respecting other people’s boundaries.

Red helps to ground you and in turn makes you feel safe and secure. It also helps you to stand in your purpose and feel confident in our own skin.

Use orange when you become aware of these behaviours in yourself:

  • You talk too much as a way of protecting yourself or avoiding an issue.
  • You are unable to listen. It is also difficult for you to comprehend what people say.
  • When you interrupt others and your voice dominates.
  • You feel like you have lost touch with reality.

Orange helps you to identify, express, and deal with your emotions constructively and not suppress them. Orange also helps you to become more flexible and adaptable.

Use yellow when you notice that you are accessing these excessive behaviours of the Crown chakra or violet energy centre:

  • You over-intellectualize everything.
  • You tend to be spacey and regularly have your head in the clouds and your feet NOT on the ground.
  • You leave everything up to the Universe and rarely take action to reach your goals.

Yellow helps to bring in confidence in your abilities and inner wisdom.

Various Vibratory Ways to Balance the Chakras

There are various ways that you can use colour to balance a chakra. As everything is a vibration and has a frequency, you can use other vibrational medicine like essential oils, music, words or actions to balance the chakra. Chromotherapy is a method of treatment that uses the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to aid in recovery from mental and physical illnesses and healing. That said, chromotherapy is in no way a replacement or substitute for professional medical attention and advice from your doctor.

It is not easy to see ourselves and our repetitive, often unhealthy behaviours clearly. It is even harder to look inside and be honest with ourselves. However, it is in the interest of our health, wellbeing, and relationships to go within and bring the shadow side of ourselves to the light. In this way, we raise our vibration and the vibration of the planet, one step (and one colour) at a time.

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