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Article: Visualizations To Open Your Third Eye & Access Your Soul

Visualizations To Open Your Third Eye & Access Your Soul

Visualizations To Open Your Third Eye & Access Your Soul

Why would you want to open your third eye? You will know your true self as a timeless spiritual self and be able to line your life up according to a much bigger picture. Instead of attaching to your status and image, you can see that your life is about evolving in a spiritual sense and not in a monetary sense.

No more rat race, no more chasing the American dream and being the top dog. You won’t need any person in your life, a fancy car or house to feel satisfied. Loving and being a high caliber person of integrity will fill your cup. Now that’s value!

Let Your Soul Guide You

Your soul can also help guide you to make decisions, help you heal negative viewpoints and give you creative ideas about how to live in a way that will truly surpass any worldly desires.

Your soul can help you see your own self-sabotaging patterns, help you come to realizations about habitual ways of thinking you aren’t aware of and help you let go of your emotional pain. It can help you see how to manifest helpful resources on your path and give you support to follow your highest calling.

Your third eye is like a movie screen that plays information from your soul. When you do these visualizations every day, it’s like exercising a muscle and your impressions will start to become more clear. Here are three easy guided meditations you can work with to open this spiritual connection to your soul.

Sit with your eyes closed in a chair or on the floor with your spine straight. You may want to play some calming reiki music or zen music.

Chakra Clearing: Begin Your Visualizations

You can begin with this visualization before doing either of the others. This will put you into a relaxed brainwave state that is needed. Start by visualizing your root chakra at the base of your spine. In your mind’s eye see a vibrant red color swirling in a clockwise direction. Take a few deep breaths to charge this chakra.

Next, visualize a vibrant orange color at your navel. This is again spinning clockwise and its size is about the size of an orange. Take a few breaths as you see the orange color become more vibrant.

Move your focus to your solar plexus where the ribs meet. In your mind’s eye see a yellow-gold color as bright as the sun circling here. See the light become the size of an orange and now see all three of the lower chakras spinning together.

Take a deep breath and move your focus to your heart center where you see a beautiful green color spinning and radiating in all directions. Take a few breaths and charge it with your intention.

Move your focus to your throat where you visualize a blue energy almost like water moving around this region. Make the chakra glow in your mind and breath to charge it. Now focus on your brow. See a purple energy moving forward as far as you can see, backward as far as you can see and to the sides.

This is the seat of your intuition where your third eye is. Now visualize a white light circling like a cone from the top of your head going up as far as you can see. This is your connection to your soul and other spiritual guides.

Now see an eye in front of you. Is it open or closed? If it is open look into it. If it’s closed, ask it to open. Now you are ready for the next visualizations.

White Ball Meditation

Make sure you are in a place free from noises and distractions. Take three deep breaths taking air in through your nose and pushing the air out through pursed lips strongly. This helps you get into a meditative state again. Visualize a small white ball the size of a dime but round and full of light in front of your brow.

Watch it slowly move to the left and then to the right. Watch it bounce back and forth and intentionally make it move faster and faster. Soon it moves so fast that it is just a line of white light. Stop the ball in your mind on the right side.


Next, see the ball make a u-shape like a smile from the left to the right and follow it with your mind’s eye. Move it back from the right to the left. Start to make it move faster and watch it move back and forth. Watch as it moves so fast that you can only perceive one steady stream of light.

Now stop the ball in the center and bring it to the center of your brow. Shrink it to the size of pinhead. It’s now very tiny but powerful and bright.

Finally, visualize the small ball of white light between your pineal and pituitary glands in your brain. The pituitary gland is in the center of your brain. First make it move slowly and then faster and faster until it is just a white line because it’s moving so fast.

Practice this at least once a day to help strengthen this part of your brain and open your third eye.

Visiting Your Soul Meditation

This is an empowering meditation that you can use to gain information from your soul. Start with the chakra clearing meditation and then move onto this one. Take three deep breaths inhaling through your nose and exhaling strongly through your mouth expanding your aura around you.

Visualize yourself moving up from your crown chakra into outer space where you are floating weightlessly. You see someone coming towards you and it is your true self. They are radiant and full of kindness. You immediately recognize them when you look in their eyes. You feel that you are a part of them, on a mission and they have information for you.


You are going to sit at a beautiful table across from each other now. The table is glass and you sense you’ve been here many times. They look at you, into your eyes and transfer a message to you. You sense your heart chakra link to theirs and you feel your body fill with light.

You mentally ask, ‘what do I need to know about my spiritual growth?’ Wait and listen, breathe in unison with this energetic being that is the real you. They will ALWAYS have a message for you that will help you. Do not try to figure out what they are going to say, it will usually surprise you and it will always make you feel safe and assured.

Take a moment to write down the message you receive and ask for clarity if anything did not make sense. Take time to look back into the eyes of your true self. They are pure love. What perceptions do they want you to let go of? Ask them. Write down what they convey to you. Take your time.

Your true self will now lead you to your soul. You join hands and are transported to another energetic dimension. You sense you are now beyond time and space in a vast living energetic womb of your soul. You sense your vastness, pure creative energy in this place.

You stand with your true self in this massive soul that knows you well. You are seen completely and it can read your energy. It sends you healing vibrations and each cell vibrates in unison with this soul.

Visualize and End

You perceive others in this soul, they are also you, living out various incarnations. You feel at peace, knowing you can come here for healing at any time. Your heart feels clean and strong from sitting in this womb. Your mind is also clear. Your true self smiles and offers to show you how vast your soul is.

It is as far as you can see in all directions and there are waves of pulsating light harmonized in patterns throughout your soul as if each location is somehow the entire whole.

You sense there is a lot you can learn here, but it is a different kind of learning. One of the heart not of the head. It feels safe and calm. You will be back soon. Your true self now leads you back to outer space and you can say thank you with a big hug. It’s time to go back to your mission on earth.

Take a few deep breaths to come back to your body and write down anything else you want to remember.


Your true self is a great access point for the spiritual realms. Your soul holds many lifetimes within it. Your true self can also help you access guides, help you see what needs to be healed and help you make decisions. Your true self can give you messages to help others as well.

They exist beyond linear time so they have lots of wisdom not being attached to the physical plane. When you are trying to heal or change your life, the relationship with your true self is the most important one you have. They will help you know who you really are and give you loving guidance.

Your soul exists to help you and others evolve spiritually. You can go to your soul when you feel the logic side of your brain is making you feel isolated or fearful. Your soul’s purpose is to help you learn compassion, tolerance, integrity and will guide you to bring more love to the planet beyond what our mind can do.

Your soul contains energy that can help you do great things for humanity and it can help you see how your energy can help others who are suffering. This intuitive process becomes easier over time as you get to know these parts of yourself.

This is your access point to freedom, to know who YOU really are. If you find yourself unable to make sense of life, it’s probably because you do need to open your third eye and your connection to spirit. Take time to establish this connection because you will get guidance from the most pure place here.

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