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Article: Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

When you think of a spiritual awakening, you might immediately think of a “woke” person. And you wouldn’t be far off from the truth here.

A spiritual awakening can lead to enlightenment and even more fulfillment eventually in your life. But it can pose a confusing time. And it might not all happen at once.

So, what is a spiritual awakening exactly? What are some spiritual awakening signs that you might want to look out for? In this article, we’re going to dive into all of this.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

The concept of spiritual awakening has been around for a long time. In fact, many religions refer to this idea as “enlightenment.” It’s like waking up after being asleep for most of your life. Further, a spiritual awakening gives you a new sense of being or a new sense of self.

Yet, this can leave you feeling lost.

You might question your own identity and your place in this world. And these can be very confronting thoughts. When you thought you knew everything and suddenly you know nothing, reality can seem to fall apart right in front of you.

But it’s not all about lost souls or losing grip on reality. These are more so just feelings you may experience as you go through your own spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening can further give way to excitement about the future and feelings of wonder and awe.

You can also think of it this way: Everyone has an ego. The ego refers to the “I.” When someone is egotistic, they are focusing on their own wants and needs. And the ego is what you consider “self.”

During a spiritual awakening, your ego lets go. It stops being all about you. From there, you can obtain a higher state of being and a higher state of consciousness or awareness. You can also obtain new perspectives, which, let’s face it, we all need more of from time to time.

Causes of a Spiritual Awakening

So, why does a spiritual awakening happen?

There are a few reasons a spiritual awakening can occur.

You might meet someone who opens your eyes to these new possibilities and new angles in life. Or you might go through serious life-altering events, such as a traumatic event, a car accident, a job loss, or the death of a loved one.

Typically, these spiritual awakenings happen due to these big life events that question what we thought we knew about our world.

To put it simply, anything that alters your life perspective can lead to a spiritual awakening. In other words, in the face of adversity or negative life events, good things can come out of it. It might all come down to how you look at it and what you walk away with.

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10 Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

So, how do you even know if you’re going through a spiritual awakening? 

Some spiritual awakening signs include:

  1. You’ve been re-evaluating what you believe.
  2. You begin to reflect on your past life to gain a better understanding of right now.
  3. You experience more contentment with the world and feel more internal freedom emerging.
  4. You take personal responsibility and are honest with yourself.
  5. You realize that all things, including nature, are connected.
  6. You realize everyone has their own path or journey.
  7. You might experience physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening, such as brain fog or fatigue (however, if these go on for long durations, you should 100% talk to your doctor about them).
  8. You change your habits and routine.
  9. You experience increased empathy and begin to see yourself in others.
  10. You’re more curious about life and the people in your life.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

These signs and symptoms might not all happen at once. Usually, you’ll go through various spiritual awakening stages. It’s a process.

The stages of spiritual awakening are as follows:

Stage 1: The Dark Night of the Soul

This is when something shatters your beliefs. Or sometimes, it isn’t something at all. Rather, you wake up one day, and you feel different.

Stage 2: Hope

You don’t have the answers for what’s happening, but you’re searching for them. You have hope that there’s a greater purpose to all of this.

Stage 3: Gaining Knowledge

This is all about finding texts or explanations that resonate with you.

Stage 4: Internal Conflict

And this is where reality might feel a bit unhinged. Things about life will contradict each other. It might not seem to make a lot of sense right now, and that’s okay.

Stage 5: Your Spiritual Journey Begins

This is when you undergo your transformation. You shed old patterns and habits and are opening up to new ones and new perspectives.

Stage 6: Shedding the Ego

While you might not fully shake your ego, this is where you begin to gain awareness about ego-less thinking. You might even be able to see this in yourself.

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Stage 7: Grounding

Reality smacks you in the face here. It’s okay. You realize that it’s up to you to heal yourself and learn.

Stage 8: Opening Up

You begin to open up to others about what you’ve learned or what you’ve discovered.

Stage 9: Destiny

This is where you may have that empty or “something is missing” feeling. This stage defines how you will give back and what you are going to do from here.

Stage 10: Mastering

Practice makes perfect.

Here it’s all about reinforcing what you’ve learned and the path you’ve chosen. Be gentle with yourself. You’re only human. But you know so much more now!

Approaching Your Own Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is all about gaining freedom from the invisible restraints that hold your view, beliefs, and perspectives back. Not sure if you’re going through one? A spiritual awakening quiz might help you find more answers.

At the same time, seek out more and more information.

Search the best books for spiritual awakening. Try meditation for spiritual awakening. The more you dive into this process, the more you’ll fully embody and embrace it and come out the other side better.

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