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Article: Why You Need to Create A Space to Meditate in Your Home

Why You Need to Create A Space to Meditate in Your Home

Why You Need to Create A Space to Meditate in Your Home

Currently, the altar of a home is the boob tube. Yes that’s right, we have created a culture that values television more than spiritual experience and it’s run us into the ground with a high rate of heart problems, mental health problems, and obsessions over appearances.

When we create a sacred space in our home to honor and connect to our true self, our soul, we can align our thoughts with the higher consciousness that allows us to see love instead of fear. Having an altar as the prime real estate in our own home puts love and spirit as the priority so we can live intuitively, independent of how the media tries to push us around.

If you don’t know how to meditate, there are great youtube videos available to help. Yoga is a great prep to get you into a deeper meditation. You don’t know what truth will come to you, it’s like having a conversation, just with consciousness and not a consciousness that’s in a body.

Your intuition can help you see where you are not taking care of yourself, who is not good for you and what you can put your energy into for sustained happiness. When we let the TV dictate our values, we become shallow and miss the most real part of ourselves that is fulfilling which is our soul.

Our soul connects us to everyone, making us want to love and support everyone. We become more altruistic and want to help other people when we remember to meditate daily. When we nurture others, we feel satisfied, truly satisfied. This is why we need a meditation space in our home. But what would that look like?

Making A Meditation Space

They say everyone should meditate ten minutes and day and if you’re too busy to meditate, you should meditate an hour each day. It is the most valuable thing you can do because it’s also said that if you control your mind you can control the world.

Yogis have discovered other planes of existence that can affect physical reality and the reason people promote meditation is to help you become more successful too. If you like to hustle and work extra hard, then, by all means, don’t create a meditation space.

You will be sitting and expanding your aura in this space so you don’t want things that would interfere with your energy field close to you that are electronic, distracting, smelly, cluttered or loud. It should be simple, clean and inspiring. Some people choose to put crystals in the space to help raise their vibrations so it’s easier to meditate.

What You Meditate on Counts

Some people choose to meditate on an organic fiber like wool, cotton or silk that will hold the vibration of the meditation and get them to a deeper state.

Burning incense in this space and keeping mantras playing in it will help you go deeper in meditation as well. Being in the middle of the living room with other people to meditate is not going to work because your mind will be thinking of them and not able to focus.

A closet would be better. Some people make a place next to their bed that they will see it first thing in the morning and at night reminding them to start and end their day by connecting to their true self that has all the answers they need to resolve their emotions and guide them.

A woman meditating in her home.

Beware The Excuses

The people in your house may not see or understand the value of a meditation space yet but when they sense your calmness and get a boost of happiness from your relaxed state of mind, they will start to understand.

Your ego doesn’t want to let go easily and will come up with excuses such as it doesn’t go with the decor or it will bother someone or I don’t have money to make a meditation space.

Be aware of your own inner voice that makes excuses as to why this isn’t the most important part of your house. When a family communicates lovingly and makes their spiritual lives the most important things, they will maintain peaceful simple energy in the home. When we live lightly in the world we are able to be the light. When we focus our energy on our soul, the petty things that become major things usually will stop affecting us as strongly because meditation and breathwork allow us to raise our energy above the mind so we can make it serve us.

Improve Your Relationships

When you create time to sit in your meditation spot every day you can reflect on the way you’ve been treating people and let go of things you’re holding onto unnecessarily. It’s time to take inventory of your emotions and clean house.

When we stay on autopilot in our relationships without slowing down to look in the mirror and take responsibility for our own actions, we risk damaging them. Meditation can save relationships and allow us to realize when we are letting things fester, where we are being overactive and how we can communicate more peacefully from the heart.

Relationships at work can be challenging as can family relationships. Meditation can help you get in touch with your intention in those relationships which can help you overcome defensiveness and cattiness.

Taking time to see where our ego is creeping in is an invaluable exercise that will improve the way treat and respond to others. When we set our intention to overcome the urge to puff up our chest and be proud, we can offer more loving words and kind gestures in all of our interactions which allows people to enjoy our company and develops trust.

A Buddha head next to a notebook.

Overcome Obstacles In Your Success

Meditation is also a time to get specific about what you’re working towards. When we don’t have a clear vision of where we are going, it’s not easy get there right? In meditation you create a vacuum with your thoughts that the universe fills. You practice focussing so you can get very detailed with what you want to manifest.

You ask the universe to help you manifest things you need and allow the energy to flow from the universal field into your life. Most successful people use some form of meditation in their lives because the mind must be directed in order to achieve results and see where we are squandering our energy by thinking about things that aren’t useful.

In this light, we can see that creating a meditation spot in your home can very well help you become more successful. Some of us run around like a chicken with their heads cut off but are really just busy and running in a wheel instead of getting somewhere.

Your Meditation Spot is YOURS

This meditation spot is a launchpad for you to trim the excess effort and be more efficient in working towards your goals. Meditation opens the inner guidance that can help you see how to work smarter not harder which sometimes can be speaking up for ourselves and being confident to take risks or follow our true passions.

When we sit in meditation we reach a consciousness that has information about what is best for us to focus on. We often seek things that don’t make us happy because our cultural norms promote certain lifestyles. Your spiritual self will guide you to real happiness and priorities that are beyond even what our parents and friends encourage us to pursue.

You can become truly independent of fear-based decision making when you make meditation an entre in the dinner of your life. This strips away the layers of the ego and false identities that have built up since childhood so we can experience our true selves and miraculous messages of healing and assistance can come through.

Conclusion: Get Clear On What Are Good Priorities

When you set a spot in your home for meditation, you are encouraging yourself to live your best most positive and fulfilling life. You are declaring that you are a spirit inhabiting a physical body and empowering yourself to open your third eye and open the gateway to your soul.

For as long we have recorded history, we know there have been seers and healers in societies who had a connection to the universal force that allowed them to see the unseen and know the unknown. Everyone can open themselves to the magical truth of the spirit world that is there to help us when we tune our radio station into a higher frequency.

The experiences that I have personally had in my life from meditation have been so helpful and magical that I can honestly say this is the best addition to any home I can think of.

If you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself. If you want to be an activist for peace, create peace within yourself and the ripple effect will flow out of you into your community, your state, your country, and your world.

If you want to do something truly revolutionary, make a meditation space in your home and encourage and help others to create theirs.

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