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Article: A Heart Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

A Heart Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

A Heart Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

Welcome to your meditation for the expansion of self-love and compassion. This meditation is designed to not only help you feel more love and acceptance of yourself now but to also help create positive momentum for your energy overtime as well.

By doing this meditation, you will help guide your subconscious to think more kindly as you go about your daily life. This can reduce stress, help you feel comfortable engaging in new experiences and help you feel a greater sense of joy.

The Heart Chakra

First, let’s talk about the Heart chakra a little bit. This chakra is linked to our chest, heart, lungs, arms, spine, and upper back.

When we experience loss and sadness, those emotions often create an energetic Heart chakra blockage in this area of our body until we let the energy free and work to refocus our thoughts on healing so we can not feel stuck in those old energies. When this chakra is flowing and healthy, we are able to set healthy boundaries for ourselves, we accept ourselves, and we feel like we are able to grow in our lives.

Meditation Preparation:

Before you begin the meditation for Heart chakra healing, take some time to make this meditation significant by preparing your space to induce a calm state of mind. Here are some time tested ways to do that.


The Heart chakra resonates with the color green, so lighting a green candle can help you focus your intention to heal this energy center. You can also just light candles to help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Vanilla, jasmine, and rose essential oils and incense are also known to help stimulate the Heart chakra and assist in the healing of the energy in that area.

Prepare Your Space

Whether you choose to meditate indoors or outdoors, it is helpful to take some time to make the space comfortable for you. That may mean you sit on a pillow, lay out a blanket, or find a comfortable chair. You can play meditation music and dim the lights if you’re indoors to feel extra relaxed.


Your Heart chakra resonates with green and pink crystals. Heart chakra crystals such as rhodochrosite, malachite, and rose quartz are great to hold or place around you during meditation. These crystals will help lift your spirits and help you transmute emotional pain into energy that can be used for healing.

Additionally, labradorite is a great crystal to use to help protect your energy field while you meditate and allows you to access higher states of consciousness that will help you see healing perspectives.

Body Position

For the meditation, it is best to sit with a straight spine either in a chair with your feet flat on the floor or in a cross-legged position. Breathe slowly through your nose throughout the meditation and keep your body as relaxed as possible. Place your palms up on your thighs in a receptive position.

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Guided Meditation For Compassion & Self Love

Your Heart chakra is the gateway to higher states of consciousness where we can experience a spiritual awakening. This meditation is going to help you perceive the love and support that your soul has to offer you as well as the beautiful connection you can generate through the lens of compassion.

Listen to this guided meditation here!


Begin breathing slowly and deeply in and out of your nose to relax your mind. Send a message to your body on each exhale to relax.


Begin to visualize beautiful green energy spiraling clockwise around your chest and heart. This is the largest of all your chakras and it is what people feel when they meet you. Intentionally expand this green energy and ask the Universe to help you infuse it with loving-kindness.

See the energy begin to sparkle as your intention is infused into it. Now visualize yourself walking through your day and connecting to people through this loving kind energy. How do you interact with this as your focus?


Now imagine you are standing on the edge of a giant river. The water is healing and regenerative. It is magical water that frees you from pain, sadness, grief, and self-hatred. It cleanses you of jealousy, fear of abandonment, and codependent habits.


Choose to step into these beautiful turquoise waters and dunk yourself into it’s healing swirling energy. Feel the negative emotions being gently washed away from your Heart chakra as you soak in this beautiful river.

Before you walk out of the river, feel that your Heart chakra is now vibrant, strong and healthy. When you step out of the water, you will feel a strong love for yourself and deep love for all of humanity. Prepare to leave the river and watch in your mind’s eye as you take each empowered step back to shore.


Now envision yourself walking up the shore to a beautiful garden. Whatever garden makes you feel inspired will appear. Perhaps it is a well-manicured rose garden, a vegetable garden, or beautiful exotic plants designed in pleasing ways.

Find a special place to sit in this garden and then feel as if you grow roots and connect to the dirt, the plants, the water in the plants, the water in the air and the sun shining on the garden helping it grow. Feel this garden growing as if it were growing in your heart. Feel the new life budding and nurturing you.

Set Your Intention

Now to seal the intention of the meditation, mentally state this affirmation three times, “I am at home in my soul, love my soul, and always connect to others through love.”


Good. Now take three deep breaths to slowly bring yourself back to waking consciousness.


You can sit in quiet reflection and notice how you feel after the meditation. Jot down anything that stood out or that feels different now in a journal. Congratulations on doing this deep healing Heart chakra meditation! You will start to notice yourself feeling lighter and freer to love without reservations now.

Anytime you feel stuck or low vibration, anytime you feel like you’re not growing or able to create healthy relationships, come back to this meditation and do it again. You can do it as many times as you’d like and it will continue to help you find healing, more love for your soul and true self, and a deeper sense of compassion for others.


You can also use the affirmation at the end of the meditation throughout the day. You may also create your own or find other Heart chakra affirmations that resonate with you.

Ultimately, focusing more energy on healing your Heart chakra can help you establish better relationships with others as well as yourself by holding the intention set during meditation on a regular basis.

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