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Article: Breaking Down the Red Aura

Breaking Down the Red Aura

Breaking Down the Red Aura

Auras, our invisible energy fields that surround us, greatly impact our bodies, minds, and souls. While they may constantly be changing, you will likely have one color that dominates.

What does it mean when a red aura surrounds you? Red, the color of love, power, and seduction.

When it comes to the color red, we might jump to swift conclusions, associating the strong color with anger or danger. But that is not the case when it comes to your aura. While this aura does come with many shades, which you will learn more about later, it is generally associated with strong characters.

As you might already know, auras and chakras are deeply interconnected - they give and take energy back and forth.

The red aura is associated with the Root chakra, the base of the chakra system. It is located at the end of your spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae. It is responsible for feelings of safety. The red aura it is connected to comes with many shades, which you will learn more about later.

Let’s dive deep into the most common personality traits, the different shades of the red aura, and how your red aura will affect your love and professional life.

The Many Shades of the Red Aura

The shades of the red aura vary quite a lot – from a very light color that may remind of your favorite rosé, to a dark red, just like a heavy merlot. Let’s have a closer look at the different shades.

Pale Blush Red

If you find yourself on the very light spectrum of the red aura, it is very likely, that you are extremely artistic.

You have a gift for seeing beauty in the world and the simple things and a passion that motivates you to recreate. It may also show in your aura photograph if you have just fallen head over heels for someone new in your life.

Bright Red

A bright, clear, red aura is often connected to a great sense of compassion and sensuality.

Add a few hints of pink, and you may be especially tender and affectionate. In general, bright red auras shine out very positive energy. When you engage in activities that fill your heart, people can see it and feel the passion around you.

Murky Red

Here we are on the dark side of the red aura spectrum.

When your red aura turns greyer, or you see dark red tones, negative energy can be felt around you. It is very likely that you are repressing feelings of anger, and it’s important to find the root causes of your frustrations.

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The Red Aura & Personality Traits


When we talk about strength and the red aura, it is not narrowed down to the size of your biceps. No, we are talking about strength in all areas of your life, ranging from mental to emotional, all the way to spiritual strength.


Red is the color of passion, desire, and lust. It is the most physical aura of all and shows a great passion for romantic relationships and activities such as sports or travel.


It is often said that people with a red aura are extremely hard working and driven by survival instincts. While this often leads to a great sense of reliability, it can also shift towards an extremely competitive attitude.

How Your Red Aura Influences Your Love Life

If you have a red aura, you are a very passionate, loving person in romantic relationships and friendships. It is important for you to spend quality time with the people you love and understand how you can make them feel loved.

While you are all in when it comes to romantic relationships, your partner should know that passion can go in both ways – while you are extremely loving and compassionate, you may snap on bad days when your red aura is dimmed. The temperament is difficult to tame on those days, so it is important to communicate your emotions with your partner and do some healing work for your chakra.

Red Auras in the Professional World

Red auras in the working world are unstoppable once they put their mind on something.

Your passion easily relates to all areas of your life, so it comes as no surprise that you are very hard working. Your colleagues know they can rely on you and your determination to finish things on time.

The only thing you have to watch out for are feelings of competition. While it can be very motivating in certain situations and even in encouraging others, you have to be aware of your impact on other people.

People who are too competitive sometimes struggle to work in teams and delegate certain tasks. Make sure you have regular feedback sessions at work, where you talk about your impact on the team.

Find the Color of Your Aura

There are a few different ways that you can find the color of your own aura, as we’ve mentioned in previous articles that include:

Auras serve as just another tool in your wellness kit that you can always come back to and explore to learn more about your unique self. So, do you have a red aura?

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