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Article: A Meditation to Welcome the New Year

A Meditation to Welcome the New Year

A Meditation to Welcome the New Year

As 2021 approaches, you may be filled with excitement and positive energy for the future. After all, there’s nothing quite like the promise of a shiny, clean, new slate – embracing the sense of starting over once again—a chance to turn it all around.

After such a frustrating and arduous year, we could all use a sense of hope.

But it’s completely normal if you’re feeling some anxiety about the future. This year has done a number on our nerves, and you might not feel as enthusiastic about the promise of a new year as you typically do.

If you’re part of that second group, allow yourself to feel those emotions – don’t add any extra stress on yourself by trying to force your passion and positivity into your spirit right now. That being said – and only if you’re up to it – there are a few things you can do to help raise your vibrations, embrace the possibilities of the future, and set your intentions for an amazing 2021.

Focusing on any self-care routine can help you feel more relaxed and optimistic this month, but meditation holds a special power over our spirits, and it’s one of the best ways to get you in the mood for some New Year celebrations!

That’s why we’ve created this meditation to welcome 2021, helping you trust in the universe and amplifying your ability to manifest the future you truly desire. So, whether you’re already stoked or you need a little help amplifying your passion, keep reading to learn about our hand-crafted New Year’s celebration meditation.

Creating the Perfect Meditation for Your New Year

One of the most thrilling aspects of meditation is the fact that it is such a customizable practice – something to keep in mind, especially for those who may have felt intimidated by meditation in the past.

Don’t like to sit in silence? Try a guided meditation or meditate to some soothing, relaxing music. Find it too difficult to sit still? There are meditative yogic flows that can help you achieve a state of meditation while also stretching your muscles.

There are so many ways that you can make meditation work for you. The first step is to determine which tools and practices bring you the most peace and harmony.

Meditation is a practice that doesn’t require any tools whatsoever, but it can be even more healing when you include things like crystals, sage, or incense. Let’s quickly explore some of the best tools to use while meditating to give you a better idea of what might work best for you.


Crystals are incredible for meditative practices because they’re so versatile.

You can hold your favorite crystal in the palm of your left hand to allow your body to absorb its energy. You can place a piece of moonstone in a glass of drinking water for 30 minutes to create an elixir that will help you open your Third Eye and tap into your intuition. You can also simply place the crystals you want to work with on an altar or desk near your body while you meditate.

The possibilities really are endless.

Some of the best crystals to work with while meditating include:


This crystal is one of the most powerfully healing crystals of them all.

It is connected to the Crown chakra, which rules over the spiritual aspect of yourself. Amethyst can help you let go of stress and worry and focus on connecting to the healing energy of the universe.


Labradorite is known as the Stone of Magic, and there’s a good reason for this association.

This stone glows with eternal wisdom, and it encourages transformation and spiritual growth. Furthermore, this is a powerful stone for manifestation, helping you set your intentions while meditating.

Clear Quartz

This is one of the most potent crystals in the crystal kingdom, having even been referred to as “possibly the most versatile, multipurpose, and powerful healing stone available.” This stone is known as a Master Healer because it is brilliant at ridding the body of negative energy.

Working with this crystal while meditating will help negative or distracting thoughts melt away, freeing you from distractions and helping you heal on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Jet, black obsidian, onyx, moonstone, citrine, rose quartz, and selenite are also fabulous stones to include in your healing techniques; however, you can use nearly any crystal to enhance your meditation practices.

These ancient stones can infuse your sacred space with uplifting energy and absorb any toxic energy that hinders your meditation.


As a writer, my obsession with journals cannot be overstated, and my collection is, frankly, out of hand. But that’s because I believe that there is power in them; they act as portable portals into your soul, a canvas waiting to contain the depths, the very essence, of you. And they can be an incredible addition to any self-care or spiritual practice, especially meditation.

There are innumerous ways to incorporate journaling into this practice to help you go deeper into your introspective journey than ever before.

One of the most challenging aspects of meditation is trying to let go of our thoughts, particularly for overthinkers. The idea of sitting down and attempting to relax enough to let go of your thoughts, to simply allow them to pass you by, is intimidating, to say the least. But journaling gives you the perfect outlet for distracting thoughts.

Try putting your pen to the paper for anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour before meditating, depending on how much time you have.

Now let your mind flow, and don’t hold yourself back. Let every thought that pops into your mind stream out onto the creamy, smooth paper before you like a fluffy, absorbent towel for feelings. Frustration, anger, sadness, excitement, love, joy, humor – let it all out! Thoughts are like toddlers who need attention; when you take the time to validate them, they’re much calmer and more peaceful.

You can also use your meditation journal to write intentions, practice positive affirmations, create your own meditation mantras, and more!

Smudging Tools

Our surroundings – our homes and sacred spaces – collect energy just as they collect dust. And if we don’t clear that energy, it gathers just like dust and creates a more toxic environment for your spirit.

Before you sit down to take a meditative journey, it’s always a good idea to clear the air.

Whether you prefer working with sage, Palo Santo, or incense, the cleansing smoke will create a more healing and harmonious environment. One should note, however, that these tools work for different purposes. Here’s an overview of various smudging tools:

White Sage

This type of sage clears both negative and positive energy. If you want a truly fresh start, this would be the herb to work with, as long as you’re prepared to infuse that space with positive energy once you’re finished.

It’s also essential to note that white sage is sacred in Indigenous and Native cultures, and purchasing your sage from Native shops or websites is the most ethical option.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a type of wood found along the coastline of Peru in South America. This wood doesn’t burn quite as easily as sage, but it has a beautiful fragrance and powerful properties. This tool is said to clear only negative energy and encourage positive energy to flood in.

Palo Santo means “holy wood,” a sacred tool in South American culture, so purchase it from ethical wildcrafters.


Incense may be more versatile than other options because it can have different effects depending on the fragrance you choose. Incense sticks are typically soaked in essential oils, which have healing properties.

For instance, if you’re meditating to manifest love, you could burn rose-infused incense, as rose attracts love and romance.

Smudging is a great option because you can choose different tools depending on what you feel intuitively that you need in the moment. Make sure to also read: Your Guide to Smudging Your Home


Music is universal love, and if you’ve ever felt intimidated by meditation, it can help you relax into the process. You might want to stick to soothing music, perhaps even instrumental songs without any words to distract you. The most important thing is that it feels relaxing for you that you’re able to lose yourself in the moment.

If you don’t feel like thinking about it, try listening to our Daily Meditation Music! There are also many meditation playlists on websites like YouTube and applications like Spotify to choose from.

Now that we’ve gone over a few ways to customize and even spice up your own meditation routine, let’s dive into the New Year’s Celebration Meditation you’ve been waiting for!

A Meditation for Welcoming the New Year into Your Heart

Step 1: Prepare Your Body & Mind

Start by grabbing your crystals and your journal, hot tea or lemon water, and anything else you might need. Make sure that you’re wearing something comfortable and cozy.

If you’re going to smudge, do so before you begin your meditation.

Step 2: Start Your Playlist

If you prefer to listen to some soothing music while you meditate, press play and sit for a moment with the chords and notes. Let the music help you begin to relax and drift away.

Step 3: Sit in a Comfortable Position

Most people choose to sit on the floor with their legs crossed over one another, but the only thing that really matters is that you’re comfy.

Step 4: Take a Deep Breath. Imagine Yourself Inhaling Every Memory of 2020

Breathe in the moments that inspired you, the moments that almost broke you, and everything in between. With each breath you take, imagine yourself taking in another memory.

Step 5: Marinate in Your Memories

Allow them to flow towards you, through you, and around you. Soak them in – the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Don’t cling to the memories as they pass through you but allow them to flow like leaves down the stream of your consciousness.

Step 6: Make Space for Emotions

Many feelings might come up during this process – love, fear, anger, resentment, sadness, loss, grief, hope, excitement. Let them happen. Again, don’t cling to any of these feelings, but don’t try to push them away either.

You may experience discomfort, but you mustn’t try to suppress anything that needs to be expressed within your spirit right now.

Step 7: Keep Breathing

In and out, taking deep, full breaths. Let your memories, your emotions, and your breath become one. Notice any changes that occur in your breathing, and try to keep it steady.

Step 8: Cherish the Beauty

While challenges exist each year, there are also good times, beautiful memories to be grateful for. Allow yourself to savor those moments of beauty right now. Each time you cried a tear of joy, each time you breathed a sigh of relief, every moment that felt like the universe speaking to your soul.

Step 9: Close Your Eyes & Imagine Yourself Under the Night Sky

You’re covered by a blanket of stars amongst the pitch of night, as black as anything you’ve ever seen. Imagine that each star in that sky is a possibility of your future self. Each twinkle is a flash of opportunity. Each glimmering sphere of space dust is a new experience that will change your world for the better.

There are millions of stars before you and an infinite number of opportunities stretching out across the endless Universe.

Step 10: Let the Glow of the Stars Wash Over You

You might feel a rush of warmth as the universe speaks to you, whispering secrets about your future and showing you how loved you are. Let yourself bask in that glow: that’s the glow of your future.

Step 11: Continue Breathing in & Out

When you’re ready, slowly bring your consciousness back to the present moment. You can practice this meditation for as long as you’d like, so let yourself come back to the present gradually and comfortably.

Step 12: Open Your Eyes

The future is now, and the Universe is guiding the way.

Embrace Your New Journey Into 2021

Yes, we’ve been through it and back this year. But we have no idea what the future will bring, how amazing this new year could be. And you must take the time now to set your intentions for a bright future. You are so much more powerful than you know, and each time you work on manifesting your dreams and goals, you inspire the Universe to grant your wish.

So, welcome the New Year with open arms and a big heart. Trust the forces that guide us and let your intuition carve a path for you to create the best 2021 possible!

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