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Article: Your Perfect Career for 2021, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Your Perfect Career for 2021, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Your Perfect Career for 2021, Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Types

A new year breaks open a new chapter for many of us. With a fresh start, you might be motivated to make a change. Perhaps that comes in the form of a new career.

Based on your Myers-Briggs Personality, what career choice is right for you? What would you and your set of personality traits enjoy the most?

We’ve got the info you need to make that decision!

Make sure to take the Myers-Briggs Personality test if you haven’t already before reading ahead!

Get to know yourself and how you can tackle life while catering to your strengths and traits. Now, let’s get to it. What’s your Myers-Briggs career choice?

The Perfect Career for You, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality

The Architect - INTJ-A/INTJ-T

The Architect personality is quite introverted and reserved. You’re a thinker, and you don’t mind spending time alone. You’re delighted to sit and question the world’s problems and come up with theories as to why things are the way they are.

As the strategic thinker, you are, your Myers-Briggs career choice is likely a marketing manager, a physical therapist, a musical performer, or a financial advisor. Take your pick!

Your personality is suited for these.

The Logician - INTP-A/INTP-T

The Logician personality is quite logical; hence, the name: logician. But while logic is your strong front, you’re also very quick to notice patterns, and you have an innate ability to read others. You’re very creative and a problem-solver.

With these traits in mind, you may want to look into a career change in the composing, writing, producer, engineer, or web developer realm. You might be happier and more satisfied with these types of careers than any other ones.

The Commander - ENTJ-A/ENTJ-T

As the Commander, you share similar personality traits to the late Steve Jobs. You’re rational and logical, as well as a great leader. You don’t let things phase you. Instead of a challenge, you see an opportunity. And you’re organized and set-up to jump on those opportunities.

Charismatic and confident, you are driven and ready to tackle your goals.

Want a career you’ll truly shine in? You’d make a great judge, construction manager, mechanical engineer, PR specialist, or astronomer.

Do any of these catch your eye?

The Debater - ENTP-A/ENTP-T

You rarely have time for small talk as the Debater. You prefer to stick to things that are rational, logical, and objective. You hate repetition and don’t thrive in it either. Instead, you’re more of a big ideas type of person.

You’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit and love to problem-solve.

You’re best suited for a job as an attorney, copywriter, financial planner, psychologist, or operations specialist. Make that change if you need to. It’s a new year, and it’s never too late to switch up your career path (in fact, most people do! The average person will change careers about 5-7 times in their life).

The Advocate - INFJ-A/INFJ-T

As the Advocate, you are a rare gem (and we mean that!). Your personality accounts for less than 1% of the world’s population. You are thoughtful and profound. You’re also super imaginative.

Ideally, you love deep thinking environments that are peaceful and that challenge you. This means that you are a good fit for becoming a counselor, a scientist, or a librarian.

The Mediator - INFP-A/INFP-T

As the Mediator, you’re a dreamer. You love honor, morality, virtue, and beauty. Rewards or punishments don’t sway you. And you could get lost for hours within the confines of your own imagination. You love new things and learning.

So, where do you fit in the Myers-Briggs career scale?

You could excel as a physiotherapist, HR manager, mental health professional, or an artist, like a photographer. These are all right up your alley.

The Protagonist - ENFJ-A/ENFJ-T

As the Protagonist, beliefs are strongly associated with helping others and improving the community as a whole. You’re very selfless - almost to a fault. You connect with others, and your beliefs are highly based on ethical morals and principles.

As a natural leader, you’ve got some great career options that fit right into your personality.

ENFJs often pursue career paths as teachers, coaches, politicians, directors, or managers. You are a great leader, and there’s no better space for your Myers-Briggs personality to flourish than in these positions.

The Campaigner - ENFP-A/ENFP-T

As the Campaigner, you hate being put in a box. You’re much more of a free spirit than that. You also enjoy being around others. As such, you tend to thrive more in casual work environments. This can allow your innate nature to really blossom.

Since you also tend to operate based on your feelings, some good career choices for you may include musician, personal trainer, social worker, reporter, or an elementary school teacher.

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The Logistician - ISTJ-A/ISTJ-T

The Logistician personality is rational, calm, reliable, and responsible. While some may see you as uptight, you work better with organization and rules in place. You pay close attention to detail and ensure things get done.

Check out these career options if you’re looking for a change: dentist, business analyst, or supply chain manager.

The Defender - ISFJ-A/ISFJ-T

Sometimes referred to as the nurturer, the Defender is very balanced. Your warmness and kind-heartedness draw people to you. You pay attention to others’ feelings and are conservative but also open-minded. Yet, you also love order.

As such, your best career choices are financial clerk, accountant, photographer, administrative manager, or research analyst. You’ve got plenty of choices here!

The Executive - ESTJ-A/ESTJ-T

The Executive personality is stable, reliable, patient, and loyal. You love to do what is right and socially acceptable. You don’t like to sway outside of this realm. Thus, you’re great at following procedures, sticking to guidelines, and putting in the effort.

Is it time for a career change? Try these: judge, coach, hotel manager, or real estate agent. Your personality fits the mold.

The Consul - ESFJ-A/ESFJ-T

The Consul personality is great when it comes to keeping the peace and cooperating. You’re very skilled when it comes to interacting with people. And you love the spotlight! It doesn’t scare you. But you do love making people happy.

Seeing someone disappointed or sad doesn’t sit well with you.

As the Consul, you’d do well in office management, technical support, psychology, or as a medical researcher as your next career choice.

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The Virtuoso - ISTP-A/ISTP-T

While you are unpredictable and spontaneous, you are also rational and logical. This can make you somewhat unpredictable, especially to others. Yet, in work, you are quite good at fixing problems and collaborating.

As the Virtuoso, this means you’d make a great technician, engineer, forensic scientist, or inspector for your Myers-Briggs career choice. Maybe one of these is the exact change you’ve been craving!

The Adventurer - ISFP-A/ISFP-T

Living life to the fullest, you thrive in newness as the Adventurer. In fact, you truly value trying new things or meeting new people. But in the workplace, you’re more autonomous. Your introverted side comes out.

You like to work, but according to your own schedule.

Perhaps a career as a social media manager, optician, veterinarian, social worker, or occupational therapist would suit you best. Explore these options! You’re well fitted for them.

The Entrepreneur - ESTP-A/ESTP-T

For The Entrepreneur, data guides your decisions. You’re very logical, yet also in-tune with feelings and emotions. You seek out new opportunities often. Perhaps it’s no surprise that you’re switching up your careers. You’ve been wanting to for some time!

Ready for that big career change? You may want to explore paramedicine, firefighter opportunities, creative director positions, and project coordinator jobs.

The Entertainer - ESFP-A/ESFP-T

The Entertainer loves to take center-stage. You love sharing what you’ve learned and love providing entertainment for the crowd to enjoy. Yet, you’re also fully aware of others’ emotions. You’re kind, warm, and generous.

But socializing is truly where you thrive.

With your incredible social capabilities, you’ll want to try out event planning, entertainment of any kind, sales, flight attendant options, and maybe even becoming a tour guide. You’ll love it, and people will love you.

Take the First Step Toward Your Myers-Briggs Career!

You’re made for these careers! You’ll love them, and others will appreciate having the right person in the right place. If you’re stumped on where to go next, your Myers-Briggs Personality type can truly lead the way and open up some new doors for you.

All around, you’ll be happier. Sometimes, a change is just what we all need. With a fresh start this year, there’s no better time than right now.

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