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Article: 10 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

10 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

If we are honest with ourselves - we have all experienced body hang-ups at some point or another and many of us still do. In fact, issues with image and appearance is something that affects more people than we realize.

We live in an era where we are constantly bombarded by images of the ‘perfect body’ via social media and mainstream media. Everywhere we look, there is someone in a bikini with a flat toned tummy and ‘perfect’ curves. It doesn’t help that plastic surgery seems to not only be the trend, but the norm to which too many people aspire to.

Why can’t we embrace who we are and love ourselves for what we look like? One of the great things about this world is that we are all so different! It would be an incredibly boring world if we were all the same - thought the same and looked the same. We come in many different shapes and sizes and we all have own personal tastes as to what is attractive and what isn’t.

It can be very demoralizing constantly being fed by the media as to what the ‘perfect body’ is. Confidence is one of the most attractive things we can possess and it has nothing to do with what we look like!

That’s why today, we are focusing on ten amazing body-positive social media accounts you can follow for inspiration on your own journey to body confidence!

Follow these 10 Body-Positive Social Media Accounts

When choosing these accounts, we ensured that we were looking for people who use body positivity as part of their brand - as having a unique body does not mean that you are a body positivity account. Additionally, body positivity can mean different things to every person and we want to promote those who aren’t just tagging #bodypositivity. We looked at accounts that also participate in the Fat Liberation, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Diet movements, as their content is important to support.

Let’s support these amazing people who promote that loving being in your own skin leads to true happiness!

1. Lizzo - @lizzobeeating

Lizzo is someone whose infectious energy inspires others to love themselves for who they are. Her Instagram account @lizzobeeating is a celebration of the beauty of curves. Her feature in Rolling Stone Magazine was a bold statement for the body appreciation movement. She posed in the nude and also performs without hiding any of her curves.

Lizzo defies the mainstream through her self-confidence and ability to channel this energy into something positive and uplifting for others. She helps give others the courage to embrace their body, no matter their size or shape.

2. Marielle Elizabeth - @marielle.elizabeth

Marielle has some of the most artistic and inspiring photos, promoting body positivity everywhere. Not only are her photos wonderfully creative, but she also posts uplifting quotes to remind you that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.

She runs Lineage Photography, which empowers women to embrace their bodies, regardless of shape and size. Her social media is a true celebration of the female form which encourages women everywhere to be happy in the skin they are in.

3. Tiffany Ima - @tiffanyima

Tiffany is a wellness content creator who encourages women to take care of their bodies and advises on a range of healthy ways to be happy in your own skin.

Tiffany emphasizes the point that being happy in your skin has nothing to do with the image, but everything to do with self-care. She highlights that treating your body as if it is a temple is the path to self-acceptance and happiness, and her bright and bubbly nature will make you feel upbeat and inspired so you can begin your own journey towards a happy mindset.

4. The Under Belly Yoga - @theunderbellyyoga

The Underbelly Yoga combines body positivity with yoga! When people think of yoga they may also pair it with a traditional ‘yoga’ body. But the Underbelly Yoga shows us that you can be any shape and size to do yoga, combining body positivity with this ancient practice.

It is run by Jessamyn Stanley, an internationally recognized yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and author of Every Body Yoga. Jessamyn combines an energetic enthusiasm with yoga techniques that help strengthen the mind and body, and her Instagram has plenty of inspiration to get you started.

5. Radhika Sanghini - @radhikasanghani

Radhika is an inspiration to women everywhere who have a particular hang-up about a part of their bodies. A journalist and author, she created the #sideprofileselfie campaign which encourages people to love their noses.

Body insecurity does not of course just apply to the body itself, but to the face and parts about it which may not be considered ‘conventionally beautiful’. Radhika’s brave and inspiring campaign lets people everywhere know that their faces are their’s and that alone makes them beautiful!

6. Body Positive Pear - @bodypositivepear

Sarah Frances Young runs Body Positive Pear and is in remission from atypical anorexia. Her Instagram account is flowing with inspirational writing and quotes about body image, helping others who are recovering from eating disorders, and letting everyone know that the body is nothing to be ashamed of.

“You deserve to take up space,” she says. “You deserve respect. You deserve to love yourself and your body. You are beautiful. You are worthy.”

You are valid, here are some Tips for Body Appreciation.

7. Sylvia Mac - @love_disfigure

As a burn survivor, Sylvia Mac is a true inspiration to others. Despite her injuries, she holds her head up high and inspires others to love themselves, no matter what. Many who once had their body look a certain way only to have it dramatically transformed by burns, illness, acne, or anything else that changes one’s appearance, are inspired by her positive and upbeat approach.

As the name suggests ‘Love Disfigure’ has amazing quotes and photos on her Instagram page and anyone suffering from low self-esteem or low self-confidence can feel inspired by Sylvia’s positive attitude.

8. The Every Man Project: @theeverymanproject

Body positivity issues are not of course just exclusive to women. Men have hang-ups too and even though society has come a long way and men are able to express themselves more, many still feel pressured to keep their feelings under wraps.

The Every Man Project is a wonderful Instagram account that encourages men everywhere to show their vulnerabilities, celebrates their diversity, and embrace themselves for who they are.

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9. Stephanie Yeboah: @nerdabouttown

Stephanie Yeboah is a British blogger and advocate of fat acceptance. Stephanie has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue and Glamour Magazine to name a few.

Her stunning photos are an inspiration to women everywhere that you don’t need a “perfect body” to feel happy and confident with who you are. Stephanie also gives inspirational talks and helps other people learn to love themselves for the inside out.

10. Karina Irby: @karinairby_raw

Karina Irby is an influencer with a huge following, but she has a lesser-known Instagram account that not as many people know about. Karina Irby Raw is a selection of photos that are free of the airbrush and “perfection”.

Karina created this account because she wanted to let people know that no one looks perfect all the time. Her account is filled with photos of belly bloat, double chins, cellulite, and belly fat. This is a refreshing account to see because we are bombarded every day with perfect figures in the media and Karina’s account comes as both a relief and inspiration to people everywhere.


In a world where the pressure to look good is stronger than ever, it is refreshing to know that there are people fighting back against the commercialized view of beauty and spreading the message that true body positivity is about individuality and embracing who we are.

We don’t have to aspire to be someone else or what society views as perfect in order to find happiness. Happiness first comes from within and loving ourselves is the first step to that, warts and all.

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