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Article: 12 Mantras to Manifest Success in 2021

12 Mantras to Manifest Success in 2021

12 Mantras to Manifest Success in 2021

Are you ready to upgrade your life and attract success as you move into 2021?

If you want that extra edge to help, you stand out from the crowd to get that job or meet that special someone this year, using mantras daily can be just what you need. Mantras are ancient mind tools that have been used by many to create effective forms of prayer, and their efficacy is actually backed up by science.

Our thoughts affect our reality, and directing our thoughts is one of the most game-changing life hacks available.

When you start to project positive energy around what you desire, that’s when the universe starts to bend in your favor. The positive emotional energy creates ripples in the cosmic mind that bring more energy back to you.

Success means something different to everyone, so use these mantras to help you manifest what success means to you. Before we get into success mantras, let’s first get clear on your definition of success.

Get Clear About What Success Means to You

The dreams we want to fulfill are important in the process of manifesting.

If we only ask for “more success” without clearly stating what we want, we won’t really get a clear result. Give yourself a moment to ask yourself what you want and be as specific as possible.

Here are some great ways to get clear on what you want in terms of success in 2021:

  • Ask yourself what success looks like for you personally and visualize it. This could be living healthy, it could define the type of relationships you have, and it could be the contribution you make to the world. It’s okay to want to manifest physical resources too!
  • Use that visualization and write down what you will need to manifest to actualize that reality. Perhaps you need to manifest some funds for training, a job with positive coworkers, or a plan to get your health to optimal levels. You can also wish to work on yourself’ emotional or spiritual parts, which will help you feel successful.
  • Many people leave their ideas open-ended, but it will help you manifest them this year to make them as specific as possible if you can make specific goals. If you know you want a family dog, define if you want to rescue an older dog or if you want a purebred. If you want to make more money, be specific with how much and the type of role you desire.
  • Now that you have a clear goal read through the mantras below and find one or two that feel like they will help you attain this goal. The goal you have set is not something you need to obsess over. Trust that if you build a mindset that believes you are a successful person, you will manifest that reality based on your success.

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12 Success Mantras for 2021

These positive mantras for success will help you create habitual thoughts that support your long term success this year. Read through them and see which one really stands out to you because that will let you know which one will help you.

Get excited because many successful people started just where you are right now, searching for success positive mantras to capture the power of their own minds!

  1. I release all thoughts that do not help me achieve my goals.
  2. I am always finding success everywhere I go.
  3. People support my success and want to see me achieve my goals.
  4. I am a very positive person, and it makes people want to work with me.
  5. 2021 is my year, and everything is lining up.
  6. I am becoming a very successful person because I exude great energy.
  7. I am genuine and dedicated, and people sense my good character.
  8. I am attracting opportunities that allow me to manifest my goal.
  9. I am at ease and know that everything is working out.
  10. I am open to receiving great prosperity now.
  11. I am worthy of great success.
  12. My life is full of positive friendships, great health, and joyful experiences.

Make Success Mantras a Daily Habit

Mantra recitation is a time tested practice that has the best results with consistency. Find a way to make it fun for yourself so that you enjoy using the mantras.

A few ideas to make it fun include:

  • Saying the mantra 10 times in the mirror while smiling as big as you can.
  • Recording yourself saying the mantra (or mantras) and listening to it right when you wake up and right before going to sleep.
  • Grabbing a journal that you like and making it your personal success mantras journal for 2021!

Record the things that happen as you use your mantras each day, and it will help build momentum for you to become successful.

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