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Article: Start Your Day With These 5 Positive Journal Prompts

Start Your Day With These 5 Positive Journal Prompts

Start Your Day With These 5 Positive Journal Prompts

If there’s one thing we need more of in the world right now, it’s positivity!

There’s a lot of talk about how we can be more positive: being more mindful, meditating, journaling, staying focused on the “good,” and refusing to give the “bad” too much of our attention.

But sometimes it really is easier said than done.

2020 was a year of powerful energy—this energy brought with it a range of negative thinking. Fear, anxiety, worry, hopelessness, and stress were just a few of the challenging emotions we have had to deal with. As the global pandemic continues into 2021, we find ourselves still struggling with this same range of negative emotions.

But negative emotions are not simply there to make us feel bad. They are there to provide an outlet to a mind and soul that is becoming increasingly overwhelmed and, ultimately, their goal is to be transformed into positive emotions.

This doesn’t just happen automatically. We need to take steps to make it happen.

This is where journal prompts come in handy!

How Can Journal Prompts Help?

Journal prompts for positive thinking are no different from any other area in your life that you are working to improve.

You wouldn’t expect to be lean and toned without exercising several times a week and toning your body. You wouldn’t expect to become an expert in yoga or cooking after only one class.

So when it comes to starting your day off on a good note and bringing more positivity into your life, you similarly need good exercise and a plan for your mind, just as you need good exercise and a plan for your body when you seek to make improvements in that area too.

Journal prompts are designed to help veer your mind towards greater positive thinking. You write them down in the morning, and, bit by bit, your subconscious absorbs the message they are sending, automatically generating greater positivity within you.

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5 Journal Prompts for Positive Thinking

So what are some journal prompts you can use to help brighten your day and bring greater positivity to your life? Below are five to start you off!

1. The one thing I am going to do today to bring a smile to my face is…

This one really gets your brain thinking about the things that make you happy!

Perhaps taking five minutes to create your favorite cup of tea and savoring it for a further twenty minutes is what brings a smile to your face? Maybe taking half an hour to yourself to read your favorite book will bring a smile to your face? Perhaps exploring a new hobby or interest will bring a smile to your face?

Only you know what can make you smile. This journal prompt is a reminder to ensure that you will be smiling at least once in your day!

2. When I start to feel negative feelings, I am going to…

Here is another reminder prompt for positive thinking. By training your mind in the morning to immediately tackle negative feelings as they crop up, you find yourself much better equipped to deal with them throughout the day.

Perhaps you could count to ten as soon as you start to feel stress or anxiety? Maybe you could engage in five minutes of meditation or concentrate on your breathing.

Negative feelings are best dealt with when they aren’t given time to stew!

3. I am going to work towards my dreams today by…

There’s nothing more positive than starting the day by thinking about your dreams and aspirations!

Every day, you can do at least one thing to work towards your dreams, whether external or internal. Whether it is making a plan to get there, whether it is repeating positive affirmations to yourself, or whether it is concentrating on your physical and mental health to keep you feeling balanced and motivated.

Every action you take and every word you utter is designed to either push you towards your dreams or stop you from reaching them.

4. I feel most energized when…

Your energy levels are important! When you feel low on energy, you tend to feel even more miserable.

The mind, body, and soul need to work together; to feel that sense of wholeness, all of them need to be aligned with one another and given equal attention. What makes you feel most energized? How can you go throughout your day to feel motivated?

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5. I feel happiest in my skin when…

Now is time for some thoughtfulness about you! What makes you feel happiest in your own skin?

This can require some deep and philosophical thinking. We may be surprised how much we learn about ourselves when we take the time to have a soul check-in with ourselves.

Think about it. What truly makes you feel happiest about yourself? Focus on your positive qualities and spend the morning mulling over them!

Start Your Day on a Positive Note

Journal prompts are simple, easy to use, and, above all, they push us towards achieving a greater positive mindset.

Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Neither positive nor negative feelings should be ignored, and a refusal to ignore either can result in greater problems further down the line.

Negative thoughts and feelings are there to be acknowledged, understood and ultimately transformed.

By harnessing these journal prompts for positivity in our lives, we can understand our own negative emotions and ourselves at a deeper level.

Have you tried these five journal prompts for positivity? How are they helping to bring greater positive energy and well-being to your life?

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