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Article: A 3-Minute Third Eye Opening Meditation

A 3-Minute Third Eye Opening Meditation

A 3-Minute Third Eye Opening Meditation

In honor of World Sight Day on October 10th, we thought it would be fun to take a new perspective on the act of seeing with a Third Eye opening meditation. This is an easy visualization meditation that anyone can do, even if you think you’re not good at meditating.

Most people’s Third Eye chakra is blocked and they don’t even know it. It’s like walking around in the dark without the ability to use the imagination or experience the fullness of life. We don’t know about what we can’t yet see, right? For those that are new to the potential meditation benefits of chakra unblocking, you’re in store for a real treat, a life-altering experience, and a new way to navigate towards happiness.

Of the seven main chakras, the Third Eye chakra is the most mystical and well documented since the beginning of recorded history, depicted in both hieroglyphics and ancient esoteric texts. With the Third Eye chakra unbalanced, you’re likely to experience poor memory, confusion, lack of clarity, decreased sense of wisdom, and headaches. It can also lead to paranoia, earaches, and vision problems. Chakra balancing allows you to heal on an energetic and physical level which why we see that most meditation techniques start with chakra healing.

3-Minute Third Eye Opening Meditation:

Preparation is Key

To prepare for the meditation, find a quiet place you can either sit cross-legged or comfortably in a chair. It is important that you keep a straight spine for this meditation so the energy can run from the base of the spine at the Root chakra up to the sixth chakra which is your Third Eye chakra. We suggest starting fresh by putting on some clean, comfortable clothes and turning on some calming meditation music to help induce a relaxed state.

Breathe In & Begin

You will start by breathing slowly and deeply just through the nose. As you do so, feel as if your body is melting like when butter is heated. After three deep breaths, imagine a vibrant purple light sitting right in front of your forehead. It attracts all of your attention because it seems so magnificent.

Now you can peer into the light and inside is an eye closed shut: this is your Third Eye. As you breathe, use your intention to push away any energy between you and this eye until you feel you are right before it. It should now feel very large, like a skyscraper, and close to you. Breathe in and out.

Something incredible is about to happen, but first, use this beautiful, flowing energy to ask the eye to open.

Opening Up

Allow yourself to visualize it opening to reveal a vast Universe before you. This is another dimension in the time-space continuum that will give you access to brilliant ideas and helpful information that you wouldn’t know if you didn’t have this mystical gate open.

Now ask to see one significant thing for you in your life right now. It may seem silly but just make a note of it. Often, when we do not resist this image what we see becomes clear to us later on. Concentrate on this image and breathe. Make a promise to yourself that this open feeling will not be the last, we will be back to explore this area more soon.

Finally, take three deep breaths to bring yourself out of meditation and slowly open your eyes, releasing your third eye from your sights.

Record Your Experience

As soon as possible, take to writing down what you saw during the meditation so you will not lose sight of the significant vision you have received. This will help you see your Third Eye contains vast wisdom for you. As you finish your meditative practice, feel good about all you have accomplished, you’ve opened the door to your soul and begun your Chakra journey all within three minutes of mindful meditation.

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What To Expect When Your Third Eye Opens

Some people will experience a physical sensation at the forehead or in the head when their Third Eye becomes more active. Another interesting sensation that often occurs is a flashing light at the Third Eye that is there when your eyes are closed. You will notice you become more creative as your Third Eye opens and you may find writing, art or music starts to just flow out of you. You can also expect to be more in tune with your own intuition, the thoughts of those around you, and their intentions.

Your intuition is now working for you and will continue to strengthen the more you work on using it, so it is important to keep up with your practice. Your Third Eye is like a muscle that becomes stronger the more you work on it. Even if you don’t have time to run through meditation, you can exercise your third eye throughout the day by checking in on yourself and exploring any thoughts or images that arise in your mind.

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