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Article: Be More of Your Soul & Less of Your Ego

Be More of Your Soul & Less of Your Ego

Be More of Your Soul & Less of Your Ego

Have you ever stopped to wonder what anthropologists will write about our culture 200 years in the future?

Would it be that people were so caught up in getting ‘likes’ and ‘views’ online that they neglected the elderly and the environment? Would it be that people had a deep sense of void because there were no social norms that promoted altruism and integrity? Would it be that our self-serving and instant gratification-based lifestyles burned so many fossil fuels that humanity suffered calamities?

In any of these cases, we can reflect on one main point: our level of happiness and satisfaction with life is not as high as it could be. We are not focused on the right things in our culture. When we blindly chase an ideal of happiness for ourselves, our society and our own happiness can become depleted as we pursue an image of happiness that society has decided for us. We chase beauty, we chase wealth, we race to the top of the social ladder.

But the truth is, we will never feel truly satisfied by fulfilling these prescribed images of happiness fed to us by popular media and social media. We develop depression and anxiety because we are taught to value the wrong things. If we want to find a sustained feeling of deep joy and meaning in our lives, we must change our lifestyles, even if they don’t reflect the values of those around us.

If everyone started to live with the intention to connect to their soul instead of their ego, the levels of depression, suicide, crime, and environmental degradation would decrease exponentially, while the levels of joy, peace, and love would begin to increase. The good news is, when we disconnect from our egos and reconnect with our souls, we begin the ripple effect of a larger change.

Let’s keep it simple. Here’s how to separate yourself from your selfish, surface-level ego and dive deeper within to discover your soul.

First Ask Yourself: What Is My Intention Here?

One simple way to keep your ego in check and become more genuine is to check in with yourself throughout the day and ask, “what is my intention here?” Checking in and setting intentions can help us notice when we are speaking or acting from our egos rather than our souls.

People will begin to feel your intention and trust you more as you work on this - and you’ll be able to trust yourself more as you base your actions and decisions upon a soul foundation rather than allow your ego to drive you. This can greatly improve your success because you’ll be able to make better decisions quicker and thus you’ll be entrusted with more. When others feel you have everyone’s best interest at heart, they will see you as a leader who inspires others to work with the same ethic. You can become a person who positively impacts other lives through a warm hug, a good discussion, or a meaningful statement.

Think About What You Say Before You Say It

This is a tough one, but once you’re aware of your intentions in any given situation, try to slow down and speak only after thinking about whether what you’re about to do or say is coming from your ego or your soul. Instead of just reacting to life as it comes at you, you can raise yourself up from the self-serving ego to the love-based soul.

When we speak from our souls, it means we’ll speak with kindness, acceptance, and curiosity without judgement. We don’t need to seek external validation by allowing our egos to puff up our chests. Instead of using your energy trying to impress or defend yourself, use words that uplift everyone to feel welcome and loved. You’ll find that there is more energy between you and the people around you and it feels safer to open up. When we speak from the soul, we can communicate intuitively with the souls of others, rather than ego-to-ego. This deepens our ability to enjoy the moment and have more meaningful relationships. Move slowly, breathe slowly, and you’ll find your words will also be more measured and meaningful. Check in and come back to your intention, think your next move through, then act.

Assess Your Major Life Goals

If your goals are ego-based, you’ll only create more distance between the ego and the soul because your actions will only feed your ego.

Try this exercise: Write down your three biggest goals right now, then sit in meditation for a while. Ask your higher consciousness what your intention is about achieving these goals. If you need to change them, great! You’re now on the right track. Don’t be afraid to start over as many times as you need to. Many happy people live rather unnoticed lives because they are focused on kindness and being a good person instead of recognition and prestige.

You can start by asking two things,

  • What does the world need?
  • What are my natural strengths and interests?

These questions will lead you to noble goals that will fuel you with positive soulful intentions which will also guide your words and actions. Our time is finite and we might as well live in love and not in fear.

Concluding Thoughts…

When you’re more of your soul and less of your ego you’ll find you start smiling uncontrollably and people genuinely enjoy your company - you’ll enjoy your own company more, too. When you connect with your soul, especially if you haven’t taken time to do this before, you’ll find an unbreakable positivity and strength that no one, not even yourself, can take from you. When Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga debuted the new version of the film A Star is Born, there is a line that stands out:

“If you don’t dig deep into your soul, you won’t have legs.” - Jackson Maine

There’s also a book we recommend called Dreams Into Action by Milton Katselas that shows us how we can transform the invisible world into the visible. The book is about how the ego blocks us from success and gives simple exercises to overcome those ‘invisible’ behaviors so you can move forward and expand your consciousness beyond the ego.

When you don’t feel strong, go within and find the ‘why’ that fuels you. This can and will change your life.

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