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Article: How to Set Your New Years Resolutions With Intention

How to Set Your New Years Resolutions With Intention

How to Set Your New Years Resolutions With Intention

Well Daily Life Family, here we are. We have made it to the end of 2018 and we are preparing for all that is to come in 2019!

2019 is going to be a year where we are going to get to experience the results of all the transformation, healing, and reflection that took place in 2018. We were all in this wild ride of 2018 together, so first and foremost, thank you for showing up for yourself and doing the inner work that this year demanded of us all. You are powerful and shining brighter as a result of it. This is all going to pay off as we continue to move forward into the next year.

This doesn’t mean that the upcoming year is going to be free of lessons, learning opportunities, and clarifying moments - but it does mean that we are better equipped, more connected, and as a collective vibrating higher allowing us to be connected with the New World we are building and moving forward in. What are you calling in for 2019?

Having an understanding of your soul activates the soul’s ability to help guide you to the experiences and spaces that are going to provide you with the most fulfillment and ability to live in alignment with your soul purpose. When we are in alignment with our soul’s mission, a deep sense of fulfillment and bliss comes forth from our being in beautiful ways. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have a say in what happens in our lives - we are conscious creators and we get to choose the way we experience life and tune into the guidance to bring it into creation. So much of attracting the things we want to experience hinges on being in alignment with the person that our souls desire us to be.

New Year’s Resolutions are a conscious choice of the changes you are going to make to yourself and your life in the year to come.

Who Will You Decide to Be in 2019?

We are able to create aligned resolutions when we focus on the power of intention. When we create or declare our desire for something, the way it unfolds comes down to the intention behind the matter. When our intention is pure and aligned with our highest and greatest good the Universe helps to have it unfold and do so in a way that is probably even better and with more ease than you could have imagined. When our intention isn’t pure, we may be able to will it to happen - but it is going to come with some difficulty and will eventually collapse. It’s just the way it is. That that is built upon a foundation of pure intention and love is a framework that is built to last. Those that are built on selfish desires and impurities are a weak foundation built on sand.

So, how can you set your New Year’s Resolutions in a way that is going to help align you with your highest self?

1. Drop Out of Your Head, & Get Into Your Heart.

Our mind likes to get in the way and tell us all about the things we should want or the person that we are supposed to be. Our heart, the most powerful navigation tool we have, will help us tune into our truth and what we truly desire and remember who we are when we are aligned with our best self.

2. Visualize What You Want to Experience in 2019

I’m going to invite you to step away from the go-to resolutions we know these days. First, take time to go meditate connecting with your highest self, and allow yourself to see what it is what you are ready to receive for 2019. If you would like help in this, here is a guided meditation you can use to assist you in this journey, you can tune in to this free guided meditation.

3. Free-write & Reflect On the Person You Want to Become

Free-writing is a great tool that helps us to hear clearly what is coming through our minds and souls. In this practice, you write after meditation - without stopping and without lifting your pen. You might even realize at some point that the voice and tonality of your writing shifts a bit as you allow a flow of loving guidance to come through. This will help you get clear on actions to take or changes you want to declare for the new year as your resolution.

4. Declare the Changes You are Choosing to Make

Once you are clear on what your heart desires at this moment and who you are when you are living in alignment with that desire, go ahead and declare the resolution you are ready to commit to yourself to shift into this state of being further allowing all you desire to unfold. With this said, also be kind to yourself and treat yourself with so much love and forgiveness in moments that you find yourself acting from the lower state of being. You are learning and growing, and sometimes we need to take a step back when taking so many steps forward at once.

In addition to these tips, please feel free to join us for a free webinar on How To Live Your Best Year Yet In 2019 taking place on December 27th. Replay will be available for anyone who registers by January 1st!

It has been such a joy being a part of your journey in 2018 and looking forward to continuing to grow and evolve together in 2019!

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