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Article: A Sacral Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

A Sacral Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

A Sacral Chakra Healing Guided Meditation

The Sacral chakra is your center of creativity, manifesting energy, and it allows you to have healthy intimate relationships. When it is imbalanced, we can experience codependency, substance abuse, and addiction. This chakra is vital to having the ability to recognize and express your passion in life so you can enjoy being alive.

Typical emotions that block this chakra include guilt, shame, and anger. If you are experiencing health problems with your reproductive organs, lower back pain, hip problems, spleen or gall bladder issues, it also indicates there is an imbalance in the flow of energy through this chakra.

One thing we often overlook when balancing our chakras is that if one chakra is blocked, it will also restrict flow to other chakras, so be sure to work on all of your chakras and not just one.

How to Meditate for the Sacral Chakra

Today’s meditation will help us recognize addictive thought patterns and help us release body shame to bring more balance and prana to this chakra. You’ll find it helps you channel your energy into what you want to manifest without feeling out of control of your emotions.

Instead of just jumping into meditation, it will make a big difference if you take the time to create a sacred healing space to meditate in. Our body is energy and we can help ourselves go into a deeper more effective meditative state if the energy around us is calm and peaceful. Meditation tools help us lift the negative vibrations from our own energy field and allow us to perceive healing vibrations that will provide real change in our lives.

Body Positioning

It will greatly benefit your meditation if you sit with a straight and tall spine. You can either sit on a cushion in a cross-legged position or if that isn’t accessible, sit up against the wall with your legs out in front of you in a ‘V’ shape. Alternatively, sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the floor or on a stack of books will help you keep your spine upright. You want to feel relaxed and unstrained in whichever position you choose.

Laying down is an option but it is easier to fall asleep. Do not cross your arms rather be in an open and receptive position with your palms facing up. Throughout the meditation, breathe through your nose very slowly and deeply to help clear negative energy from your aura as well.

Crystals to Use

The Sacral Chakra resonates with the color orange so meditating with orange crystals will help amplify the energy of this chakra. Amber is a soothing crystal that helps alleviate depression and helps increase creative self-expression making it a great crystal to pair with your mediation. Orange calcite, citrine, and carnelian are also known to help bring healing to the Sacral chakra by stimulating creative energy and positive life choices.

You can place the crystals around you while you meditate or hold them in your hands.

Oils/Candles/Scents to Use

Bringing an orange candle into your meditation space can help amplify your intention to heal your Sacral chakra. The more specific we are in our mind, the more quickly we are able to heal. Ylang ylang and cardamom essential oils are also helpful for stimulating this chakra. You can diffuse them or apply them topically. Patchouli and rose incense are great to burn to help stimulate the healing and flow of energy through your Sacral chakra.

Room/Space Setup

If you’re meditating indoors, try to make the light soft or light the room with candles. Clear out clutter and give yourself a clean area to meditate. It can help to create an altar you can meditate in front of or place a spiritual object on the floor in front of you to help induce a state of inspiration.

What inspires each person is unique to them and you may feel a certain color, piece of art, or significant object that helps you feel connected to your spiritual self. If you’re meditating outdoors, bring a blanket to sit on and make sure you’ll be a comfortable temperature so you can really relax. Finally, find some meditation music to help induce a more relaxed state.

Guided Meditation For The Sacral Chakra

You will now begin your meditation to help you heal your Sacral chakra. This meditation will help you find a healthy way to express your deepest desires, remove layers of shame from past experiences, and ignite your creative expression.

The Sacral chakra holds your manifesting energy and now it is time to rediscover this power within you. Begin by breathing slowly and deeply in and out of your nose. Relax deeper on each exhale. As you breathe feel layers of negative energy falling away from your aura, raising your vibration to a higher spiritual state.


First, we will work on removing blocks from this chakra. In order to do this, we will call on the Universe to support you in this intention. By mentally stating this affirmation, you will allow the Universe and higher vibration spiritual energy to come and heal this chakra on an energetic level. You can state this affirmation three times mentally or out loud to call this energy into your space, “I now call upon the healing energy of the Universe to help me balance and heal my Sacral chakra.”

As you continue to breathe, slowly and deeply, sense loving energy surrounds you and begins to lift the low vibration of anger and resentment from your Sacral chakra. The Universal life force can always support us when we call on it. Feel the lightness of being that is beginning to fill your stomach and hips as you release with the help of this healing source energy.

Next, We Heal

Now, we will work with your higher self to heal past traumas that have created shame. These memories run in our subconscious, creating clouded and murky energy that can block the flow of positive energy in our chakras. Invite your higher self to meet you in a vast open space in your mind’s eye. Your higher self will seem familiar, wise, kind, and safe. They will allow you to look into their eyes to see a memory that has created shame around your body and expressing your passion. They will show you the most important memory that needs to be healed right now.

When you see the memory, allow your higher self to show you how it is affecting your life today. The energy of it doesn’t have to control you anymore. You and your higher self will release this memory into the river of healing energy that is now before you. Visualize you and your higher self releasing all the energy of this memory in past, present, and future, back to this river to be converted into energy that has a more helpful effect in the Universe. Allow your higher self to show you a more healing way to handle your body and desires.

Woman stretching in the sunshine.

Breathe and Draw in Energy

Finally, we are going to charge your chakra with light and fill it with prana to boost your creative power. In front of you is a fountain of orange flowing energy. It is vibrant, strong, and interesting to look at. You feel drawn to this energy and feel it is your own creative energy. Walk with your higher self to this fountain and drink from it. Feel your Sacral chakra at the lower stomach fill with this creative power that you can use to help others and bring joy to the world. This energy is alive within you and you are able to channel it to manifest what you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Final Moments and Gratitude

Thank your higher self for helping you on this sacred journey and begin to count yourself out of the meditation by counting up from one to five. When you arrive at five, slowly open your eyes to return to space you’re sitting in.

Need extra guidance? Take a moment, close your eyes, and listen to this meditation here.


Do not get up and start doing things right away. Allow yourself to sit in this peaceful energy and reflect on your experience. Allow yourself to feel that you have shifted your energy and that your own intention and visualization affects your emotions and energy. If you had difficulty concentrating, keep practicing. It will become easier over time.

If you’re new to meditation, there is great reason to keep practicing. There is an ancient saying that ‘all is mind’ which reveals that our experience of life, is in our mind but the great cosmic mind which we are a part of also is everything. Clearing our mind through meditation allows us to find the truth beyond what our senses experience and this offers us true freedom from the suffering we can get caught up in.

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