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About Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry

Trusting her intuition has brought Shannon a wealth of gifts and she brings this wisdom to Daily Life … daily! Instead of following the “norms” of career development, Shannon followed her gut. It’s led her to some extraordinary places and experiences as a healer, clairvoyant, metaphysical teacher and Kundalini yoga instructor. After following her heart’s conviction (to the shock of her family and friends) she says, “I’ve never regretted following my heart’s conviction!”

What many people don’t know about Shannon is that she grew up as a traveling acrobat and studied contortion and hand balancing! Her intention is to contribute to shifting our culture to a more empowered and healthy lifestyle. Through her writing, media and community involvement, Shannon sets an example by which others can be inspired to move beyond any pigeonholes of career or self-identity.

We’re thrilled to have Shannon as a part of our Daily Life team as a Mind, Body & Soul Expert! She’s been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry.

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