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Article: The Essential Guide to Your Throat Chakra

The Essential Guide to Your Throat Chakra

The Essential Guide to Your Throat Chakra

All of us possess energy points within our bodies, called chakras. There are seven main chakra points, where this energy circulates and emanates outward. When our chakras are aligned, we feel at ease, confident, upbeat; however, when one or more of our chakras become misaligned, our entire being is negatively affected.

This is the ultimate guide to the Vishuddha, also known as the Throat chakra. The Throat chakra rules over communication, self-expression, and honesty. The Throat chakra must maintain balance in order to keep open and honest communication alive within your relationship to yourself and others.

What is the Throat Chakra?

Let’s begin this guide by exploring some of the most fundamental aspects of the Throat chakra, such as location, color, and element.

The Throat chakra is the 5th chakra, located between the Heart and Third Eye chakras. The principles of this chakra include communication, expression, sound, vibration, purification, and hidden messages. This chakra rules over the part of yourself that feels safe in being vulnerable with others, safe in sharing yourself with your loved ones.

  • Location: In the throat
  • Color: Shades of blue: aqua, royal, turquoise
  • Element: Ether/Akasha

When the Throat chakra is balanced you feel more willing to express your feelings about a given event or situation, to tell others how you feel about them, and to be honest about your stance. However, when this chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you may feel guarded or unable to speak your mind.

Others may comment on how closed off or distant you seem and it may feel impossible to get back to a healthy place of self-expression. Fortunately, there are many ways to clear and balance your Throat chakra.

How Can I Tell When My Throat Chakra Is Blocked?

The Throat chakra, like every chakra, can easily become blocked or unbalanced, this is why regular chakra work is so important.

Here are a few telltale signs that your Throat chakra needs to be balanced or cleared:

  • Inability to express yourself comfortably
  • Feeling argumentative or overly opinionated
  • Repeated misunderstandings within relationships
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Secrecy
  • Anxiety when interacting with others
  • Avoiding speaking or singing
  • Your throat physically hurts

As you can tell, a misaligned Throat chakra can greatly and negatively affect your everyday life, making you feel cut off from the world and yourself.

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How to Balance the Throat Chakra:

Mantras & Chanting

One of the easiest ways to begin balancing the Throat chakra is to practice vocally soothing techniques, such as positive mantras or chanting phrases like “om.”

The vibrations soothe the throat and allow the chakra to begin to heal. Try repeating positive phrases, such as, “My Throat chakra is healthy and vibrant,” or create your own affirming mantra, focused on healing.

Get Fruity

Certain fruits are excellent for healing the Throat chakra, such as blackberries, apples, kiwis, figs, currants, blueberries, lemons, pears, peaches, and plums.

Introduce more of these into your diet to liven and cleanse the Throat chakra.

Journal Expression

If you currently find it difficult expressing your thoughts out loud, try writing them out in a safe, sacred notebook meant only for your eyes. Open the pages and let your pen run wild: include every thought, feeling, and impulse that you can fit within the margins.

When you start letting yourself and your thoughts flow, that positive energy will flow throughout your Throat chakra and signal health and healing.

Get the Blues

Focusing on the color of a certain chakra can facilitate healing. The Throat chakra is associated with blues, so surround yourself by as many shades as you can.

Observe the sky, paint a picture of a turquoise ocean, break out your coloring book, wear your favorite teal shirt, spend the day walking near a crystal blue lake. With your attention on different shades of blue, your Throat chakra will begin to blossom.

Minty Fresh

Peppermint is associated with the Throat chakra, with its bright, clearing energy. Enjoy a cup of peppermint mocha, spritz a bit of minty room spray around your space, or dab a bit of diffused peppermint essential oil under your nose.

Crystal Healing

Use the following crystals:

These are a few of the crystals associated with the Throat chakra. In fact, any crystal with a blue hue will work well when cleansing and healing this chakra. You may choose to meditate with these crystals or even hold them to your throat for maximum healing.

Yoga Poses

Certain yoga poses work wonders for cleansing the Throat chakra, including plow pose, fish pose, upward plank, and child’s pose. Work these into your next yoga session to begin healing the Throat chakra.

You might also look to massage to help unblock your chakras. Check out this article on how to do that - How to Soothe Your Chakras Through Massage.

Singin’ in the Rain

When your Throat chakra is blocked, open it up by belting out a tune. Whether you’re in your car, in the shower, or at the karaoke bar, singing will trigger the Throat chakra to relax and open up. Plus, singing loud and silly songs will put just about anyone in a great mood.

Try show tunes or your favorite cheesy pop to get your blood pumping and your Throat chakra healing.

Speak Your Mind

Cleansing and balancing your Throat chakra will help you feel more comfortable opening yourself up and speaking your mind—and it reminds you that other people really do want to hear what you have to say. Your voice and the message contained within is a beautiful thing to share.

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