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Article: A Throat Chakra Meditation for Clarity & Confidence

A Throat Chakra Meditation for Clarity & Confidence

A Throat Chakra Meditation for Clarity & Confidence

Do you feel like lately, your voice isn’t being heard, or your are being lost in translation? You could have a blocked Throat chakra. Luckily, we have a meditation for that!

This meditation will help you open up to feel comfortable saying how you feel. It will help you speak clearly and effectively, so you expend less energy trying to get your point across. It can help you balance your communication style as well, so you are an active listener, but still participating in the dialogue.

This meditation is designed to help you clear any Throat chakra blockage that may be keeping you from self-expression.

Get To Know Your Throat Chakra

The Throat chakra is also linked to your shoulders, jaw, and mouth. Any health issues in these areas can indicate a block in the Throat chakra. Issues such as TMJ, gingivitis, persistent sore throats or coughs, the tension in the neck and shoulders, or mouth sores might indicate it’s time to do some energy healing for the Throat chakra.

Women often struggle to be direct which can cause a blockage in this chakra. Similarly, men often struggle to express their feelings. Needless to say, we could all use some help getting the energy to flow through this chakra. When it’s balanced, we are able to get our point across without being vague, we don’t feel the need to lie or try to control people with our words. Additionally, this chakra enables spirit to communicate with you and it allows you to share your messages from spirit to the world in many ways and mediums.

The Throat chakra links to the color blue and in addition to the meditation, it can greatly benefit you to stretch your neck and shoulders on a regular basis. Even singing can help open up this energy center.

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Before you begin, let’s look at this chakra a little more in-depth as well as how to prepare for the meditation with some Throat chakra crystals, incense, and ideas to make your meditation extra potent! Let the magic begin.

Prepare for Meditation

Now let’s look at how you can make this meditation as effective as possible by creating a meditative space that induces deeper states of meditation.

Essential Oils, Incense, & Candles

You can burn sage and lavender incense to help open the Throat chakra. Essential oils that help the Throat chakra include peppermint, eucalyptus, and geranium. All candles help create a relaxing vibe to meditate in but blue candles can help you remember your intention of opening clear effective communication.

Preparing Your Space Meditation

This can be done indoors or outdoors. The fewer distractions you have around you the better. Lay down a blanket and pillow to sit on and place your crystals around you. You can play calming meditation music to help relax you and it’s better to have dim lighting.

Spend some time making the space feel nice with the intention of raising the vibration of your meditation space. All of that energy will help you really feel a shift as you do the meditation.

Posture & Breathing

Sit up tall in a cross-legged seated position or on a chair if it’s more comfortable. If you’re on a chair, place your feet flat on the ground or stack books to make sure you’re grounded with your feet on a flat stable surface.

Throughout the meditation breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and keep your head in a neutral position with your chin pulled back slightly so your neck is in line with your spine.


Blue and turquoise crystals are great to use in meditation for your Throat chakra. You can hold them in your hands while you meditate. Some crystals that are known to help open and activate the Throat chakra include lapis, larimar, aquamarine, sodalite, and turquoise.

A Throat Chakra Meditation For Clarity & Confidence

Did you know? You can listen to this meditation here!


Begin the meditation by taking some slow and deep breaths in and out of your nose. As you do this, relax your body more on each exhale. Allow your mind to become still as you count backward from five to one. When you reach one, you will be in a deep meditative state.


Take a deep breath on each number. Five, four, three, two, and one. You are now ready for the throat chakra healing meditation that will give you clarity and confidence to speak your mind.

Express Yourself

You find yourself standing on a planet but you realize it is your planet and you are the only person living on it. You can say whatever you want and you can laugh, yell, clap, and express yourself. It’s a totally freeing place where you can find the freedom to express yourself.

Free Your Mind, Body, & Soul

No one is judging you and you do not have to fear other people’s opinions. But you feel as though you might enjoy the company of others so you create more people that are kind and open to hearing what you have to say. As you see these people, sense that they will take you seriously, and when you speak from your heart, you will make an impact on them. Help them even.

The sense that there is a mutual respect between you that is created through the bond of your words. Tell them that you respect them and will listen to them and ask them to respect you and listen to you. You sense that this is a safe place to communicate how you feel and bring them your ideas about how to live your best lives.

Spread Kindness

The only rule to make this planet work is that anytime someone speaks it must be done kindly. When the intention of kindness is there, the delivery and impact are positive. You sense that you always have the ability to speak with kindness on earth and that it is only an illusion that you cannot share your feelings and express yourself. Before leaving this planet and returning to earth, look around and decide to apply the same things you learned here in your waking life.

As you travel back to earth, tell yourself that you are a clear communicator, you like communicating, and you are able to do so with love.


To end this meditation see yourself communicating clearly, kindly, and confidently in your life. See how people light up when you share your ideas and how good you feel when you contribute them. Feel the energy that you felt on that planet now living in your throat chakra as vibrant blue energy. You have opened and healed this chakra with your intention and now you have set the intention to be a clear and confident communicator in the future.

Breathe and Conclude

You always had the power within you to alter this chakra and all it took was mindfulness. To bring yourself back to the room, take three slow and deep breaths. Then notice where you are and write down anything that stood out in the meditation for you. Feel free to repeat this meditation often to create a strong habit of clear and confident communication.

Coming back to Earth

As we wind down from our meditation, write down three things you’d like to communicate in your life that you may have been holding back about. We can become very drained and tense when we bottle things up inside. It is only an illusion that you cannot speak up and say what is important to you. The more you practice doing this in a mindful but direct way, the easier it will become. You can now use this to create opportunities for yourself and to use the power of affirmations to manifest.

You can say out loud the type of person you desire to be and the things you are going to do. When you say it out loud and write it down, it sends a clear message to the Universe to help you manifest.

If you experience tightness in your throat during this meditation, stop and ask yourself what you’re not communicating or why you do not feel you can be forthcoming about something. Sometimes you’ll experience a tightness in your throat when someone else needs to tell you something. If you give them permission to share whatever it is with you in a safe space, the tightness will go away, and you’ll create more trust and a deeper friendship with them.

Communication is the highway to transmit love in this world and it is worth focusing on improving it so that you can create loving positive relationships. Remember, your power is your word so choose to create positive ones and the world will reflect that energy back to you.


Throat chakra healing can help you feel confident bringing up new ideas at work, give you the self-assuredness to say what you do and do not want, and it can help you ask questions that you need to ask to clarify things.

Ultimately, this Throat chakra meditation will allow you to harness the powerful vibration of sound to create a life that you truly desire in your heart. If you haven’t yet thought of the Throat chakra as being something that can help you manifest, it is essentially what mantras and affirmations are channeled through.

All affirmations are Throat chakra affirmations and since words create energy, the Throat chakra is key in our ability to create.

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