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Article: 10 Affirmations for Going With the Flow

10 Affirmations for Going With the Flow

10 Affirmations for Going With the Flow

Life may seem to be moving at a snail’s pace as you wait for the world to get back to normal. That feeling of wanting to move forward may mean that you’re being all too hard on yourself about things you’re not doing.

Allowing yourself to think about all the “shoulds” and “what if’s” just isn’t necessary and can suck a lot of energy out of you.

But before you beat yourself up even more for being hard on yourself, give yourself a pass for it right now. Recognizing a thought pattern is step one in recovering the joy you deserve in life, even during a pandemic, and whatever else you might currently be going through.

The following affirmations have been crafted to help you relax a little bit and allow you to “go with the flow” of where life is currently taking you…because sometimes that’s all we can (and should) do!

How Do I Use These Affirmations?

  • You can use the affirmation you choose with meditation beads, also known as mala beads. For each bead, recite the affirmation one time until you’ve held all the beads. Do that once per day until you feel the shift you desired has become a habit. You can continue doing it as long as you’d like.
  • Record yourself saying one or more of the calming affirmations for five minutes and listen to the recording right when you wake up before getting out of bed, on your way to work, and right before you fall asleep.
  • Write the affirmation 20 times each day in your journal and feel in every fiber of your being that it is true every time you write it.
  • Write a bunch of sticky-notes with the calming affirmation you choose and place them around the house to get you in tune with that way of thinking.

10 Affirmations for Going With the Flow

The next time you notice your mind racing or feel your thoughts pressuring you to rush forward in life, use one of these go with the flow affirmations to pump the brakes and notice how you instantly start to feel more at ease.

1. “I am totally at ease.”

This can help if you’re trying to plan the future out and not relax because you’re too stressed about your goals. Use this as your “chill pill.”

2. “It’s easy for me to go with the flow.”

Now, this might not be 100% true, but the mind is a powerful thing!

If you feel like you are critical of yourself throughout the day for not doing things quick enough or perfect enough, use this calming affirmation to help you start to enjoy the day instead of grading yourself on your responsibilities.

3. “I enjoy being a very flexible person.”

This can help you release the guilt you may feel when you relax. If you’re one of those people that feels like you have to constantly be doing something productive, this affirmation is for you.

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4. “I do not need to control everything.”

The universe has far more opportunities available than your mind can even conceive of. Instead of trying to force all of the outcomes, you can use this to stay calm and let good things be attracted to your chill vibes.

5. “I am right where I need to be.”

If you struggle with the idea that you are stuck, this will help you start to see the “good” in your current situation, which probably isn’t as bad as a negative mind makes it out to be. This idea of embracing the present will raise your vibration and help you produce positive emotions.

6. “Being hard on myself will not lead to growth.”

This will help you be kind to yourself, which is what will attract more experiences that allow you to flourish. Use this affirmation to get into the habit of celebrating how you are great instead of constantly picking yourself apart.

7. “When I am kind to myself, I attract more kindness.”

If you want to activate the law of attraction, this affirmation will help you realize that you don’t have to suffer to succeed. Taking care of yourself in mind, body, and spirit leads to the highest levels of sustained happiness.

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8. “Things happen when they are supposed to.”

If you worry about when things will happen or feel impatient about change, use this to put yourself at ease. This can even help things manifest because the negative energy that blocks things will be released.

9. “I feel light, happy, & free.”

This works on your baseline emotional state and is great to help you go with the flow. If you feel you have become overly serious about life responsibilities, let this give you a long-term break from heavy energy.

10. “I release heavy thoughts and feel supported by the universe.”

This uses the power of your intention to replace fear with trust. This will help you see possibilities instead of problems and will help your body trust your gut instincts.

More Helpful Tips for Going With the Flow

Be sure to give yourself ample time to relax and unwind each day. That means don’t work right until it’s time to go to sleep.

Do something that helps you enjoy the day, every day.

Maybe give yourself time to cook something delicious, watch a movie, or take a stroll in the park. Surround yourself with spiritual tools that will help you stay connected to the vibration of loving-kindness, whether it’s a picture of nature, plants, incense, crystals, or meditation music.

Make it a personal goal to really go with the flow this week and remind yourself of that goal each day. Notice how it brings up new ideas of how you could spend your time and what you can let go of that creates too much pressure on yourself.

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