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Article: 5 Valuable Lessons Learned from This Pandemic Year

5 Valuable Lessons Learned from This Pandemic Year

5 Valuable Lessons Learned from This Pandemic Year

2020 is just about over.

An unimaginably brain-numbing year where the world as we know it literally came to a standstill! In fact, with just over 20 more days left of this year, if you’re wondering, “Why isn’t it over yet?”…You’re not alone.

For many, December each year is usually a time for introspection. With everything going in the world right now, December 2020, more than ever before, presents the perfect opportunity for self-reflection.

Yes, this year has been less than ideal in far too many ways. But what are some of the pandemic lessons that helped you evolve? What are your thoughts on pandemic personal growth?

Today, we are talking about five pandemic lessons learned from 2020. Scroll down to read our musings.

Top 5 Pandemic Lessons Learned from 2020

Pandemic Lesson #1: Health is Wealth

Alright, we know this age-old quote, don’t we? But one singular COVID-19 lesson for all of us is that health indeed is all the wealth you will ever need.

Perhaps, fear of the coronavirus drove you to make healthier choices in 2020. Or maybe you inherently are a health nut. Either way, thanks to the pandemic and restricted doctor visits, there has been a rising trend towards holistic health practices.

Be it immunity supporting supplements, social media hyper-focus on mental health, or even the heavily endorsed mindfulness/spirituality practices. One thing is for sure; holistic health and wellness practices are here to stay.

Before the year is over, make sure to read 20 Wellness Trends You Have to Try in 2020 to see which ones you’ve embraced and can bring into 2021.

Pandemic Lesson #2: Boredom is Helpful

Remember how “Bored in the House” was all the rage on TikTok when the lockdown began in March? Raise your hand if this song thoroughly entertained you. It was trending, funny, and millions were entertained.

But it points to a bigger and more fundamental issue plaguing our society at large.

“Boredom” is viewed as this god-awful thing we have to go through. As a society, we’ve evolved to believe that boredom in life is to be avoided at all costs.

In the words of Glennon Doyle from her recent book Untamed:

The moment after we don’t know what to do with ourselves is the moment, we find ourselves. Right after itchy boredom is self-discovery.”

There was ample boredom during this pandemic, which means there was also ample opportunity for personal growth and creativity.

The question is, how did you grow because of boredom in 2020?

Pandemic Lesson #3: Gratitude is Essential

Gratitude was perhaps one of the most highly recommended practices for mental health during this pandemic lockdown. And rightly so.

In the face of extreme uncertainty and thousands of people losing jobs, having food, health, family, and a safe shelter is certainly something to be grateful for.

But there’s more to gratitude than meets the eye.

Neuroscientists and recent psychology research have proven that gratitude is an elevated emotion and has the ability to rewire your neurons for better health. What’s more, going through a day filled with gratitude can attract abundance, joy, and peace into your life.

Read one of our latest articles on how to effectively practice gratitude to see how giving thanks can be a game-changer.

Pandemic Lesson #4: Connection is Life

As a human race, we are wired to seek connection.

Connection is fundamental to survival. In fact, a sense of belonging and sticking together as a society has allowed the human race to thrive and survive better than other species on this planet.

Having to quarantine or lockdown in 2020 has deprived us of social activities and this connection. The “normal” we were once used to (summer barbecues, pool parties, and holiday get-togethers) is not going to be the norm for a long time.

Even as virtual connection is quickly becoming the new norm, the absence of in-person interaction has allowed many of us to rethink who and what matters to us the most. Ask yourself these questions if you haven’t already:

  • Who do we take with us into 2021?
  • Who is too flaky and needs to be cut out of our life?
  • What are some ways we can show up as our true selves in our relationships?
  • How can we be more kind and show the people in our lives that we care?

These and a few other aspects of connection are some of the COVID-19 lessons we were forced to reflect on.

Pandemic Lesson #5: Blurred Lines Between Work & Home is Bad News

Work from home” was probably the most talked-about shift during the pandemic. In the months after the lockdown kicked in, social media was exploding with resources about work from home lifestyle changes.

“Work life” and “home life” lines can become dangerously blurry thanks to everyone being home and everyone working from home.

Everything from Zoom call memes, working in jammies, and running house chores while taking team calls, was the talk of the year. Productivity was seen to hit an all-time high because people were bored, and so they kept hustling.

But at what point do you realize that you have to log off and resist the urge to reply to one extra email? Pandemic burnout is real.

We hope that you were able to unwind and truly tune into the much-needed R&R for your brain and body. Something to think of for 2021: How do you plan to calibrate your work-life balance?

WFH is not going anywhere, and it could very well be here until spring 2021!

2021 & Beyond

This pandemic year has brought with it multiple avenues for self-growth. It’s safe to say that these lessons were mostly difficult but of enormous value!

What are your top five pandemic lessons you will take with you into 2021? How has this year changed you?

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