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Article: Are You an Indigo Child?

Are You an Indigo Child?

Are You an Indigo Child?

You may have seen the term “Indigo Children” floating mysteriously around the internet or heard whispers of them in the corners of crystal stores or prominent areas within the New Age.

But what exactly are Indigo Children?

Though the concept of Indigo Children is popular among the New Age, it would not be right to confine them purely to New Age beliefs.

Indigo Children are part of humanity as a whole, and therefore labeling or bracketing them in such a way would be a misunderstanding of their role in this world.

Indigo Children are here for a specific purpose. They have come to earth at a crucial point in history to help progress civilization and ease humankind into the Age of Aquarius, a new age that will reign for the next two thousand years.

They first started showing up in the 1970s, and many of them were born in the 1980s, with some born in the early 1990s. The Indigo Children are now well into adulthood at this moment in time, and many have now been awakened to their spiritual purpose.

What is the Purpose of Indigo Children?

The purpose of Indigo Children is different for each one, but there are similar qualities they all share.

Life may start as hard and challenging for an Indigo Child. This is because they have to develop a “warrior” type of attitude so that they are equipped to deal with the challenges that come as they progress into adulthood.

Through these challenging experiences, they can acquire the strength necessary to help assist humanity once they reach adulthood.

At this point, many may find themselves in positions of leadership, or putting forth new ideas, or challenging the status quo, or defending human and animal rights, or working as environmentalists. Others may be helping to resurrect ancient beliefs such as astrology or magic as the new Age of Aquarius embraces these beliefs.

Indigo Children themselves will possess some kind of “supernatural” abilities, and many have them activated now. These could be psychic or prophetic natures, and these gifts are supposed to aid them in their quest to help humanity.

Indigo Children are old souls who have visited Earth many times.

They understand the tasks they have set themselves by coming to Earth during this transition. It is necessary for Indigo Children to be old souls because the wisdom they have learned throughout their lifetimes enables them to share a unique perspective as to how humanity is to progress.

Are You an Indigo Child?

Though Indigo Children have their own unique purposes and missions, there are qualities they tend to share. Read on to see some of the more common traits Indigo Children possess among them.

1. Powerful Intuition

Indigo Children will have powerful intuition from an early age. This intuition will often stay with them into adulthood.

They may have dreams that come true, get feelings about people that prove correct, foretell disasters, or just “know” when something isn’t right.

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2. Highly Creative

Indigo Children are highly creative. They are gifted in art, writing, music, sculpting, and anything that gets the creative juices flowing.

They will often come out with ingenious ideas and can veer off into their own little world regularly.

3. They are Empaths

Indigo Children are empaths. They can feel others’ emotions, and it is second nature to them to feel the pain of others as though it is their own.

Because of their high degree of empathy, many become distressed by the cruelties in the world. It can take them years to find a balance between their empathic, compassionate nature and being steely enough to deal with the horrors of the planet.

4. They are Rebellious

Indigo Children will always question authority and be skeptical of existing structures in society. They will often be headstrong and rebellious from a young age, getting into trouble with authority.

They may be labeled as misfits or troublemakers, and they may do poorly in school. This is not because of a lack of intelligence but because of an unwillingness to fit in with the status quo.

5. They Love Animals & Animals Love Them

Indigo Children are always drawn to animals and vice versa. This is because they are in touch with the earth’s deepest soul, of which animals are part.

Animals can sense the aura of Indigo Children, and they recognize that they are there to help heal the planet. Hence, they feel safe in their company.

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6. Strong Sense of Destiny

An Indigo Child knows that they have come to Earth with a purpose, even though they may not know what that purpose is.

It can sometimes take them many years to accept this purpose; many fall prey to vices such as risky behavior as a coping mechanism to deal with life in general. Their acute sensitivity makes it hard to function in a world that does not yet fully value compassion or sensitivity.

Once an Indigo Child recognizes and accepts their sense of destiny, however, their mission begins.

7. They Were Known as “Weird Kids”

Indigo Children stick out as children. They may be labeled “weird” or “odd” by other children or by adults. They may have said strange things or preferred their own company, which led them to be viewed as an outcast.

Indigo Children have an innate sense of not belonging, which is why they may have been seen in this way.

8. They are Drawn to the “Unusual”

Indigo Children are drawn to what is viewed as “unusual” by modern society.

This may include an interest in the occult, magic, astrology, crystals, or anything else that was disregarded after the Age of Enlightenment.

This is because the resurrection of these topics is part of the Age of Aquarius, and the Indigo Children have been called to help reintroduce them into the modern world.

9. They Have Psychic Abilities

Indigo Children will have psychic abilities of some degree or another.

This could be telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, the ability to communicate with and see spirits, gifts of prophecy, or anything else associated with the “sixth sense.”

Empower Your Inner Indigo Child

We are all here with a special mission on this Earth. The Indigo Children have incarnated at a special time in our planet’s history to help guide us into a new age.

Empowering your Indigo Child is not easy. It can take many obstacles and challenges to finally find your soul purpose.

A distinct aura marks the Indigo Child – the Indigo Children will have an aura of royal blue when they first come to Earth. This can change and merge with other colors as they get older.

Are you an Indigo Child?

If so, remember that your presence on this planet is a crucial one. You are here to help humanity during one of its most vulnerable moments as it shifts into a new era. Your task may not be an easy one, but your mission is imperative.

Recognizing your soul purpose brings humankind one step closer to its latest step of evolution.

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