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Article: 5 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

5 Ways to Cleanse Your Soul

Our emotions are part of being human and there will be times in your life where your emotions may get the best of you. You may feel particularly saddened by a situation. You may feel anger or resentment toward someone. You may feel anxious about a certain situation.

These are normal parts of life. However, letting go of such negative emotions is essential for personal growth and development. Cleansing your soul is necessary to rid yourself of toxicity and lead a fulfilling and happy life.

Constantly striving for personal growth and development helps you evolve as a person. It involves mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional growth. We clean our homes, our properties, and our bodies, so, why not our souls and our minds?

Spring has arrived. Spring clean not only your surroundings and your physical being. Look inward. It is time for you to reset. Cleanse your soul in these 5 easy ways. Start today and feel better and more satisfied with your life.

1. Disconnect from Your Electronics

A recent study noted that millennials check their phones 150 times a day. We spend a huge chunk of our lives staring at our digital devices. We are constantly connected. The way we interact with each other has changed. The way we spend our time alone has changed.

News, social media, games, TV shows and more information than any of us can imagine is available at the touch off our fingertips. This vast network of data has even begun to impact opinion and possibly sway votes. In a way, it hinders our personal growth and development. Arguably, it can also encourage growth.

However, as with anything in life, balance is of the utmost importance. Take time away from your electronic devices. Pick a night each week where you put your phone away, turn off the TV and close your laptop. Plan a getaway in a remote, backwoods style cabin on Airbnb.

Reconnect with nature and with yourself. Take a hike, meditate, attend a yoga class, or read a book. Plan a day to the spa, where no phones are allowed. Breathe.

We constantly compare ourselves and our lives to others through social media streams, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Give yourself time to just be. You will feel more yourself and be less stressed. Dive within and set aside a little me-time, sans technology.

2. Start a Journal

Cleanse your soul by writing in a daily or weekly journal, or choose to write in it when you need to vent or de-stress. Sort out your problems on paper. Pour your emotions out onto the page. Set a 15-minute timer or write for however long you see fit. The point is to purge. Express yourself through writing.

If you choose to do regular journal entries, you can include gratitude practice and affirmations in your writing. Write down 5 things you are grateful for at the end of each entry. List positive affirmations about yourself, such as “I am a good person,” or “Every experience contributes to my personal growth and development.”

Do whatever works and helps you gain a positive mindset. You can even write your to-do list for the following day before you go to sleep at night. You may feel better knowing your thoughts are organized on paper.

Your journal can, also, provide a place where you can write your dreams, goals, and aspirations down. Writing is a wonderful way to unravel your thoughts and redirect your life. Try it out and see how you feel afterward.

3. Dive Into Your Artistic Side

Dance, paint, draw, garden, or bake. Art forms reduce stress, boost self-esteem, increase brain plasticity, and promote emotional well-being. Dancing, in particular, allows you to live in the moment. It allows you to feel the music and movement of your body.

Other artistic creations such as painting, drawing, gardening, or baking are very similar. Allow outside influences and energies to fade away. Focus on your creative side. Mentally unwind and rejuvenate. Find an artistic activity that calms your mind and feeds your soul.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the awareness of right now. We tend to lose touch with the present tense.

Our mind wanders. We think about future endeavors or past problems. Have you ever walked or driven for a period only to realize upon arrival at your destination that you remember almost nothing of the journey? The journey matters. The journey is what gets you to your final goal. Learn to enjoy the ride. Be present.

The final goal will feel that much better.

Mindfulness takes practice. Meditating is a great way to practice mindfulness. Another way to be mindful and present in the moment is to put away your electronic devices. Keep your phone in your bag when catching up with friends. Bring your full attention to now.

Setting your intentions or goals for the day first thing in the morning may also help. It gives you focus and sets you up for the day.

Slow down. In today’s society, we are constantly on the go. Spend time with your loved ones. Tomorrow is unpredictable. Yesterday has already passed. Enjoy your now.

5. Let Go of Conflict

Letting go of conflict goes hand in hand with being mindful. Let go of grudges. Let go of resentment. Let go of the past.

You can’t change the past. Constantly look forward, and be optimistic about the future.

Negative emotions only hold you back. They cause stress, which negatively impacts your mental and physical well-being.

Cry if you need it. Take out your frustration through exercise (Kickboxing class, anyone?). Vent to a friend.

Clear up conflicts before they become a bigger issue. Talk it out. Use proper conflict resolution techniques to come up with peaceful and agreeable solutions. Bottling it up inside does not do anyone any good. Rid yourself of negative energy.

Unfortunately, not every relationship or friendship is meant to last. Sometimes cutting ties is best for you and them. Taken a step further, if you are no longer happy with an aspect of your life, change it. You are in the driver’s seat. You are in control. If you are unhappy with your job, start job hunting.

If you crave adventure, book a trip. Feed your soul. Liberate yourself. Cleanse the negativity and toxicity from your life. Free your soul and find your happiness. Your time is now.


It’s a great time of year to clean up, reset and redirect our energy for the summer months ahead. There are many techniques we use to get our house in order, and today we’ve looked at 5 great options for polishing up the dusty parts of your soul.

When you can purge those negative relationships, emotions and negative thoughts, you’ll feel freer and recognize that only you are in control of your life!

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