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Article: A Meditation for Self-Healing

A Meditation for Self-Healing

A Meditation for Self-Healing

2020 was a hard year, and many of us still need healing from the stress of it all.

Our bodies and minds have been bombarded by the stress of change, social unrest, deep divisions within society, and higher levels of uncertainty.

It’s safe to say, our reserve energy to cope has been quite used up.

As we embark on a new year and say hello to 2021, we need relaxation techniques to restore our creativity and optimism to boost our energy. Meditation can offer you a way to visualize things getting better to inspire new growth and healing in your life.

The simple breathing in the meditation will also help you regulate your nervous system, and using relaxing imagery can help restore your thinking to a more calm state.

Let’s dive into the idea of pairing meditation with self-healing a little bit more.

What Does Self-healing Mean?

Self-healing basically means restoring balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

Since the mind and body are intricately linked, our well-being can be improved by restoring our vital life force energy, also known as prana.

Monks, yogis, and martial artists study the energy that flows through the body and use meditation to restore optimal well being. This self-healing meditation is a guided meditation that allows you to send the power of your own energy into the desired outcome of healing.

Studies show that meditation can help lower stress, depression, and anxiety, which many people are dealing with because of the pandemic.

Chronic stress can also lower the body’s immune system, making us more prone to sickness. Using this as a daily guided meditation for self-healing can potentially act as a preventive health measure.

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Meditation for Self-Healing

Welcome to your self-healing meditation that will restore your energy and bring more positive thoughts into your life.

You can also listen to this meditation, narrated by Shannon Yrizzary:

Step 1: Breathe Deeply & Be Still

Start by simply breathing deeply and slowly in and out of your nose. Allow yourself to relax deeper and deeper with each exhale.

Feel yourself becoming still, as calm as the sky on a cloudless day.

Invite a gentle excitement that you are about to shift your energy to a state of balance and heal on a deep level.

Step 2: Visualize Healing

Imagine yourself sitting on a warm beach looking out over calm ocean water.

The water is a beautiful clear blue, and the sand is a bright white. The sun is warming your skin, and there is a sense of peace in this place.

Envision yourself laying back on a blanket and notice how warm the sand is. Feel the healing energy of the sun coming into your energy field to brighten the energy around you. Feel the energy around you starting to uplift the energy within your body.

You begin to fill with a beautiful light that is restoring you to optimal energy.

As you breathe slowly and deeply, simply observe as you start to feel this brightness filling you with healing light.

Step 3: Invite a Positive Future

Envision yourself feeling invigorated now with your energy restored.

You see yourself gently stand up and feel the warm sand in between your toes. As you turn around, you see a beautiful grand resort behind you.

The resort is designed just for you to help you find your true happiness.

There are relaxation pools, all your favorite foods are served at the bar, and there are your favorite shows playing. The resort is luxurious, decorated with your favorite colors. There are people there who support you in living your best life.

They are there to cheer you on to pursue the things that make you feel alive.

You feel full of excitement as you step foot onto the resort in your mind’s eye. You feel that childlike sense of wonder and creativity come alive as you wander about the beautiful resort created just for you. You begin to see things that make you feel inspired as you walk around.

The statues, the landscaping, the music playing in the background, even the lighting stirs your soul. You remember how magical life feels when you connect to things that inspire you.

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Step 4: Integration

At the center of the resort is a beautiful torch burning brightly within a glass dome.

This fire is not hot but pure energy.

The energy can now be placed in your Sacral chakra at the lower belly to imbue you with the inspiration of this magical place, to guide you to find this same type of inspiration in your waking life, all the time.

You feel the energy sit comfortably in your Sacral chakra, where it will now live to help you create a beautiful life.

Becoming aware of your breathing, notice how restored your physical body feels after this wonderful experience. Notice how directing your thoughts to the healing and restoration of your soul has made a difference today.

Take a deep breath to return to where you’re sitting and gently open your eyes.

Notice the tinge of magic that seems to dance subtly around you.

How Else Can You Self-Heal?

If you enjoyed the meditation, why not welcome more healing into your life?

If you have an active mind, you might also enjoy walking meditation as a form of relaxation and rejuvenation. Walk slowly, breathing in and out through your nose, staying aware of how your body connects to the earth.

You may also enjoy meditative cooking as a way to connect more deeply to your soul.

We are beyond excited that you embarked on this self-healing journey today and took time to see how powerful your mind is.

Try doing this meditation once a day for a week and continue the positive self-healing momentum.

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