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Article: How to Set Intentions: The Secret To Self-Empowerment

How to Set Intentions: The Secret To Self-Empowerment

How to Set Intentions: The Secret To Self-Empowerment

There was a time in my life where I hated my job. I was so focused on what I didn’t like about that it was causing me to be depressed. I felt trapped.

Then one day, I started setting an intention before going to work, and my whole life changed.

I created little tricks to hold onto that intention at work by writing a little note on my hand or carrying a little angel trinket in my pocket, I started to not only enjoy work but look forward to it and be fed by it. I was able to flip my entire experience and grow from it. Others were also affected by this; I suddenly started to see more people opening up to me as I used intention to keep my mind in a positive place as well.

Our entire business was affected by one little practice of intention setting, and people still to this day mention how it affected them to be around such positive energy. For the first time, I was in the driver’s seat, and boy was I in for a ride! When my intentions became positive, I made more money, had incredible interactions with people, and literally stepped into another reality where synchronicities were abundant and the veil to the spiritual realm thinned.

Join me for this brief introduction to how you can use intention setting in your life to be empowered and shift EVERYTHING.

A woman smiling with oranges in front of her eyes.

Using Intention In Daily Life

I read a book called The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart, which proved that thoughts have an effect on physical reality. I decided to try it out in a predictable environment first, at work, since every day was the same, for the most part. Before going into work, I would say, “I provide humble, loving service.” This would shift my intention and focus. I wouldn’t find things to complain about - instead, I’d find ways to love people.

While driving to work, I would get myself worked up into a super positive state as well. I’d say out loud, “Today is the best day of my life.” I’d say it like I really meant it. I’d feel positive, loving energy flowing towards me from all directions, helping me relax and get charged up so I had abundant love to share. It helped me to want to be right where I was as if there was truly a sense of magic to all of it.

While at work, I would hold the mantra in my mind: “Today is the best day of my life.” This helped me smile and feel light on my feet. It even changed the way I felt in my body. I wrote little notes in my waitress booklet or hand that said, “all one.” This reminded me that we are all connected by energy, and there is no real separation. The route to see that connection was staying in a high-vibrational state.

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I started meeting other high-vibration individuals like healers every day. I was suddenly meeting very positive people on a regular basis. I was suddenly getting gifts, like a free meal from the chef every day.

I was then able to embrace people who entered the restaurant in a low-vibration state. I wanted to always find a way to get them to smile, even if they were known to be chronically grumpy. I set my intention to find a way to relate to anyone. My intention was to let my soul connect to their soul. I would often see their frowning face and smile, thinking intently, “I see your soul.”

Their negativity was no match for a chronically positive, bubbly, loving person. That experience of watching their sadness and anger melt away changed my life. I suddenly realized how much power I had right in my own mind.

A woman smiling and meditating.

How To Create The Habit

Take time every day and throughout the day to write out your intentions. Put them in places you’ll see, like on your phone, computer, mirror, sink, and wallet. Have your phone remind you of your intention and say it mentally as often as you can until you find your brain whispering it without you having to try.

You can also use items like jewelry, a string tied around your wrist, a special bright colored shirt, or any other physical item as an intention reminder. If you visit a metaphysical store in person or online, you’ll see that most of the items sold are intention tools. Either they are meant to keep you in a high-vibration state (incense, bells, oils), or they are meant to help you keep focus on a specific mindset.

Sometimes just wearing spiritual gear like a shawl, a crystal necklace, or a scent will help you hold the intention you set in meditation. It’s as if you’re making your entire life a meditation. You’ll find ways to make it fun. I often would play spiritual music in my car, at home, and with friends to keep my mind in that meditative, high-vibration state.

I also started bringing items that reminded me to stay in a meditative state with me, whether it was a yoga mat, a crystal, a deck of oracle cards, a mala, a special alkaline jug for my water, or even a purse that had an om symbol on it. Your personal style can create a state of mind you can use to your benefit.

Basically, you can decorate, use music, dress, and accessorize in ways that help you stay in that intentional space. Additionally, practicing meditation even just once a day will train your brain to stay in this intentional space. Spend the extra time to sit and write down your intention and your brain will pick up this habit with more momentum each day. It’ll start to feel as natural as any other daily maintenance routine, like brushing your teeth.

Concluding Thoughts

They say most people communicate to impress or control others, but when you have an intention, people begin to trust you. You override your insecurities and build stronger relationships. You overcome fear and self-doubt when you focus on being a beacon of love and light. Proposing a grand idea will now seem logical instead of scary.

I’ve reached out to people I looked up to fearlessly solely because I was in an intentional space. I’ve developed friendships with successful people just because I vibrated on their frequency and held that intention. When people aren’t out for themselves and instead want everyone to be uplifted and feel that connection to their soul, magic happens.

What you stand to gain is a lot: your confidence, freedom to choose the life you want, the ability to manifest, and the ability to let go of low-vibration thoughts that make your life miserable. You’ll be able to shift your reality from hoping good things happen to making good things happen. There’s nothing more powerful than having an intention.

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