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Article: 12 Mantras for Manifestation

12 Mantras for Manifestation

12 Mantras for Manifestation

The law of attraction is based on the premise that like attracts like.

Many statements are used to describe this, such as “misery loves company,” “what you seek is seeking you,” “what you think you become,” and “energy flows where attention goes.”

Manifestation is harnessing this law of attraction to bring what you want into your life by directing your thoughts and creating positive energy.

Manifesting has become a study of business executives, artists, and spiritual seekers because of the results that come when one harnesses the mind’s power. Yogis were some of the first to study the power of mantras to direct energy, and the practice has lasted as long as language itself.

Today you will get to choose which of these manifestation mantras apply to your personal goals and which you want to use to create the life you truly want.

Manifesting can be about more than money or objects. It can help you create new energy that will help carry you through life with the attitude that will magnetize positive experiences and opportunities.

How You Can Use Manifestation

If you don’t really know what you want to manifest, here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  • Wanting to believe in yourself.
  • Wanting more motivation to pursue your goals.
  • Having a group of kind friends.
  • Having a job that is meaningful and allows for work-life balance.

What other ideas do these bring to mind? Take a moment to brainstorm what you want to manifest before choosing which mantra you want to work with.

To use a mantra for manifestation, you’ll want to plan to use it daily over the course of a few months. Manifesting can happen rapidly, or it can take time to develop.

You can simply write the mantra in your journal 20 times each morning to start your day and direct your energy, or you can recite it mentally or out loud 20 times as you visualize your goal coming to fruition.

This is a time-tested practice of “wish making” that helps you affirm in your mind that achieving your goal is a likely possibility. It will allow you to take steps to help this manifest in your life by building your excitement, creativity, and motivation to make it happen.

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12 Mantras for Manifestation

The best mantras for manifestation for you are the ones that make you feel a spark of excitement when you recite them. No matter what you want to bring into your life, you can find or create a mantra that you can use to help.

Below are mantras for manifesting love, jobs, health, abundance, confidence, and even spiritual awakening.

1. “I am surrounded by loving people & feel supported by them.”

If you want a more positive environment, this mantra will help bring it into your reality.

This can create a foundation for you to start believing in your ability to expand in your life and help you feel inspired to stay connected to your community.

2. “I am tremendously successful in my field.”

If you currently believe you are an underdog or will not succeed, it is time to change that mindset.

Believing that you’re successful starts in the mind, and then your actions and attitude will fall in line with that belief.

3. “I am receiving opportunities all the time.”

This is a great mantra to help you be open to the limitless possibilities that the universe wants to bless you with. When you are intentionally open to opportunities, you’ll start to see things that you were previously close-minded to.

4. “I feel confident & lead others to find inspiration.”

This mantra can help you awaken the ability to take a leading role with the power of positivity and love.

This can be helpful for social and professional situations.

5. “I have a healthy romantic relationship.”

This is a carefully crafted mantra that brings a specific type of love into your life which will help you not just have love but also thrive. If you want a love that feels like it adds positively to your life, use this mantra.

6. “I am growing & expanding through learning.”

If you have felt stuck or unworthy of success, this mantra will help build momentum to build confidence and success.

As you focus on getting the tools to expand, you will see that you can have brilliantly creative pursuits.

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7. “I am full of energy.”

This is a great way to overcome the mindset that you can’t get better or that you are doomed to be tired all the time.

By focusing on health and energy, you will find the things that give this to you.

8. “I am living intuitively & connected to my soul purpose.”

This will infuse your life with a sense of purpose and bring you long-term joy. When you use this mantra, you will make choices for the greater good instead of just satisfying personal desires.

9. “I live with total trust in universal support and divine timing.”

This can help you stay in a positive mindset even when things don’t seem to be working out. This will allow you to turn lemons into lemonade, stay committed to your goals, and attract even more resources.

10. “I am living the life of my dreams every day.”

his mantra will infuse you with the courage to continue to take risks that will lead to a life that you feel fully alive in. As you maintain a focus on living life on your terms, the fear-based patterns of thought will be replaced with an empowered mindset.

11. “My positive energy attracts enjoyable experiences.”

If you feel like you’re just going through the motions and unable to feel wonder and pure excitement, this will help cultivate new pathways of thinking that allow you to see life with a sense of playfulness and a sense of humor.

12. “I have remarkable luck.”

This mantra can help you feel like the universe is conspiring to work things out for you all the time and can give you that inner sense of security that no matter what, things are always going to work out for the best.

Remember: Manifest Something Specific!

If you want to experiment with the power of intention, one way to build your trust in the process of manifestation is to work on manifesting something specific.

Decide what you want to manifest, and then write a thank you note to the universe each morning and night as if it is already in your life. As you write the thank you note, which can be as simple as one sentence, feel like you already have this thing in your life and see it in your mind’s eye.

When the universe delivers your specific item or experience, you’ll see how the process really does work.

One final tip is to build positive emotional energy when you visualize. This creates a lot more momentum in the quantum field that will help you manifest!

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