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Article: Mantras for Love, Prosperity, & Healing

Mantras for Love, Prosperity, & Healing

Mantras for Love, Prosperity, & Healing

Our thoughts have a powerful energetic frequency. Their wavelengths send beacons of intention out into the universe, and yet, most of our thoughts happen on a subconscious level. Many have studied both the subconscious mind and the conscious mind to find ways to access the thoughts that live in the subconscious.

If you’re new to using mantras, you can think of them as similar to affirmations.

Both mantras and affirmations work on our subconscious brain patterns to bring more energy towards the traits we want to bring forward in our lives. Because we live in an energetic world where everything vibrates at a specific energetic frequency, we can affect our lives in an authentic way by simply learning how to manage and direct our daily thoughts.

Mantras essentially work with the energy in and around your body to raise its frequency, affecting your subconscious mind.

Today, we’ll introduce you to a few mantras that cover the things that humans seem to value most, love, career, and health. For those of you who are more experienced with mantras, we’ve included some traditional mantras as well that you might like to try out.

Mantras for Love, Prosperity, & Healing

Mantras for Love

A mantra is kind of like a spell, except it will not influence anyone else, so it doesn’t generate negative karma.

A mantra changes your own energetic frequency to attract love, and regularly using mantras means you will attract a person with a similar frequency to yours. Try writing one of these mantras each morning and night twenty times to redirect your subconscious and attract love to you.

  • “I have a loving partner, and I maintain consistently positive relationships.”
  • “I’m open to new love, and I feel it coming.”

The yogis have an ancient mantra you can listen to called So Purkh that attracts love for women. There is an English Version and a version in Gurmukhi, which is very relaxing.

You can say these mantras in your head or out loud throughout the day. You may even want to record them in your own voice to play in the car or while you sleep.

With all mantras, you want to be consistent with using them to form a new way of thinking. Writing down your mantra on post-it notes to leave around the house in places you’ll see them often, such as on your laptop, on the bathroom mirror, or above your bed or kitchen sink, is also a great idea if you tend to be forgetful.

Mantras for Prosperity

Prosperity mantras can help you get clear with what your purpose in life is. You can use a prosperity mantra to build your confidence to follow your biggest dreams or manifest abundance.

Here are some career-focused prosperity mantras you can pick from or come up with one of your own that suits your specific needs. Then, write it 10 times each morning and night while you visualize your new reality.

  • “I have complete clarity on my life purpose and what I want to do with my career.”
  • “I am extremely successful, and I trust my biggest dreams are happening now.”
  • “I’m plugged into the prosperity pipeline, and blessings come to me all the time.”

The yogis have quite a few prosperity mantras. This one called Lakshman is very energizing and motivating for the morning drive to work.

If you have a specific goal in mind for work, you could even create a mantra that affirms that you already have it. You can write something along the lines of ‘thank you for the big promotion’ every day, and your brain will start to accept the possibility and build the attitude you need to achieve it.

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Mantras for Healing

When it comes to healing from a cold, getting back on your feet after an injury or surgery, or even just trying to heal your heart, mantras can definitely help. They can give you positive energy to start to see yourself healed and not inhibit your own healing.

We’ve come up with some mantras you can use for healing by writing them 10 times every day in the morning and at night. Healing your emotions is often what is need to allow the body to recover to optimal health so maybe try using more than one.

  • “Every cell in my body is in good health right now.”
  • “I’m feeling good right now.”
  • “I release negative emotions to heal my mind, body, and soul right now.”

Maybe these gave you an idea for a more specific healing mantra you can write for yourself.

If you have a particular area you’re looking to target, write the mantra as if that pain is already healed. For example, “I am grateful that my back has healed” would be great to allow yourself to find the healing you’re looking for if you are dealing with back pain.

The yogis have a calming mantra for healing that sounds like a lullaby you can listen to.

How Will You Use Mantras?

There are many forms of mantras in many languages. Ancient cultures and religions designed mantras to sound and feel like music, using melodies that interact with our chakras and resonate with certain areas of the body to release blocked energy.

That is why mantras in other languages often don’t need to be translated.

You can repeat any of these mantras in your head throughout the day to calm you or to keep your mind focused on something positive. You may want to try one mantra at a time to see its effects or use a few different ones during the day. No rule says you can’t use many mantras at once!

Mantras are free, and they allow us to unlock the powerful energy and abundant happiness that has been inside us all along.

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