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Article: How to Write Your New Year Manifesto for Mind, Body, & Soul

How to Write Your New Year Manifesto for Mind, Body, & Soul

How to Write Your New Year Manifesto for Mind, Body, & Soul

By now, you’ve probably written down a list of your New Year’s Resolutions. But have you considered writing a Manifesto for the new year instead?

A manifesto is a statement written by you that declares who you are and what you’re aiming to accomplish this year and why. While a manifesto looks different for everyone, your manifesto should lay out, in plain language, the core of your identity. It defines exactly who you want to be, in the present tense, in as much detail as possible.

This manifesto will help you create a complete vision of what you want your life to look like by the end of this year. It’s very hard to improve if you don’t have a clear, defined, detailed vision for what improvement looks like to you. When I wrote my first manifesto, I worked hard to focus, to see what I was writing down in my mind and feel it in my heart. I visualized the experience of my manifesto as my reality. Them, I put my manifesto in an area where I could read it every day to carve out space for this reality in my consciousness. Boy did it work!

Today, we’re going to show you how to write your own New Year’s Manifesto as you step into the new year. Let’s get started!

How to Create an Amazing Mind, Body, & Soul Manifesto

When it comes to writing your manifesto, you don’t want to write it before you have clarity on what you’re working towards in the three areas of mind, body, and soul. In order to get clear on that, a simple meditation will help. Grab a pen and paper and divide it into three sections for the mind, body, and soul. Take some deep breaths, quieting your mind and relaxing your body. Make sure you’re in a space where you won’t be disturbed for at least 10-20 minutes.

Ask your higher consciousness what is in the highest good for you to focus on in the year to come for each category. Make sure you have the intention to be open-minded and really feel what is in your heart. You may already have a goal (or a few) in mind, but meditation helps you gain clarity or see a better idea.

Write down what comes, even if it’s just a word. Once you’ve gotten some information for each area, look at each section and create a clear statement about this goal as if it’s already a reality. For example, if your body section focused on eating healthier, you can write, “I love eating a healthy diet and I look forward to cooking delicious meals.” If your mind section was about finding self-confidence you could write, “I’m doing, saying, and thinking good things about myself and it has changed my life.”

You can get as specific as you want when writing your manifesto. It doesn’t just have to be about habits or emotional states. It can be about pursuing your soul purpose and being successful in it. Inevitably, what comes to you in meditation will guide you to write the manifesto tailored to where you are in your life. You can write a long paragraph or even a few pages that describe your health goals, career goals, and spiritual goals. Be sure to include how you feel in this reality you’re creating so that when you read your manifesto, that emotion is conjured in you.

How to Get Clear On What to Write

Sometimes getting clear messages in meditation can feel like trying to tune into a distant radio station. If you aren’t yet clear on your goals, you can still write a manifesto!

Sometimes our frequency isn’t yet high enough to get clear on exactly what we want to pursue. The good news is that the action of writing a manifesto can by itself raise our frequency. When we improve our health, the way we think, and the depth of our spiritual practice, we become more able to activate and use our intuition and our emotional intelligence. In turn, these things will raise our energetic vibration. This increases our mental and spiritual clarity and attracts the opportunities we want to manifest.

Getting into a regular exercise habit, eating in ways that improve our health, and meditating regularly build positive momentum for years to come in ways that unlock our ability to perceive new ways of living our life that make our joy expand immensely. Some people are ready to launch a big project and some just want to work on healing negative thought patterns. All goals are valuable and one is not ‘better’ or more important than the other. You can prioritize your goals based on what’s most important to you, but don’t sweat the small stuff if most of your goals feel like ‘small stuff.’ Trust yourself. You know yourself and your needs best.

Concluding Thoughts…

Once you’ve written your manifesto in the present tense, as if all of your visions are already real, do something creative with it to cement this baby into your mind. Handwrite your manifesto and illustrate it if you’re artistic. Type it up on a typewriter, create a pamphlet or a PowerPoint, film a Youtube video, but don’t hide it. Whatever you do, make sure you revisit it often. Consider sharing it with your support system as well to keep yourself accountable. Maybe you can get together with your besties and write manifestos together. Share them with each other to solidify your vision in a group!

Remember, only those who dare to dream are able to change, and everything (and I mean everything) starts with an idea and an intention.

Once you’ve written your manifesto, take a picture of it and post it to your Instagram story and tag us! Let’s build this positive momentum together!

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