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Article: The Ultimate Booty Band Workout

The Ultimate Booty Band Workout

The Ultimate Booty Band Workout

Looking to add a little junk in the trunk? Or maybe you just want to sculpt your backside. Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve got one heck of a booty band workout for you.

Plus, it’s not all about aesthetics.

Your booty adds stability and strength to your core, pelvis, and low back. In other words, strengthening your behind can save you from the dreaded back pain, hip pain, and more. You’re actually doing your body and health a huge favor in more ways than one!

So, what exercises should you start doing on the regular?

Grab your resistance band, and let’s get started!

Your Ultimate Booty Band Workout

Exercise #1: The Glute Bridge

Oh, baby! We love this one. It’s an excellent starter exercise to get warmed up and start really feeling those glutes. Even the beginner exerciser can take a stab at this one.

  • Plant your feet flat with your knees bent while keeping your arms relaxed at your side.
  • Gently and slowly lift your buttocks up and off the ground. At the same time, make sure you squeeze those glutes.
  • Hold at the top (without arching your back too much. Ideally, you want a neutral spine) for about 5-10 seconds. If you’re feeling good here, try gently pushing outward with your thighs against the band and holding.
  • Slowly lower.
  • Repeat for 10-15 repetitions and 2-3 sets.

Exercise #2: The Donkey Kick

Don’t worry - there is absolutely no donkey involved here (lame joke, I know). These backward kicks target the biggest glute muscle, the gluteus maximus.

So, grab that band again, and here we go.

  • Begin on all fours. If you have bad knees, place a folded blanket, towel, or pillow underneath.
  • Secure a loop resistance band around your lower thighs above your knees.
  • While keeping your leg bent at 90 degrees, kick your right leg up and back against the resistance band.
  • Slowly lower, then alternate sides.
  • Continue to do this until you’ve completed 10 reps of each side. Then, repeat for 2-3 sets.

Exercise #3: The Fire Hydrant

The fire hydrant exercise also targets the gluteus maximus, and you can stay in the same position as you were in for the donkey kick.

  • Start on all fours. Follow similar advice as outlined in exercise #2 if you have bad knees.
  • Secure a loop resistance band around your lower thighs and above your knees.
  • Keeping your leg bent at 90 degrees, slowly bring your leg up and out to the side.
  • Slowly lower and repeat for 10-12 repetitions.
  • Switch sides.
  • Do 2-3 sets per side.

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Exercise #4: Lateral Band Walk

This is where you’re going to start to feel a burn (if you aren’t already). The lateral band walk doesn’t disappoint. It targets your gluteus minimus and gluteus medius.

  • Begin in a standing position, with your band wrapped around your thighs.
  • Squat down by bending your knees and sticking your butt out to the back.
  • In this squat position, step out to the side.
  • Take four steps to one side, then four steps to the other side.
  • Continue to do this for a total of eight steps per side.
  • Take a breather, then complete a total of 2-3 sets.

Exercise #5: Band Deadlift

The deadlift targets your glutes and your hamstrings, and it’s such a great functional exercise. This movement will definitely translate over into making your daily life that much easier.

  • Begin standing.
  • Using a loop resistance band, step both feet into the band. Hold the other end with both hands.
  • Start with your knees bent, hinged at the hips, and with a flat back parallel to the floor.
  • Slowly stand up, straightening your knees, and unhinging your hips.
  • When you reach the top, squeeze your glutes.
  • Then, slowly reverse the movement back to start.
  • Repeat for a total of 15 reps and 2-3 sets.

Exercise #6: Squat + Lateral Leg Lift

The squat and lateral leg lift covers all your glute muscles. And after you’ve already been feeling the burn from the other exercises, this one will be a challenge.

  • Begin in standing with your band wrapped around your thighs.
  • Squat down, ensuring your back stays neutral and your chest is up.
  • As you stand up from the squat, kick one leg out to the side against the resistance band.
  • Repeat for a total of 10-16 repetitions while alternating sides for the kick.
  • Complete 2-3 sets.


Haven’t had enough?

Finish off your workout with this killer exercise! It’s all about giving it your all and going for as long as you can (or doing at least 10 reps).

  • Stand tall and keep that loop band wrapped tightly around your thighs.
  • Squat down and jump up. The goal here is to keep that band on your legs and do as many as you can.
  • Keep going until you just can’t (make sure you’re aware of your limits here! We don’t want you to hurt yourself - that’s not the goal).
  • If you’re unsure how many you can do, simply do 10 repetitions in total.

You & Your Booty Made It!

You’re done! That wasn’t so bad, was it?

We recommend trying this workout alongside your regular routine three times a week. Remember to keep water nearby to keep yourself properly hydrated, and don’t forget to fuel up after every workout.

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