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Article: Stone & Crystal Healing for Beginners

Stone & Crystal Healing for Beginners

Stone & Crystal Healing for Beginners

Here’s the thing. If you want to try crystal healing, you have to approach it with an open heart and an open mind.

The history of crystal healing dates back to over 6000 years ago. It is a form of alternative medicine that harnesses the healing energies of stones or crystals. It is further thought that stones and crystals can rid the body of negative energies, which can help us avoid disease or illness.

In the midst of today’s especially technologically and medically advanced society, crystal healing faces a lot of skepticism. There is no proven scientific basis for crystal healing methods, however, some researchers and scientists have given way to the possibility that these crystals may act as a placebo. Thus, the more open you are to the concept, the more likely that it will work for you.

Another thing to consider is that we already harness the energies of many stones in our daily lives. For example, we grind up, mix, and condense certain minerals into pharmaceutical drugs. Electronic pieces in your cell phone and throughout your household are composed of stones, minerals, and crystals.

We have managed to figure out how these different stones and minerals interact with each other and with us. From these interactions, we can harness their energies for our own means.

Crystal healing is similar, yet also different. Crystal healing employs energies that we don’t quite understand. It dives deep into the “soul” aspect of our being. It works if you believe it, and vice versa.

Although we can’t quite explain it, crystal healing can help you overcome tough times in your life. It can help you work through problems and come to a peaceful resolution. In turn, you will become a stronger, more positive, and better person.

So, How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Sometimes referred to as chakra stones, each crystal or stone has different properties. Depending on the healer or therapist, these properties and their meanings may vary.

For example, some healers believe that yellow topaz helps find mental clarity, joy, and peace, that and green aventurine improves heart health. Again, depending on who you are talking to, these opinions may differ.

You or your healer may place these chakra stones on chakra points throughout the body.

Chakras are focal points in the body that are thought to be the centers of spiritual powers and energies. These energy centers guide our emotions, immune function, digestive function, and all other processes throughout the human body.

The placement of the chakra stones and the type of stone used depend on the person’s symptoms and desired outcomes.

For example, amethyst crystals placed on the center of the forehead are thought to help ease headaches and migraines. Amethyst is only one of many crystals that are used to alleviate anxiety and reduce stress levels, aligning your chakras. Essentially, crystal healing aims to stabilize energy imbalances that may be contributing to your negative feelings or symptoms.

If you are experiencing serious illness or unexplained symptoms, it is always recommended to consult with your local physician. Chakra stones in no way replace appropriate medical care and attention.

How Can You Get Started?

Getting started begins with simply believing that stones and crystals can represent and channel the positive energy that you want to bring into your life. They can have a surprisingly significant impact on your perspective and mindset.

Chakra crystals can help cleanse, re-energize, and re-balance your energy.

There are a variety of ways to use healing crystals. Their powers are not limited to placement on chakra points.

How to Use Healing Stones and Crystals

1. Wear or Pocket Your Healing Crystals

Keeping the crystals in close proximity to you throughout your day repels the negative and attracts the positive simply by existing near you. Wear crystals around your neck as jewelry, or zip a stone into the change pocket of your wallet. If you feel particularly stressed, you can use a crystal as a grounding mechanism. Hold it in the palm of your hand or simply touch the stone and focus on good vibes only while you breathe deeply.

2. Use Crystals as Meditation Tools

Meditation is the practice of focusing on a single thought, object, or activity to achieve mental and emotional clarity. The crystal can guide your meditative practice by reminding you of the intention you set when you began carrying it. It can serve as your attention point. Hold the crystal in your hand during your practice or place it in front of you. You can draw a sense of calm and serenity from the crystal.

3. Set Up a Crystal Healing Grid

Certain layouts and patterns of healing crystals can help you receive their energies. Many find that doing this helps them refocus and reset. Do your research and find a pattern or grid that speaks to you.

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4. Place a Healing Crystal Under Your Pillow

It could help you get a good night’s sleep. Further, they may guide your subconscious mind to work through problems that your conscious mind can’t, literally working to solve your problems overnight!

You can also keep crystals in a designated place in your home. Display your stones and crystals. They can set the mood and energy in a room. You can also draw on their energy when you walk by or through the room.

The Meaning of Crystal Colors

There are numerous chakra crystals. The color of the stone also influences the meaning and energy that the crystal holds. The best way to decide what type is right for you is to consult a crystal healing guide.

Different crystals have different meanings. But don’t make it complicated. Trust your gut instinct on this one.

Many people believe that the crystal chooses the person, so pick the stones you’re drawn to naturally.

You can always check out your local wellness shop and pick up a book about crystal healing as well. That said, keep in mind that one crystal may not speak to you the same way it speaks to someone else.

Here are some basics about crystal color to get you started:

  • White or clear crystals: These are associated with cleansing energies. If you are looking for mental clarity, try a quartz crystal.
  • Brown crystals: Brown-colored crystals, such as petrified wood or halite, represent the earth. Like nature, they help ground you. These crystals guide you and help you find direction.
  • Red crystals: Here are your pick-me-up crystals. Are you in need of a re-energizer? Try a ruby or red Jasper.
  • Yellow crystals: Linked to optimism and happiness, use yellow crystals like citrine to realign your energy.
  • Green crystals: Green crystals work to find harmony and balance. They align with nature in finding an appropriate balance between all aspects of life.
  • Blue crystals: Blue crystals like aquamarine evoke a calming effect. They can help promote communication and openness.
  • Black crystals: These are thought to help shield you from harm, and have protective properties.

Try Healing Crystals to Find Your Balance

Despite the skepticism that exists, healing crystals represent and symbolize positive energy and good vibes. If you are feeling a tad lost or in need of direction, these crystals can guide you and help you regain your mind/body/soul balance.

Crystal healers aren’t concerned about whether there is scientific proof to back up the healing powers of stones and crystals. Understand that this method is about holding onto and harnessing a tangible object to heal and steer your emotions. It is about what each stone represents for you.

Explore crystal healing! Find out if it works for you and your life. Discover positive vibes and use that energy to lift yourself up and bring up the people around you. Life is too short to get stuck in toxic emotional states. You don’t need it. What you do need is balance and mechanisms to help you cope with life’s tough challenges.

All else fails, whoever said that a rose quartz tower isn’t a visually beautiful addition to any room?

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