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Article: 10 Mantras for Self-Confidence

10 Mantras for Self-Confidence

10 Mantras for Self-Confidence

When it comes to having the gumption and grit to go after what we want and push on in the face of setbacks, our confidence will greatly shift how we act.

Self-confidence is that X-factor that will help you land an interview, get that date, make a major life change, or create something from scratch. Confidence is energy that other people can feel, and it is something that can help you stand out in the crowd to reach your greatest potential.

Besides obtaining those external things, though, it also brings you a sense of inner peace to help you handle whatever life may bring.

When things are tough, you’ll have the inner-fortitude to withstand them. Think of it like storm-proofing before a hurricane so that your structure remains intact.

One great way to build your confidence is to use self-confidence mantras that create a new way of thinking and a new belief about your abilities and self-worth.

How to Use Self-Confidence Mantras

Scientific studies back the efficacy of using mantras, and it can really help you if you use them consistently.

To use a mantra, you will choose one that you like and repeat it mentally each day.

If you’re someone who likes to have a plan, plan on reciting the mantra 50 times a day or a number that works for you. Writing it 25 times each morning and night is a fantastic way to help get the mantra infused into your thinking.

If you don’t want to feel like you’re giving yourself more homework and want a less structured approach, try mentally reciting your mantra mentally when you have downtime, such as taking a walk, waiting in line, or even driving.

After a few days and weeks, you will notice how the more you use it, the more you believe it, and the more your reality starts to reflect that belief.

Are you ready to build higher levels of self-confidence with these mantras that are proven to boost self-confidence? Let’s do this!

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10 Mantras for Self-Confidence

Read through these mantras for boosting self-confidence and what each of them can help you with. Then choose which one seems to resonate the most for you right now.

1. “I love & accept my body fully.”

This is a great mantra for those who are always looking in the mirror and criticizing parts of their body.

If you find you are constantly trying to change your looks, it’s the perfect time to embrace body self-confidence to start accepting that you’re already a rock star using this mantra.

2. “I am capable & worthy of huge opportunities.”

This can help you break limiting beliefs that may have come from your environment or narrow-minded mentors in your life.

You can break your own glass ceiling with this helpful mantra.

3. “I say no to anything that doesn’t feel right for me.”

If you feel like you have trouble asserting yourself, this can help you take charge of your life by giving yourself the power to walk away from any person, belief, job, activity, or group that is not self-loving.

4. “I am more beautiful because of my scars.”

If you find yourself feeling like your mistakes or failures are too great to overcome, this mantra will help you see those experiences as ways to grow to use them to help you build a strong foundation in your life.

5. “I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.”

This mantra will give you the self-confidence to set a goal that excites you and the determination to stick to it. Even if people around you do not believe in you, this will help you believe in yourself.

6. “I am an intelligent & magnetic creature.”

If you want to awaken your own magnetism and brilliance, this can help you start to see this part of yourself that is already there within you. This will help you have the confidence to learn new skills and attract new opportunities.

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7. “I can do what I want regardless of what other people think.”

If you struggle with making decisions on your own, you can hone that self-confidence with this mantra. You can use this to break the chains of living based on the opinions or approval of others.

8. “I live life on my own terms.”

If you would like to feel like you can more easily express what you want in your life, this will help you develop that habit. Speaking your mind and doing what you want can help you practice being empowered and build self-confidence.

9. “I do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations because I am enough.”

If you feel like you will be happy once you reach some goal or milestone, you can free yourself of that thought and be totally jazzed about who you are right now.

You will enjoy how light you feel when you use this mantra.

10. “I can exceed my wildest expectations.”

This mantra can fuel you with enthusiasm to dream big and believe in your ability to attract an amazing life for yourself.

This will raise your vibration and help you expect things to continue to get better for you.

With Mantras, Your Future is Bright

Mantras have the power to change your life for the better. Check out some of our mantras for courage and love. If you’d like to learn more about why mantras are so powerful, we’ve got that covered too.

As you start to bring the practice of reciting mantras into your daily routine, you’re going to find the things dragging your energy down start to fade away, and the things that are best for you start to come into focus.

You’ll start to notice the energy of your environment, the people you follow on social media, and yourself. You’ll be ready to face life with the ability to shift your energy to achieve what you desire.

Embrace these mantras and embrace your self-confidence. You’ve got this!

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