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Article: Breaking Down the Green Aura

Breaking Down the Green Aura

Breaking Down the Green Aura

Are you aware that your personality, your unique DNA, is pulsating with vibrant life, all its own? That’s right, your own spirit has an energy that is projecting out there into the world, and those who pay attention can even see it with their naked eye.

Feel exposed?

That’s your aura putting your business out there in the world, letting everyone know what you’re all about. The aura is an invisible field of energy surrounding the body, and while most people can’t readily view it, it is out there for anyone to catch a glimpse of.

Every aura possesses not only a different color but a different vibration and energy.

While no aura colors are bad, they are all unique and separate – and they can even change over time, depending on your state of mind and external circumstances. However, most people tend to have one aura color that frequently makes itself known.

And today, we’re going to talk about the luscious, springtime energy of the green aura – a lovely sight to behold. Each and every aura has its own spirit and its own thing to say, and the green aura, with its many shades, rises like the morning grass, fresh with dew, optimism, and the sensual fragrance of petrichor.

Think of that feeling you get stepping into the depths of an unknown and undiscovered forest. Imagine the healing sensation you feel when you hang a hammock up and sit under the cool shade of a loving, ancient tree.

That’s the energy of the green aura.

Many people with a green aura may even gravitate towards both the color green and live greenery.

Do you have any friends or family with a green thumb, who just seem to have a knack for keeping wild plants alive and thriving? Next time you’re spending time with them, try taking a deeper look at that energy field surrounding them – it may just may the green aura we’re discussing today.

Are you that nature-loving individual with the green thumb? Then it may be time to take a closer look in the mirror, view that beautiful verdant aura, and come back to this article to learn all about your aura’s personality.

The Dynamic, Chameleon Green Aura

Did you know that the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? It’s a color that comes straight from nature and often makes us think of fields of fresh, green grass, or forests of lush, vibrant trees.

Because there are so many shades of green, there are also different hues of the green aura – with different accompanying meanings.

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Light Green

The light green aura is associated with adventure and discovery. Those with a light green aura are likely to seek out a new journey as often as they can – they want to embrace life and all its wild rides!

These folks also tend to their health and make sure to get their daily fruits and veggies. When you encounter someone with a light green aura that you’d like to spend time with, try inviting them out for a healthy smoothie or freshly pressed juice.

Mint Green

A mint green aura denotes a spiritual individual who is committed to living in harmony and light. This is someone who acts as the negotiator in many situations and always knows just the right thing to say to bring peace.

Their grounding spirit can bring a calm sensation to those around them, meaning that they are well-loved and appreciated.

This aura brings a balance between the physical and spiritual realms and possesses the same harmonizing energy as the jade stone.

Teal or Blue-Green

One must not forget the teal or blue-green aura, which falls somewhere between the calming energy or blue and the spirited energy of green. This is someone who wants both coziness and purity of light in their lives. They seek the highest vibrations and go where the ocean waves or the gusts forest call to their spirit.

When you’re with someone with a teal or blue-green aura, you feel like you’re at home, wrapped in a light, soft blanket with a cool breeze caressing your face.

Emerald or Forest Green

And now, we’ve arrived at those deep, rich hues of the emerald or forest green aura. The darker tones of this aura can denote a dynamic spirit, one that possesses both positive and negative qualities: Generosity and greed, pride and appreciation, emotional warmth, and a sense of emotional chilliness.

This is someone who is nothing if not complex, an individual with many layers to peel back and discover. When someone with a deep, dark green aura learns to open their Heart chakra and let go of grudges, they’re a magnificent force of nature.

Green Aura Personality Strengths

  • Compassionate
  • Loving
  • Forgiving
  • Peaceful
  • Creative
  • Drawn to Nature
  • Eccentric
  • Independent
  • Resourceful
  • Egalitarian

How Your Green Aura Connects to Your Love Life

The color green is related to the Heart chakra, which is (of course) related to love.

Folks with a green aura are genuine and earnest in love, putting their best foot forward in any relationship. If you have a green aura, you can probably attest to the fact that you try to see the best in anyone and bring out their true potential.

But it’s also important that you focus hard on that independent spirit of yours.

Although your heart is big and generous, you don’t always remember to extend that love and generosity to yourself. You might find your best self-care practices take place in nature, energy, and element that brings out the best in you.

Green Auras in the Professional World

Those individuals with a green aura are natural healers – they want to help those around them in any way they can. They also have a deep connection to Mother Nature, meaning that jobs that involve being outdoors or working with flora and fauna are going to tickle their fancy quite a bit.

Some of the best positions for green aura folks include:

  • Artist
  • Healer
  • Teacher
  • Nurse
  • Environmental engineer
  • Astronomer
  • Gardener
  • Outdoor tour guide
  • Park ranger

Do You Possess a Green Aura?

You can sit back and soak in your healing, peaceful vibes because your green aura is all about being at one with the energy of the Universe surrounding you. And if you ever feel your energy start to wane, just spend some time outdoors to soak in those natural vibrations and the peaceful wisdom of Mother Nature.

What’s your favorite part of your shining, emerald aura?

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